My story in How Scared Beauty Salon Serie Gave Back My Inner Strength + Special Code For Sacred Beauty Salon Series ONLINE


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YES you hear that RIGHT ! Sacred Beauty Salon Series the  most talked  about  Green Beauty + wellness workshop is Launching  Online June 5th ! If you been wanting to join the sisterhood of Scared Beauty or learn about makeup tips , switching to green beauty products , or  All the Above ! Then Now is the Time . You can join in right from your home !

I am so thrilled that other women get to enjoy & experiences this amazing space that gathers amazing women together to empower each other . And of course to TALK about the one thing We ALL LOVE Beauty ! Thanks to the lovely & talent Rebecca Casciano founder of Scared Beauty Salon  & a makeup artist + wellness coach  has embrace a sacred space where women can discover their inner beauty ! A she puts it BEST ” Be Your Own Goddness” ! But most importantly it teach me & other women that  “WE MUST TAKE TIME TO CARE FOR ARE SELF WITH IN”. Something  that we just keep pushing to the side as are busy modern life keeps us in are toes & rushing to hundreds of different directions with out realizing that we have never stopped for a moment & take a deep breath.

My  Sacred Beauty Saloon Series Experiences & Impact that it made in the Hardest Time of my life ….

The moment I  decide to  attended Sacred Beauty Salon Sessions  for the first time  I was living a life that was running 200 miles a minute.  As I was a care taker for my lovely mom  & helping to support her during Cancer treatment. A time where I was in & out the hospital 7 days a week, going in & out of  10  different  doctors offices & working over night shifts hour. In  which many days turn to  24 hour days of no sleep as I got out of work to then go back to the hospital to take my mom for treatment. Less to say it was a moment my  body was barley standing . And in this moment Sacred Beauty Salon was present to me through social media. When I  decided to  attend I had no idea what to expect but NEW in my heart that I needed to go. So I did, I made the 2 hour trip to NYC  & the first session  became my awakening of self-love that I desperately needed .

Sacred Beauty became my scared space of peace, love & strength  in a moment that I needed it the most. The women in the group & their stories became up lifting energy . As Rebecca guide the sessions with providing tools of self awareness & allowing to see deeper with in are self as women  & the beauty that in us . In less words the experiences & getting together with this group was one that transform my life . Not only me but many of the women gain amazing awaking experience . Speaking for me  I benefit by keeping my positive energy fuel up  as  I was giving it all to give my mom a reason to keep fighting her battle. She too benefit as the good vibes that I got  transmitted to her & I would teach her the makeup tips that I learn which she love .For this reason I have continue to attend the session that have taking place in NYC & Boston. In which all have been a different  learning experiences & reminder of self love.

I forever will be thankful for the Sacred Beauty Salon & all the women that take part. Specialty to  Rebecca for bring us all together & creating a space that is “Sacred with LOVE”. Of course a big thank you to the  Nurse’s that  made it possible for me to attend & feel safe that mom was in good care :). Although, they would wait with excitement to hear what I learn jejej, its a Win-Win for all.


NOW It’s YOUR Time to Invest In YOU ♥……

I am  excited to invite you to experiences  Sacred Beauty Salon Series  just like I did  but NOW you get to enjoy that same group of women that influence me NOW ONLINE! Makeup artist and natural beauty expert Rebecca Casciano has just launched her new virtual program, which combines practical, easy-to-follow makeup lessons with soul-searching, guided inner beauty exercises. Starting on June 5th, get access to the exclusive Sacred Beauty Salon makeup videos and dynamic online community, discounts on amazing natural beauty products and so much more. You won’t want to miss this! For more info and to join the sisterhood, visit


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♥Special Offer to Join Scared Beauty Online♥

Enter coupon code SELFLOVE at checkout for $50 OFF Sacred Beauty Salon Online! This special offer ends Sunday June 5th. 

                      Don’t Miss out & hope to see you Scared Beauty Sisters  their !

