My story in How Scared Beauty Salon Serie Gave Back My Inner Strength + Special Code For Sacred Beauty Salon Series ONLINE


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YES you hear that RIGHT ! Sacred Beauty Salon Series the  most talked  about  Green Beauty + wellness workshop is Launching  Online June 5th ! If you been wanting to join the sisterhood of Scared Beauty or learn about makeup tips , switching to green beauty products , or  All the Above ! Then Now is the Time . You can join in right from your home !

I am so thrilled that other women get to enjoy & experiences this amazing space that gathers amazing women together to empower each other . And of course to TALK about the one thing We ALL LOVE Beauty ! Thanks to the lovely & talent Rebecca Casciano founder of Scared Beauty Salon  & a makeup artist + wellness coach  has embrace a sacred space where women can discover their inner beauty ! A she puts it BEST ” Be Your Own Goddness” ! But most importantly it teach me & other women that  “WE MUST TAKE TIME TO CARE FOR ARE SELF WITH IN”. Something  that we just keep pushing to the side as are busy modern life keeps us in are toes & rushing to hundreds of different directions with out realizing that we have never stopped for a moment & take a deep breath.

My  Sacred Beauty Saloon Series Experiences & Impact that it made in the Hardest Time of my life ….

The moment I  decide to  attended Sacred Beauty Salon Sessions  for the first time  I was living a life that was running 200 miles a minute.  As I was a care taker for my lovely mom  & helping to support her during Cancer treatment. A time where I was in & out the hospital 7 days a week, going in & out of  10  different  doctors offices & working over night shifts hour. In  which many days turn to  24 hour days of no sleep as I got out of work to then go back to the hospital to take my mom for treatment. Less to say it was a moment my  body was barley standing . And in this moment Sacred Beauty Salon was present to me through social media. When I  decided to  attend I had no idea what to expect but NEW in my heart that I needed to go. So I did, I made the 2 hour trip to NYC  & the first session  became my awakening of self-love that I desperately needed .

Sacred Beauty became my scared space of peace, love & strength  in a moment that I needed it the most. The women in the group & their stories became up lifting energy . As Rebecca guide the sessions with providing tools of self awareness & allowing to see deeper with in are self as women  & the beauty that in us . In less words the experiences & getting together with this group was one that transform my life . Not only me but many of the women gain amazing awaking experience . Speaking for me  I benefit by keeping my positive energy fuel up  as  I was giving it all to give my mom a reason to keep fighting her battle. She too benefit as the good vibes that I got  transmitted to her & I would teach her the makeup tips that I learn which she love .For this reason I have continue to attend the session that have taking place in NYC & Boston. In which all have been a different  learning experiences & reminder of self love.

I forever will be thankful for the Sacred Beauty Salon & all the women that take part. Specialty to  Rebecca for bring us all together & creating a space that is “Sacred with LOVE”. Of course a big thank you to the  Nurse’s that  made it possible for me to attend & feel safe that mom was in good care :). Although, they would wait with excitement to hear what I learn jejej, its a Win-Win for all.


NOW It’s YOUR Time to Invest In YOU ♥……

I am  excited to invite you to experiences  Sacred Beauty Salon Series  just like I did  but NOW you get to enjoy that same group of women that influence me NOW ONLINE! Makeup artist and natural beauty expert Rebecca Casciano has just launched her new virtual program, which combines practical, easy-to-follow makeup lessons with soul-searching, guided inner beauty exercises. Starting on June 5th, get access to the exclusive Sacred Beauty Salon makeup videos and dynamic online community, discounts on amazing natural beauty products and so much more. You won’t want to miss this! For more info and to join the sisterhood, visit


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♥Special Offer to Join Scared Beauty Online♥

Enter coupon code SELFLOVE at checkout for $50 OFF Sacred Beauty Salon Online! This special offer ends Sunday June 5th. 

                      Don’t Miss out & hope to see you Scared Beauty Sisters  their !

PS: Sorry if I made any one cry sharing my story , one that is not easy for me to share & even made me cry as I wrote this post but I hope  you take something beautiful & reminds you that YOU TOO NEED SELF LOVE no matter where you are in your LIFE  OR HOW BUSY YOU ARE.

