Green Beauty Empties !

Green Beauty Empties !

Hello Everyone ,

Its been a while since my last post as I been a buzz Bee lately but all positive things ! Been wanting to get back on my blog routine for a while as I have so much to share with you all . I’ll talk more in details in a different post in what I been up too ūüôā .

In this post I will be discussing some empties from my stash that I have in my ¬†Mom’s house . Yes that’s right I have a stash in PA farm home ¬†& one in my Moms home in which both locations are different ¬†:). Lets get too it !!!

Stash #1

2016 green beauty & tea 040

  1.   Organics Bath CO.  Body scrub in REFRESHMint

Love Love this body scrub ! Its my favorite scent as the mint is  very up lifting  & relaxing specially when coming for a long day of work or travel. This scrub is not over oily and is really soft to the skin. I have tried many scrubs but nothing is like the ones from Organic Bath CO. I always go back to this brand when it comes to body scrubs,they really make the best !  Really been miss this scrub since it ran out !! NEED MORE !

2.        W3ll People  Collection empties 

The W3ll People Expressionist Mascara in Black. I really had high hopes for this mascara but it just slips out of my eyelashes . It just makes me look like a raccoon with in a few hours . Love how it feels  but it just does not want to stick to my eyelashes. This was the second bottle that I use & really wanted to give it a chance but it was a no go !

The w3ll people setting power in ¬†N2.¬†Really enjoy this setting power as it went smooth on my face and set very well with my foundation . It also had a good way to control my T-zones areas & balance my skin. But by the end of the month of ¬†using it the power start to gain a funny smell. I do clean my brushes every week since I am acne prone skin. Found it ¬†wired that it gain a smell. This was not a go sign and I had no choice then to trash it out ¬†ūüė¶ . Although it was more then half way done with the powder ¬†I was really bummed ¬†that the product gain a funny smell during the use . Love the product but will not be picking this up.

The w3ll people Stick Foundation N3. Finding a foundation is not easy but this stick foundation worked really well. I love how I did not have to set it with power & made my skin look very natural. It works well to cover dark spots or ant redness in the skin . Its one of my favorite stick foundations and one that works well in term to long lasting & setting into the skin natural . Plus its fast & easy to put on specially when your  in a morning rush ;).

The w3ll people Stick blush in …… I . Love my Stick cream blush by W3ll People it so easy to put on & long lasting all day . This color is a pink Peach tone which is great to get that nice rose look in those dark winter or spring days to brightening up your face . Would love to pick up more colors . Really love the natural color it gives & the great lasting power .

3.   Soap Empties 

Soap may be one of the most items that you find in my empties box . I love soap specially when they smell good & leave your skin soft like Meow Meow Tweet & Osmia Organics Soap do! These two are my favorite brands of soap ever & I always have a big stock of them to make sure I don’t run out . I actually just made a order to both to stock up again as my stash was getting super low !!! What can I say I am a True soap Lovers and these two brands are my LOVE . I love all their scents ¬†by both brand ! And you can’t go wrong with any of them.

4. ¬† Lotus Wei & Cap Beauty ¬†” Captivator”¬†

Everything that is Lotus Wei I just love . This brands  product are so much like scent therapy for me. This special mist spray is only found at CAP Beauty store as its a collaboration product. The Captivator smell amazing its sweet yet not a sweet scent but one that is very pleasant with a scent of rose or flowers smell. I enjoy every drop of this bottle and really need to get a new bottle to have. Its just such a nice product to help to up lift you during days work or tasking. A very beautiful mist spray !

5. The Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation N3.

This is a product that I am not going to discuss in much detail as it earns its own review that I really want to share my thoughts in. Its a favorite foundation to use during the dry & cold months as the oils of this product really ¬†help with my skin becoming over dry. Stay tune for a full review ¬†ūüôā .

6. Pacifica Beauty color Quench Lip Tint .

Love a lot of the products that I have tried over time by Pacific Beauty but these lip tints  where not the best. Love the tint color that it gave but it was a very drying lip balm to my lips . It has a lovely scent of blood orange  that I like but wish the formula was more nourishing for the lips .