PS: Sorry if I made any one cry sharing my story , one that is not easy for me to share & even made me cry as I wrote this post but I hope  you take something beautiful & reminds you that YOU TOO NEED SELF LOVE no matter where you are in your LIFE  OR HOW BUSY YOU ARE.

Yeiza  aka Boho Chic Meets Organics 


Om Aroma & CO New Launch & a Farmer Insight Perspective

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Om Aroma & CO Skin Care

Om Aroma Skincare & CO is founded by Angela Jia Kim . A talented concert pianist that became a business women  the moment she developed a allergic reaction to a body lotion after going live into a performances . That lead her to question ingredients that she was putting in her skin. This  experiences lead to a passion & to her kitchen in creating the perfect skin cream that turn into business know as  OM Aroma & Co Skincare .  A organic skincare brand that is made with the purest ingredients free of the toxic  ingredients  and locally produced in Catskills of New York. Today that skin Itch Experiences has lead Angela  expand Om Aroma  & CO Skincare to Eco -Chic Spa Know as Savor SPA in New York area . Where you get first hand experiences of skincare ritual  with Om Aroma Products by the hands of professional & passion women YOU COULD EVER MEET !

My experiences in Short Sweet Approval of Savor SPA  :

  Experiencing Savor SPA in New York  is a farmer delight as food base ingredients are mix to be your skincare mask and your delight food snack. Because skincare here is just like food for your healthy body. For this I quote  Om Aroma to be  the presentation of Farm -To -Skin Skincare !  It has my Farmer Approve of it 🙂

For more information on Locations & Services  Savor SPA :

My Farmer Insight on Om Aroma & CO  Skincare

spring green 2016 105

When Om Aroma reach out to me to let me know about their New Launch Travel Trio of their Serums  I was super excited as I travel with my big bottle of Glow  Pumpkin Serum all the time . In addition I am a big supporter about this amazing women business  and the mission behind their work . So of course I had to say YES in writing about their NEW  Launch products & share them with you .  In this post I give you a inside look into this great travel to go  trio collection by Om Aroma & CO . And a Insight in why I call them Farm-To-Skin !!!

Find all the Serum trio and learn more about Om Aroma &CO products :

Get Aging beauty with PUMPKIN

Renew Pumpkin Serum 

spring green 2016 067

This facial  Renew Pumpkin serum is no strangler in this blog or in any of my social media as its a product “STABLE” in my skin care routine . So much so that it has its own BLOG POST  with a highly  detail review , read here : . Its a serum that  help to keep skin renew inside and out & one that helps skin age naturally  beautiful as Pumpkin contain rich amounts of omega 3 & 6 that help with wrinkles .

Farmer InsightAre skin is like are body its needs to be feed with good nutrition to keep it healthy. And  Pumpkin is a amazing food ingredient for the skin and om Aroma totally understand this  function to the skin .

Ingredients in Renew Pumpkin Serumrosa canina (rosehip) fruit oil*. cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) seed oil*. limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil. helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*. extracts of lavandula angustifolia (lavender)*, daucus carota sativa (carrot) root*, lonicera japonica (honeysuckle) flower*, symphytum officinale (comfrey) leaf*, foeniculum vulgar (fennel) fruit*. fragrance (100% essential oils). *certified organic.


Nourish Glow with Carrot

Carrot Rose serum

spring green 2016 074

The Carrot Rose serum is all about that glow skin . And we know that as carrot is rich with nourishment that contain  high Vitamin A .A great element for glow skin as it helps the skin become more smooth in its appears. Taking away that dull skin that we get during  cold weather & elements that are in the air .In addition has the benefit of rose in which makes this serum smell beautiful & helps  improve  skin texture.

Farmer Insight : Eating carrot or add it to your meal not only helps with skin glow  but has a great benefit in keep your eye sight in a healthy conduction specially as one ages  . Love how I can get & enjoy  the Carrot benefit for my skin through  Om Aroma rose  carrot serum.