Yeiza  aka Boho Chic Meets Organics 


Eco-Spring Cleaning Tips & DIY Cleaning Recipes

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Springs in the air & so is fresh cleaning  home

After  long winter months of having are home close up building dust, dirt and other debris its calls for some spring cleaning . For this I think Spring cleaning shouldn’t mean choking on cleaning fumes or burning your eyes and skin. But sadly,  we can be exposed to a  number of chemicals during are spring cleaning   through common cleaning products  or home materials that  contain dangerous or questionable chemicals, such as:

  • Ammonium chloride found in toilet bowl cleaners or deodorizers are permanently corrosive to the eyes.
  • Aliphatic petroleum solvent found in carpet cleaners is a neurotoxin, damaging the nervous system.
  • Crystalline sillica in many popular cleaners is a carcinogen, eye, skin and lung irritant.
  • Tripropylene glycol monomethyl ether found in floor cleaners, waxes and polishes has been linked to narcosis and kidney failure.
  • Asbestos  is a toxic found in area of home including  pipes, roof, insulation, floor tiles, siding that  can release  airborne  toxic that can be harmful and cause Mesothelioma a type of lung cancer.

Many healthy organizations has been bring high awareness about some of the toxic chemicals  that we can be expose too  in recent publish articles & research  about chemicals found in are home  including  ones mention above  that can be found in are home & commercial cleaning products that  can be a danger to area healthy both short & long term . The  mesothelioma Asbestos Awareness Center  have been bringing the attention about these chemicals to the public and science research special on ” Asbestos”. Got a chance to discuss this topic  in connections with spring cleaning  with  MAACenter communications Specialist . Mentioning that  many people are not aware of hiding toxins in their home & for this the  MAACenter  states that “bringing awareness & education to the public is key for prevention”. Specially on  hiding chemical know as Asbestos,  know to cause mesothelimoa, a rare & aggressive cancer. It is common found in piping, insulation, floor tiles, siding and roofs of homes . The asbestos is only harmful when disrupted & airborne, so it important to keep a eye on areas that it could be special when cleaning these area’s .  Thanks to MAACenter  for  brings  public  awareness  about this hiding toxic and taking the steps to guide the public about chemical safety .  Read more information about this hiding toxic  and how to prevent been exposed at Mesothelioma Asbestos Awareness Center  .

Spring cleaning should refresh  us, not make us sick!

That’s why  the following spring cleaning tips will help you accomplish your goal in a safe, non-toxic way. In this post I will share with you some safe home tips and Eco DIY cleaning recipes.


 Spring Cleaning Basic Safety Tips


Work From The Top Down

This spring cleaning tip is a must. The last thing you want to do is dust the table, then dust the wall or window  only to find you need to dust the table again. By working from the top down, you’ll save time, energy and resources by not repeating tasks.

Make it Fun 

Spring cleaning is about renew and enjoying the warm weather ! Create a playlist of must that you love to put you in great spring mood. To keep you up beat while cleaning away your home .  So go have a clean dance party .

Do your research 

Do your research on safety & use of any cleaning   product . Its important to use any giving product correctly for this its important to read the direction on using any product and the safety of using it in combinations other products that can create a chemical dangers to you & your home .

Natural or non-natural can still be toxic 

Treat natural cleaning products with the same caution as you would with any commercial products. Use gloves and other precaution when using any cleaners.  For safe always open a window when mixing homemade cleaners or  using other cleaning products .

Use mild  cleaning products when possible 

Most hard surface cleaning can be achieve with mild products, such as vinegar, baking soda or commercial products.

Use your Sense 

Use your sense of touch, smell and taste to guide you away from chemicals that may be leaking from a old product bottle or from a area on your home like gas , mold  and other toxic’s like Asbestos found in roof , pipes. Bottom line is to keep your sense  alerts to keep you from potential toxic exposures.

Read Labels

Reading labels to make sure you are using cleaning products for their intended purpose. Pay close attention to labels that contain the word ” CAUTION, “DANGEROUS” or ” WARNING”. These are more series in terms to let you know   the care that should be used in using this giving product.

Take Special Care with food-Prep areas

Products designed to clean food surfaces must undergo safety and effectiveness testing for their intended uses. Its important to use products on your food preparation surfaces that are nontoxic.

Some mixtures can be deadly 

NEVER mix products that contain  beach or ammonia together. The mixture releases toxic gasses. Shop cleaning products that have a neutral pH, nonirritating, nonhazardous, biodegradable and low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Relax a bit about bacteria 

Don’t over use   antibacterial soaps instead consider using them to wash hands before and after handling raw food.  Using plain soap and water is enough for clean hands . Over using antibacterial can cause skin dryness or irritation but also in the long term it may increases the risk of creating tougher, resistant bacteria.