 Stash #2 2016 green beauty & tea 039

7.  Meow meow Tweet .

These two product of Meow Meow Tweet are staples in my stash. The Baking soda free deodorant in grapefruit is my all time favorite. Now they also added the Lavender scent in which I love so much too. This deodorant works but really works !! And guess what They are launching the stick version of these this month !!! ¬†Another product is the body oil in the scent ¬†Frankincense + Flower ¬†is a beautiful flower earth scent that is so amazing. Love this body oil as the scent is not over powering and wears so nice through out the day. Big two favorite , although I love everything from Mew meow Tweet and can’t wait to try more of their new products that they have launched .

Small Samples . ( Right side of photo) 

1.SheTerra Body  Butter in Vanilla  was a very over scent product. It was like putting cake in you body scent . If you love SUPER SWEET scent body butter you my like this . IT was not a go for me at all & the texture of the cream was very thick and hard to rub or sink into the skin.

2.Acure Organics  Face oil Argan oil. The  sample  was great to have on the go. Specially if I felt like my hand or skin was getting dry. Was great to have as a touch up.

3.Rahua Hair Care Samples . The lovely Ru gave me these to try the Rahua hair care line in which I had yet to try. Love the scent so f the product and made my hair feel good. But I can’t say that I would like them as I did not ¬†feel like I can make a good judgement if it works for my hair type. But they sure smell great !

4.The following samples from Primial Pit Paste, Jadlener scrub & toner , HMW toner  where a no go for my skin or my body needs .


This stash had a lot of mix products but also some ¬†fall out but happy that I got to try & continue to knowledge myself in what products works for me as a whole. That the fun part right !! I hope you enjoy this ¬†empties stash post from one ¬†of my green beauty home cabinets ūüôā . Next time I’ll share with you some my Farm home Empties which is a different stash cabinet in its own ūüôā .


Yeiza aka Boho Chic Meets Organics

Pumpkin Madness #2 Edition : Sweet Emotions Soaptions & Potions Pumpkin Soap

green 057

One More Last Slice of Pumpkin Pie !

Sad to say this is the last Pumpkin Madness pick product but save the best taste one for last !For this edition I pick this lovely body Soap by a creative brand Sweet Emotions Soaptions & Potions ¬†!! ” That’s right its a soap ” , this is not a item to eat a least if you like to have a bubble stomach !!

Sweet Emotion Soaptions & Potions 

A brand that  is Cruelty Free, all Natural, Gluten Free , Hand made , No Animal testing or crazy chemicals found here !!  They are know for their creative  soap making and scents . IF you LOVE Lush brand creative products,  then your LOVE even more so this Brand that makes them with out the crazy chemicals ! 

Sweet Emotion Soaptions & Potions ¬†make’s creative soaps but also had a complete line of body care like body butters , soap, lotions, scrubs and so much more, ¬†in addition Lip balms, ¬†has a MEN line as well.

green 036

 Pumpkin Slice Soap !

I do say when I saw this ¬†this soap , I know it was real food , like a real Pumpkin pie and also ask for a slice to buy… jejejeje. Until the owner told me that it was actually a soap !!! well, I did get a slice but not to eat it !

Sweet holiday ¬†scent ….

The soap scent is very much like a pumpkin pie coming out the oven, with its fresh spice scent . Its a very sweet but nice enough that it tease you to think of eating it . Its neither super strong or ¬†over powering if you don’t like strong scented soaps. Its gentle and just right type of Pumpkin.

Pumpkin wash ….

Washing up with this soap was fun , I think it makes a great kid soap or as a guest gift soap . The soap washes up very well making it a nice foam . What I did like is how it gentle in the skin and does not over dry your skin like some soaps do. Plus , you are left smelling with a light scent of Pumpkin spices after wash.