Ingredients of Carrot Rose Serum: Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*. Extracts of Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root*, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower*, Symphytum Officinale (Comfrey) Leaf*, Fragrance (100% Essential Oils) *certified organic

Berries  are skin Safe Guard

 Protect Raspberry Serum

spring green 2016 072

Berries are really a skin best friends ! Not only are Berries taste so great and are a great fruit to add to are daily meals as it contain so many great nutrition benefits like Good   Antioxidants! This Protect Raspberry Serum is just that  a serum to protect your skin  from  free radical elements !  This serum works great for all skin type but specially for Dry / Mature skin as it provides  extra  nourishment .

Farmer Insight :  Antioxidants are important  for are body/skin  as these help  keep a  overall healthy immune system . A key aspect for the body to fight everyday elements that we breath in the air . Eating those sweet Berries as these are  doing the body/skin Great ! Om Aroma raspberry Serum is a great product to enjoy the benefits of Antioxidants  for your skin.

Ingredients of Protect Raspberry Serum : Rubus ideaus (red raspberry) seed oil*. Extracts of Centaurea Cyanus (Cornflower) Flower*, Urtica Dioica (Nettle)*, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit*, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf*, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit*, Symphytum Officinale (Comfrey) Leaf*, Foeniculum Vulgar (Fennel) Fruit*, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower*. Fragrance (100% essential oils)*Certified Organic

Honey  makes life good

Detox Manuka Honey Mask 

spring green 2016 130

Honey is the gold of a Farmer ! But a gold ingredient in  skin care treatment for all skin types specially for Acne pore skin . Honey is one of the oldest use ingredients in skin care & Herbal medicine know to mankind . This Detox Manuka Mask is a great presentation in how honey is used to detox and help to eliminate all the impurity out of the skin  . In addition it smells amazing like honey & flowers .

Farmer insight : Honey has antibacterial & inflammatory  qualities making is a staple for any herbal medicine cabinet . It’s a great healer for for common colds and healing acne skin by using it as a mask or a face cleanser .  This mask does a great job in how one can enjoy the benefit of honey .

Ingredients of Detox Manuka Mask: Mel (Manuka Honey). Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil* (and) Extracts of Centaurea Cyanus (Cornflower) Flower*, Urtica Dioica (Nettle)*, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit*, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf*, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit*, Symphytum Officinale (Comfrey) Leaf*, Foeniculum Vulgar (Fennel) Fruit*, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower*.*Certified Organic

I hope you enjoy this post and all the great feature products by Om Aroma & CO Skincare . A beautiful line that I love due to the fact that it combine so well & so beautiful the elements of  good nutrition  & skin care  into each of their products .  As a farmer I believe that good healthy and skin is achieve through feeding it the best nutrition  !

***Products where giving in exchange for a review but

all my thoughts are my own & always Honest .

Attract Your Wellness : W.E.L.L Summit Event November 6th

WS Square1

About the W.E.L.L. Summit

to The W.E.L.L. Summit, a celebration of living well, making empowered consumer decisions, learning from top professionals—and of course, the luxury of health.

The W.E.L.L. Summit… is not just a conferences its Given you a chance to  taking the first step in creating & seeking wellness for you !! In where in gathers together in one place ( November 6th at Boston,MA)  and one weekend the best speakers of the wellness & beauty community !


 A event like no other that bring you closer & personal  with professionals to bring motivation & to get answer to those tough questions that you wanted to get answers too  :

But we’re also providing intimate access
to these professionals through exclusive small break-out sessions. All the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. All the tips you’ll need for buying beauty products, overhauling your pantry, selecting a workout program that fits into your daily life. The latest trends, complete with insider tips. These are the pioneers of the wellness industry…and they can’t wait to meet you.

Josh RosebrookAngela KimEileen MockusAlden Wicker
KseniaSteph ZabelHeather StevensonCassandra Bodzak

 Read up on the complete list  :

W.E.L.L Summit Speaker

I am super excited to hear from many of these amazing people many in which have been a inspiration to continue my road to Eco-living and inspired others along the way . In addition to see many of my great friends such as Organic Bath Co. & Ru from  Blog  along many others !  Making it a magic & Family affair as we gather together are talents & passion to bring it to you the community  !

Its does not stop their !!!

 You will get to enjoy a Well Summit style pampering like no other ! With the chances to enjoy organic Farm -to-Table food , Wine and complementary make-overs using the best in healthy beauty. With amazing pampering stations with the best in Eco-brands & best part meet & greet  many of the leaders behind these company’s .

In Less words its a complete  Rock -ON  of Beauty Wellness !!

makep 2763

Feature brands  ( in Photo) at the W.E.L.L Summit includes  Meow meow tweet, S.W . Basics , Organic Baht.CO, Josh Rosebrooks  are just a few of the many amazing brands and speakers that you get to meet !!

makep 2592

All Happening  at the  Wyndham Hotel in Beacon Hill, Mass. Beacon Hill is a 19th-century residential neighborhood in Boston that sits directly north of the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden.

Get your tickets for W.E.L.L Summit !!!

(Just Click above)

*****Please note: Tickets will NOT be sold at the door. Sales close at 12 p.m. EST, Tuesday, October 27th . Best suggest to get tickets sooner as it may sale out earlier !

Hope to see you Their As We summit are self-Love !!

 xo, Boho Chic Meets Organics

The mother of all Rosemary herbs : Osmia Organics SPA Series Rosemary body Mousse !!

Osmia Organics SPA Series

Just a few months back Osmia Organics expand its line to the Luxury world of SPA . Creating a SPA line focus on luxury ingredients  used through out history . Yet as we know in Green Beauty  community  everything that  this brand makes is just DIVINE!!!!

makep 166

The Rosemary Mousse

This body whip lotion made out of Rosemary heaven  is one of the three product launches for Osmia Organic SPA Series !  Its a light weight mousse lotion that is  light yet very refreshing scent that is not over taken neither does it make you think or smell like  pizza or pasta !

Its a pure & awaking scent  of a fresh Rosemary herb garden  fields in Italy !!

makep 194 A Luxury Body Lotion with Rosemary benefits !!

This luxury whip lotion is just filled with goodness !

Rosemary In herbal Medicine

As Rosemary is consider a herbal medicine multitasker as it has  antioxidant and  antibacterial properties. In addition  it is used  to treat muscle pain  & to help to improve circulation.  

Its is no questions that Osmia Organic  pick this beautiful herb for its wellness giving !!!

makep 195

Skin & body Goodness !

 The whip lotion is light weight  yet holds a cream texture that rubs into the skin smoothly as it sink into the sink like a light oil ! Its not sticky neither does it leave the skin feeling heavy ! Works beautiful after getting out the  shower as the whip lotion rubs on great while  your skin is still damp .

Rubbing its in the skin is like a therapy session of self love & calmness !!!  I complete feel of luxury & wellness in a  jar !

I been special enjoy this at night as a night treatment  after a long day of work  to help my  whole body & mind relax! But also  makes a great  pamper massage lotion to relax  tried legs and hands ! Lets just say I have Happy hands & legs now 🙂

For sure OSMIA ORGANIC does it again making a WINNER product !! Thanks OSMIA !!! Can’t wait to try the rest of the SPA Series line!

Get it at :

Summer Heat Safe : Eating your water + hydrating tips 


  Summer is here  & so is the heat too !

Its the season that we  enjoy the outdoors  & the hot sunny . Its also that time that we are exposed to high rays of sun light & heat & not to mention humidity !   For this reason its important that we are aware about Heat safe  & staying hydrated to enjoy a fun safe summer reason! Plus June is National Safe month !!!

Eating up your Water !

Hydrating are body’s is one of the important parts of keeping you form over heating and avoid summer heat strokes  or  dehydration.  Drinking lots of water through the day and always having  water in your go-bag is one way to keep hydrated  !

But drinking Plain water is NO FUN ! Right …. !  One fun way to stay hydrated is EATING UP YOUR WATER !!!  Eating fruits  & vegetables that contain 60-90 % of water provides your body with health liquids to keep it cool & hydrated. The best part of eating up your water is that NOT ONLY are you getting WATER but also MINERALS, VITAMINS and other important nutrition too !!