In addition this soap makes a great soap to wash hands and makes a great soap display in your kitchen during the holidays & winter months. You even my find more people washing their hands ¬†ūüôā .

Soap is fun again ..

For sure this soap makes any shower wash a complete fun one , making soap fun to use ¬†again !! Most importantly its safe for the whole family to use . Just don’t eat it !!

Check out Sweet Emotions Soaptions & Potions ! And all the amazing products that they make ♥

The mother of all Rosemary herbs : Osmia Organics SPA Series Rosemary body Mousse !!

Osmia Organics SPA Series

Just a few months back Osmia Organics expand its line to the Luxury world of SPA . Creating a SPA line focus on luxury ingredients  used through out history . Yet as we know in Green Beauty  community  everything that  this brand makes is just DIVINE!!!!

makep 166

The Rosemary Mousse

This body whip lotion made out of Rosemary heaven  is one of the three product launches for Osmia Organic SPA Series !  Its a light weight mousse lotion that is  light yet very refreshing scent that is not over taken neither does it make you think or smell like  pizza or pasta !

Its a pure & awaking scent  of a fresh Rosemary herb garden  fields in Italy !!

makep 194 A Luxury Body Lotion with Rosemary benefits !!

This luxury whip lotion is just filled with goodness !

Rosemary In herbal Medicine

As Rosemary is consider a herbal medicine multitasker as it has  antioxidant and  antibacterial properties. In addition  it is used  to treat muscle pain  & to help to improve circulation.  

Its is no questions that Osmia Organic  pick this beautiful herb for its wellness giving !!!

makep 195

Skin & body Goodness !

 The whip lotion is light weight  yet holds a cream texture that rubs into the skin smoothly as it sink into the sink like a light oil ! Its not sticky neither does it leave the skin feeling heavy ! Works beautiful after getting out the  shower as the whip lotion rubs on great while  your skin is still damp .

Rubbing its in the skin is like a therapy session of self love & calmness !!!  I complete feel of luxury & wellness in a  jar !

I been special enjoy this at night as a night treatment¬† after a long day of work¬† to help my¬† whole body & mind relax! But also¬† makes a great¬† pamper massage lotion to relax¬† tried legs and hands ! Lets just say I have Happy hands & legs now ūüôā


For sure OSMIA ORGANIC does it again making a WINNER product !! Thanks OSMIA !!! Can’t wait to try the rest of the SPA Series line!

Get it at :

Summer Coconut Edition # 2 : Organic Bath CO. SubLime Body Scrub

makep 2696

It’s Coconut Time !

As part of my summer edition of coconut products , which been a little slow in sharing . In this post I share one of my favorite summer scrubs ( well actually my all time scrub)¬† that is rich in coconut oil and hand crafted right in Boston by the lovely brand Organic Bath CO.¬† It can’t get butter then that people ! The brand recently went into new , luxury & improve packing that is divine¬†‚ô•



makep 2698 Organic  Bath CO. Body scrub in SubLime is  a organic  coconut lime  sugar scrub  that is a  summer vacation in a Jar . It smells  fresh & beach like making a great scrub for after a sun tan or a dive out in the ocean.  Made with  simple Organic , Fair trade ingredients & hand crafted with LOVE !


Fair Trade Certified‚ĄĘ Sucrose (Sugar)*, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) Oil*, Essential Oil Fragrance*. ¬†*Certified Organic

makep 2694 A smooth skin equals a Healthy summer Glow

¬†What I love about this sugar¬† scrub compared to other’s is its smooth & gently texture in the skin when been rub on. This just feels good¬† and know that your nourishing your body & removing dead skin to keep a healthy glow. Its leaves no stick oils just a smooth hydrated skin , so much so that you don’t even need lotion or oil after ! That’s pretty impressive .

SubLime body scrub is a true coconut product stable  summer & year round !


Hands down Organic Bath CO. makes the best scrubs !! If you have not try their body scrubs you need to get on IT !!