H2O  Fruits & Vegetables

Some of the fruits & vegetables that keep you  hydrated during summer are all found at your local food market or farms market ! Some of my favorites for the season are Strawberries ,blueberries and carrots ! (seen in above photo) .

This cool graph provides information in some of the fruits & vegetables that contain high levels of H2O !   Making it fun & taste to stay hydrated through the whole summer . So go head and eat up your H2o with these taste picks !

Easy On to go H20!

The cool thing about this fruits & vegetables is that :

1. Help you beat the summer heat.

2. Keep you body hydrated.

3. Fun & easy way to intake your daily water .

4. Pack up fruits & vegetables  bags for Hydration on the go  !

5. Add these to your water   by cut strawberry & lemon for a fun water flavor  twist.


Now you can have a safe hydrating summer with a fun twist taste !!!!! But always remember too to wear your SPF to protected you skin & always carry a bottle of water !

More Resource

Find more  great information in having a Safe summer for the whole family & home  as June is National Safety month !!!  Read up “Ten Tips for Summer ”  by Emily Walsh . As Mesothelima Cancer Alliances brings us awareness about having a safe summer  but its also a place to gain awareness about the risk exposure to asbestos as its the main cause risk of mesothelioma. Asbestos is a mineral use in chemical plants , fabric, cleaning products & construction products . Learn more about the risk & how to protect your family & you .

Read More :


Yoga at Home for beginners #7 : Yoga References


Thank YOU !

Its been much fun & learning experiences in write this series for you all. Many THANKS to Ru  from Short Small & Sweet Blog for Team with me to bring you all these awesome post.  I hope you all enjoy the post for the Yoga At Home for Beginners Series but most important that you all gain motivation form it ! SO Thank you for all your support & comments !


As part of the Yoga at Home for Beginners this last post  me & Ru share are personal references from books, APPS to websites and much more. Places where you can get information about poses, yoga benefits and most important ways to help you stay motivate through your  yoga journey .

♦ON – The- Go Apps

I am always on the go and going form city to city to friends house to visiting family . The following APPS are the ones that I use and love to use on the Go !

1.FitStar Yoga
It’s a yoga app for on the go. You can take a class or sequences no matter where you are .It’s pretty much taking a yoga teacher with you & with great video and easy to follow. Plus new work out sequences are always add. Cost: $ FREEE basis, $8 monthly membership

2.Yoga Studio
A app that you can create your sequences and schedule your video classes right into your phones calendars. In addition you can flow the 65 + video classes and over 280 poses with detail instructions.
Cost $4

3.Daily YOGA
Is another great app that include yoga sequences for runners, beginners, loss weight  and much more. Its easy to follow as it shows you each move in video form. It also has a pose library that explains each pose and how to do it right. In addition to having yoga music too.
4. Yoga Radio
Is a great app for yoga music and relaxing music. It has many great stations and tones of music to set any mood that you’re in or wish to be. Cost $ FREE

5.Pocket Yoga
This app has many features including a yoga sequences that is detail in video play plus has a feature that tracks your progress. In addition to tracking your heart rate and calories burned. It also has music library too. A great app for on the go and taking your yoga every were you go. Cost $3

Is a community basic health living & yoga community where you can have support form others that are trying to achieve the same goals as you. It like a motivation buddy that include meal recipes, health remedies, yoga at home sequences videos. Cost $ FREE

♦Websites for Yoga

1. The Yoga Journal  : This is a great site to get new sequences moves  and get detail information about the benefits of different poses . In addition get wellness & health information about eating, stress and even clothing ….. much more.  They also have amazing videos for different poses that focus on different health areas like stress, meditation , weight control and many many more. They also have a coll Phone APP that you can download into your phone.

2. GaiamTV : This is also a great website for yoga sequences & video of many poses to follow and do at home. Really like this site to keep expanding in poses and keep my sequences fun when I feel like I need to add a new one. In addition this site is very informative about health yoga living and health.