Summer Coconut Edition ¬†1# :¬†Sumbody Soap Coconut & Cream

Summer  Heat & Sun is all we can think about as the beach season is in full swing . Hitting the beach or the coast broad walk and eating ice cream is in are top list .

Summer Edition its all about coconut !!!

One of my favorite ingredients & the one that makes me think of summer beach all year long is COCONUT !!! . To kick off this coconut loco edition I will feature some of my top favorite pick products made with coconut  !!!

1# Feature brand Sumsoap Body soap Coconut & Cream

This travel size soap is the tropics in a bar ! Yupe its sweet coconut scents transports you to the clear beaches & palm trees out in the carribean. This bar is rich with coconut milk making it a cream  soft shower experiences . Great for after sun exposed  skin as coconut milk helps to nourish  dry itch skin .


The ingredients are : coconut oil, Palm oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Safflower oil, coconut milk & sumsoap scent blends . **  soap made with natural ingrdeint

Its simple & rich oil base ingredients ¬†make it ideal for sensitive skin types as it helps to smooth any dry spots. I personal love this soap after been in the ¬†sun as it helps to smooth any sun burn spots even when I put SPF as I tan quickly . Special when I am out running later in the day ¬†. ¬†It really Lather up into a cream soap ¬†that leaves your skin feeling smooth & with a pleasent coconut scent that its soft yet smellls like a beach day ūüėČ .

Check out more about Sumbody other productts & amazing soaps like this one  : 

Stay tune for more Coconut Picks !!

Happy safe summer ūüôā¬†

Spring¬† Up Series 2015 : Spring Up My Bag !


Spring is officially HERE ! …. as This Bear comes out of her Cave !The birds are singing¬† & the flower trees are in full bloom .


Its that time again to hide away the winter hats & gloves to SPRING -UP . One of the first things that get SPRING FEVER is my everyday Bag .The first post of my Spring Edition series for this year. Lets take a look at some of my picks & treats .


   For my spring picks this year I choose to explore and Spring up with PHILTRE USA .

A new up coming green Beauty online  store . What caught my eye is that this store only focus on brands that are made right here at home in the USA. A feature that I love as I always like to support brands & business owner that are right here !!

This great store has everything from makeup, body care, hair care, nail polish and so much more !!!!.

 I love PHILTER  for bringing awareness of products  & brands that Are made right here in the USA But also for its Very Personal Customer services .The owner Heidi is very kind & funny yet very helpfully in detailing the scents of the products and answering any questions of products picks & ingredients .


Spring -Up my Bag  with the following picks :

When springing my bag I like to pick items  that smell or make me feel like spring !!! So I look for scents that are very flower like smell or a citrus like scent like oranges . That are fresh like the spring air in May !  Also must not forget to get that SPF protection  !!

  Spring -Up picks for the Body & soul :

Body Pick : . In may bag I always have to have a lotion as my hand tend to get dry . Form Philter USA I picked ZUM BODY in Lavender- Lemon scent . Zum- Body is actually a new brand for me and right now I am loving this product pick . It smells so refreshing yet so relaxing ! I love to rub it in my hands and then place my hands over my nose  and take a deep breaths . It leaves the hands soft with no oily feel . The scent is just divine!!!


Soul & Multitasking pick : I am a girl on the go all the time and I like to keep a soul booster product to lift me up in my long days . And PHILTRE USA had Cloud of protection by  NIEVES. A brand that I had my eye for a while as they create products with mulit -purpose  function. Cloud of protection is a very special product as its functions as a room spray & Hand Sanitizer  & mood lifter . It has a beautiful fresh scent of orange that is very up lifting  and works great to brightening up ones mood..

Spring -Up Picks for Face & Smelling good :

Smelling Good :¬† With hotter days as the weather warms up equal to more sweat days too. Lets just say I am more self aware of my smells , don’t know why!¬† which brings up the next pick¬† and one that is always in my bag as a must is a under arm cream or lotion by FIG + Yarrow . A brand that has also been in my list to try and have been enjoying a lot of their products.¬† This Underarm lotion is just that a Lotion that is soft and fights odor plus it nourish your under arm skin !!! A super cool product that I been looking to refresh up during the mid day. It has¬† herbal scent that is lovely yet refreshing. It works well and BEST part it won’t stain your clothes¬† like many underarm products DO,¬† So NO White LINES in my SHIRT !! WIN WIN ūüôā


Facial & lip spring care :  No that the sun shines more it calls form some serious sun protection. I use a SPF all year round  but in hotter days I really power it up to protection my skin.  One of my favorite is COOLA Mineral sunscreen  and this travel size unscented SPF is great for mid day face touch ups . Love  how it goes in easy and sinks right into the skin without leaving any white layer in the skin . Its more of a matte finish which works great if you have a more oily skin like me during hot days.


SPF Lips is also  a must to protect your lips and keep them form burning or over drying . If you know me I am a lip balm lover  A must item that you find in my bag as many as Two . I wanted to try something new and went for the beloved HURRAW! brand  Sun Balm in Tangerine Chamomile! It taste so good and  leaves my lips dry free!! and love that it protects my lips form dryness & the  sun :).


This is my Spring -Up item Picks !!! All can be found at the lovely Green Beauty store PHILTRE !! Go visit and check out the great selection of products & brands that are all made in the USA !!!

 Visit :


what products your picked to spring – Up your bag ??? Would love to hear !!

Meeting the chick behind The Choosy Chick & Tour of my first order !


Meet the Chick !!

In this special post I bring you the  Choosy Chick Online (Green) store .  You may ask your self Another-online Green Store , YES ! This one is different  though as it brings focus to baby & family living  but most important in keeping a safe & happy family . Margot the founder of  The Choosy Chick is a mother too that is like all moms concern about what product are used in their kids  sensitive skin and what is brought to her home .

A Chick that Take Care of its Farm !!!

The Choosy Chick is a online store that provides detail information & resources that help to make your home greener and safe for your little ducklings but for everyone in the home.  In addition to  carrier products & brands that the whole family can use . Such as  kid body care, dental care, hair care products that are just for them. The store also has a great selection of   brands for the adults  that range from body care,skincare , and hair care products .

Its a One stop shop for the whole Family !!



Now lets get more personally with the CHICK behind this amazing Online  store created by Margot & Joe . A  green shop created by a couple to bring a healthy lifestyle to their family  and of course to US. I got the honor chance to chick chat with Margot about all things green !

And for this special chat I bring you a FUN Interview with Margot ¬† ! Oh… get ready to laugh tooo !


Question : As a go-mom that you are, what products are found in your hand bag right now as we speak?

Margot : As we speak – here we go: ¬†Au Naturale Lip Gloss: ¬†Nothing like a sweep of shiny, natural gloss to brighten your lips and your day. ¬†MUN No. 1 Aknari Youth Brightening Serum. ¬†I apply this as needed throughout the day to moisturize and brighten my skin and the aroma makes me feel so good! ¬†Splurge Skincare’s Melted Buttah – for those emergency dry spots and lip¬†treatment¬†in cold weather – ¬†DN-UNIK’s Eye Contour Serum – for when my tired eyes need a pick-me-up and to bash dark circles! ¬†This is just my bag. ¬†My bathroom is another story!

 Question: If you could be a cartoon character for a day who would you be & why?

Margot:  Definitely Merida from the movie Brave!   I admire her spunky spirit, her fearless nature and her ability to be comfortable with who she is.

Question : Kids & family members LOVE to take over are product cabinet, what is one product you hide away from them? And why?

Margot : Oh my gosh. ¬†Funny you should ask! I found my Kari Gran Lip Whip in my 11 year old son’s backpack and my hubby takes the Josh Rosebrook Cacao Mask and my Solavedi Organics ZAP! Blemish Spot Treatment – so I have to keep those concealed! ¬†We also fight over the Griffin Remedy and Ahnesti shampoo – my kids ALWAYS use way too much. ¬†And please don’t dare mess with my Graham Gardens Avocado Oatmeal soap!