♦ Yoga Books

1. Meditations from the Mat : Daily reflection on the path of yoga 

by Rolf Gates

This is a great book and recommend in reading it as it helps you see yoga in a different perspective and not just another work out routine . It lets you see yoga as a mind & body teaching .

2.The Yoga Bible by Christian Brown

This is another great book for all levels of yoga . It includes 150 poses with detail information in how to achieve the pose. Its a great book to look and pick poses to add to your sequences . Really love the pictures and how detail it is.

Thank you all again for making this series such a hit  !! Make sure to check out Ru Yoga Reference selection !

As Remember you can go back and catch up all the post for this  whole series !

Yoga At Home for beginners #6 : Maintain a yoga schedule


Maintaining a Yoga schedule

One of the hardest part of starting any giving work out or new habit is keeping that going but most important keeping it in your daily routine.Today me & Ru  will discuss with you  how we both keep are Yoga at home habits .

You would thing that doing yoga at home would be easy as all you do is roll out your mat and start moving into some yoga poses . But for many including myself keeping up with yoga practices at home can be difficult and even a challenge.

One of the reason that I think that home practices is hard is that we expected in to look and feel as if your in a yoga studio.

But in reality it’s NOT. This is a expectation that is needed to let go out the window, Once you do it will make it easier to start creating a home yoga practice.

Why is home practices important ?

While going to a yoga studio can be a treat and fun as you meet other yoga peeps but sometimes you can’t always make it to class due to unexpected things of life.

Building a home practice allows you to get on your mat while also deepening the connection to yoga.

You see when your in the class its easy for one to zone out but getting on your mat at home is different in that you are in charge of not only moving your body through the poses but also getting your mind to your mat in the first place.Its more of you been in CHARGE and empowering yourself in a much personal level!!! A lesson that I think a yoga class will not give you .

A home yoga practices is real mind practices!!!
More than any unexpected event or call that your dog just ripped its toy apart. It is so often that our thoughts are the one keeping us off out mat. If we can master those thoughts then you are working in mastering out your mind- which is what yoga is all about.

Here are my personal Tips in Keeping myself in the Mat



Your home practices will not look like a yoga studio!! You don’t have to practice for 60 or 90 minutes. Start slow with a 5-10 minute yoga sequences. At the end see how you feel and do you feel like you want to continue to another sequences. If not just stop and end it their.

2. Move in a way that you feel good

Just like you don’t have to practices for a 1-hour the same for the fact that you don’t have to do a whole yoga sequences. You know your body the best and what it needs. So pick a few (3-to5 ) poses to start off with and work with those . Remember too that yoga is more than just a body poses. You can also spend some time on your mat meditating or working in your breathing practice.

3. Make it your Routine & A part of you life

In a post note write or I phone  the time that works for you best to take 10 minutes for your yoga practices. Maybe its first thing in the morning ( like me at 4am) or maybe its after work or before you go to bed. Whenever it is , try to commit to practicing at that time and make it a ME TIME MOMENT ! It does not have to be everyday but try to make it a habit, like for example every Tuesday & Thursday in the morning I take my 10 minutes of yoga .

4. Make the Space Special

The space that you pick to do yoga at home make its like your Specially space. Just like are space for putting are beauty products or are closet-space that holds that pretty perfect little black dress. Make it your own !!

5. Ask for help & look for inspiration :

Doing yoga at home can be overwhelming but don’t be afraid to ask a yoga teacher for advise. Also uses your local references or online yoga site like Gaiam Tv . A great place to get tips and live video form yoga teachers. Yoga Journal is another great site with lot of information. Finding  inspiration  is just as important in keeping you going . Find a new pose that you want to achieve that month or week will keep you in track. 

And remember that you are in charge with that said make it creative and build your yoga time & sequences for you !!

I hope these tips help to keep you going in your yoga practices ! Make sure to check out Ru Tips too in keeping a yoga routine !