¬†Question: The one ‚Äúquote‚ÄĚ that you read & ¬†keeps you going :

Margot: This quote from Herbert Needleman is so inspiring to me and literally fuels me to help make a difference. ¬†‚ÄúSince 1950, at least 70,000 new chemical compounds have been invented and dispersed into our environment. Only a¬†fraction of these have been tested for human toxicity. We are, by default, conducting a massive clinical toxicology trial, and¬†our children and their children are the experimental animals.‚ÄĚ

 Question: Green beauty had a big year in 2014, what 2014 products where you’re favorite & what new brand discoveries you found?

Margot: I honestly have favorites from all of our lines! ¬†In terms of brand new discoveries, I ¬†am very pleased that DN-UNIK found The Choosy Chick. ¬†I am very impressed with this age-defying line from France and can’t wait to see what they will come up with next!

 Question: What flower or plant best describe you as a person & that you feel a nature connection with?

Margot:¬† I absolutely adore Hydrangeas. ¬†Their big, bold flowers just always make me feel so good. ¬† I love all the shades: blue, the pink, the lacey ones. ¬†All of them! ¬† I am not a happy camper when mine won’t bloom! I love them outside, ¬†inside in a vase and even dried.

 Question: The green community love to meet up and get everyone together, if you could have the chance to have Tea Time with some of them (brand owner, store owner, etc ) who would be sitting in the table ?

Margot: Oh my gosh what a great question. ¬†Their are so many people that I would love to meet, including you, Yeiza ¬†with your amazing childhood story. ¬† I would also love to meet some of the first people that helped get me off the ground – so here we go: ¬†Katie – ¬†The Green Product Junkie, Cori at Well Beauty Blog, Little Ru at Short Small and Sweet (I wonder if I am actually taller than she is – I’m 4’11), Danielle ¬†– The Glamorganic Goddess, ¬†Kasey at Plein Vanity. ¬†Then at each end of the table I’d pick a king and queen. ¬†HollyBeth from HollyBeth Organics and Josh Rosebrook!

 Question: What can your customers expect form Choosy Chick in 2015?  We look forward to an exciting 2015!

Margot: We will be adding some new products from existing lines and taking on a few more. ¬†We also will be hosting more interviews with “people in the know” via our blog and¬†would like to offer our repeat customers a rewards program.

Thank you Margot for the chick chat and the many good laughs !!! in doing this fun interview !! Looking forward to that TEA TIME in A NEAR FUTURE. ‚ô•


Now that we had some fun with Margot likes get to some of the great goodies & brands that  The Choosy Chick has for us .

Inside The Choosy Chick online store  :

I place a order with The Choosy Chick to get some much needed goodies . The  online site has everything organize and easy to search through . With categories  of make-up, hair, Bath & body, Babies & kids , Sensitive , Skin   and Guys sections . With-in those categories its broken down to more  divide selections . Making easy to look for specific needs and products . 

The selection of brands for all family :

The brand list is pretty big and includes brands for the whole family need that include: Buttercup & Jake  ( Babies), Acure Organics ( for the whole family) , Kari Gran ( Skincare) ,TSI-La ( perfumes ) , Raw Elements ( SPF protection for the whole family  ) ,HollyBeth Organics ( Bath & body care) , Au Naturale ( makeup ) and many more  amazing brands  .

Check out the list of brands in The Choosy Chick !!!

A family Blog for healthy living :

In addition to a easy store to pick up green goodies , its also a very informative site as The Choosy Chick has a Blog  filled with product information and a Behind the brand Meet interview to get to know more about the owners & tips in using their brand line. Its a stop too where you find information about family products and creating a safe home space for your family.

The Choosy Chick Blog !! & Make sure to sign up to get the latest blog post ! You don’t want to miss it !




I was super excite to get my goodies and Margot was a big help in helping me pick the right products for my loin hair !



When I open my box this is what its look like !!! HOW CUTE IS THIS PACKAGING !!!! It was so cute that I also didn’t open it !!¬† The card is also super cute and gives its a special gift touch as if someone made you this gift for you.


Digging INSIDE :

After taking the beautiful wrap paper  ( phot0 above ) , it open up to this goodies of green products ! Every thing was pack up so nicely!!!  And of course find more lovely Packaging prints inside the box !!



Digging out the green goodies :

I fist open up the dot-dot bag as it capture my nose first and been a soap lover that I am . I just had to open this one first. Inside the bag was my soap picks indeed. I am always trying out new soaps and when I found the brand  Graham Gardens  in the site I just had to order. So to try them out I order the Soap sample packet that includes four  travel size  soaps of the brands  most love picks .

It includes Travel size : 

1.Peppermint Cream – smells so amazing and very up lifting .

2. Avocado & oatmeal – look this as it has help to relief cold winter skin with this hard winter.

3. Adirondack trail– A wood yet a sweet scent a lovely scent.

4. Lemongrass– Very up lifting & great for this winter blues that I am having .

If I had to pick a favorite I would say Peppermint & Avocado & Oatmeal are the ones. Love the  scents and how they care for my dry skin . Theses make great gifts and travel soaps .


 More Goodies : Buttercup & Jake Travel size  Cocoa Calendula Balm

I love balms and love how one can use them  in many ways .  I was looking for a travel one  and found Buttercup & Jake  balms in a travel size  and I am so glad I pick it up. It smells so good and works so well for dry hands & dry patches in my skin as the winter winds have been tough on my cheeks . This has help my cheeks to beat this winter . LOVE HOW It sleeps like chocolate !!


Makeup  goodies : Splurge Tinted Buttah

I am a lip balm girl and if you dig in my bag your find¬† at least 3 or 4 of them in their!!!¬† I love lip balms but was in the market for one that gives me some color to my pale winter lips . AND I decide to pick this one up and Now I need more ! Since I got it I can’t stop wearing it and love it so much that I think my other lip balms are starting to feel lonely! Love the peppermint feel of it and how smooth it goes plus the add of just a pink to my lips¬† .




Hair care Goodies: Fundamental Earth

Thanks to Margot for helping my pick out this hair product. This is by the brand Fundamental Earth, which is a local brand in CT !!¬† If you know or don’t know yet I am a Lavender lover and when I send that that these hair care products had lavender I was all in but also because contain great oils like Argan & Kukui oil which are great for dry hair .

I been using these for about two weeks now and Really love it for its scent but for also giving my hair  a clean feel without making my hair dry but instead provide it with care and oils . Really been enjoy these products and a full ON Review will be posted once I use it up !!



All the goodies Picks and Shopping at The Choosy Chick

Above this a complete photo of all the goodies that I pick up and in addition your see a few samples that I was sent by Margot base on my skin type & hair type . Which looking forward to trying out too ! Margot did a great job is picking out the sample for me !!

Thought on my picks :

I love everything that I got and have been enjoying many of these new brand products . Already some have been put on my every day list of must have :).  They all smell amazing and work great.

Thoughts on The Choosy chick store & shopping experiences :

I shop a lot online for almost everything  !!! And this was my first order with The Choosy Chick and I must say That my experiences in using the site to shop was easy and smooth. Love how simple it is to find products for ones special skin or hair  needs . The services is amazing as the customer care that is provided is very helpful and informative in guide one to find the right products . The package was like getting a personal gift and the presentation was sweet  and very personal as if some one wrap it just for you .

In less words Its a ONE STOP SHOP for EVERY ONE , I highly recommend it for people new to Green products &  Kid/ babies product shopping as it has the big collection of brands that are hard to find specially for the little ones .



Thank you to Margot for all her hard work & bring us a green store for the whole family !!Now go shop : and who knows maybe you get a special Chick egg in your order !!!

Note: all products where paid by me and review are always honesty !