Don’t clean with the kids  or pets in the room

When you’re a parent, it’s tempting to multitask — to spray cleaner on the table while your baby is having snack. It’s much better to use household cleaners without your child  or pet in the room. Make sure to ventilate it before your kid comes back in. Let your pet outdoor or in another room while doing household cleaning .

Recycle anything 

What can we recycle? These days we can recycle almost anything. Check your local community recycle list to know which items can be recycle. Many items that are glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and electronics can be recycle and made into new items .

Donate Items  

Nothing makes clutter-cleaning easy than knowing your household items , cloths, shoes are going to a great cause. That’s why donating is such a wonderful as it helps other people while freeing you of stuff you don’t need any more . Check your local church, or shelters or local family organizations for information in taking donations of  use or new goods.


 Eco-Home Made Safe Cleaners Tips & Recipes

herb5 010

 Best part of  making  your own cleaning products is that your using safe ingredients all in which are found right under your kitchen cabinet . It is also a money saving when looking at it in long term . Most important you control what ingredients you put into and expose your family.There are many inexpensive, easy  alternatives which are safe and can be used in place of commercial cleaning products.

 Some of the benefits of DIY home made Cleaning product

1.Many of the  ingredients are found right in your kitchen cabinet . Must important you know their is no toxic chemicals. Here is a list of some  common, environmental safe ingredients which can be used alone or in combination.

Baking soda – clean, deodorizes

Lemon juice – effective against most household bacteria.

White Vinegar– cuts grease, removes mildew, odors, some stains & wax build-up.

Cornstarch–  can be used to clean windows, polish furniture, rugs.

2. You control the chemicals that you expose your self too while using them & cleaning with them .

3. Its inexpensive and cheap long term . Compare to buying a new bottle of commercial cleaning products every month  can add up to big a big cost in the long run.

4. Most important the DIY cleaning products are safe for the whole family including your pets .

Tools & Ingredients your need :

herb5 014

Eco DIY cleaning is fun and helps to make cleaning safe for the whole family include your self . Now DIY home made cleaner can be made easy with no mess or guess how much to put of ingredients  thanks to the founder of  Cleaning Essentials  Martha & Mike  who created  products made in mind that is effective and safe for their whole family .The cleaning essential spray bottle  (photo above) has ready print recipes  & measurement lines to tell you how much ingredient to add of each .  Its one of my favorite tools for cleaning that is safe and Eco-friendly all around .

Many of the tools & ingredients can be found in your kitchen cabinet or at your local food store .

  1.  Empty bottle :  Cleaning Essentials has a great  spray bottle with print recipes on the bottle  making DIY  cleaning  easy & simple . Get it  here :
  2. Soft cloth
  3. Scrubber
  4. Measuring cups or teaspoons
  5. white vinegar
  6. baking soda
  7. Essential oils : Lavender great disinfecting  for bathroom,  Sweet Orange or lemon great for cutting grease in kitchen area.
  8. Water
  9. Alcohol

 Easy Eco  DIY Safe Cleaning Recipes

herb5 019


Clean Indoor air with Plants

Plants have been found to reduce indoor air pollution ! As plants helps to clean the air and provide more oxygen too. Many can be found at a local plant or garden shop and are easy to take care .

Plants  to put indoors : Spider Plants , Snake plant , Peace lily,  English ivy , Golden pathos, Bamboo or small palm trees .

Herbal antibacterial spray

Many essential oils have antibacterial benefits such as lavender and thyme . Making them great & safe ingredient to use as a natural disinfectants .  Great for cleaning cutting boards after or for quick clean up .

Ingredients :

1 cup of water

20 drops of  lavender essential oil

Direction: pour the water into a spray bottle. Add the lavender essential oil and shake to blend . Spray on surfaces and let it set for at least 15 minutes or don’t rise at all.

Glass Cleaner

Works great to clean windows & mirrors

Ingredients :

2 cups of water,

1/2 cup white or cider vinegar

1/2 cup rubbing alcohol

1 to 2 drops of  essential oil , personally love sweet orange.

Directions : Combine ingredients in a spray bottle . Spray on paper towel or soft cloth, then wipe on to the glass.

Brass Cleaner

Great for bathroom , kitchen and much more .

Ingredients: white vinegar or lemon juice, Table salt

Directions : Dampen a sponge with vinegar or lemon juice, then sprinkle on salt. A lightly rub over surface. Rise thoroughly with water, then dry with a clean soft cloth.

 Cleaning or Removing Mold & Mildew

When cleaning any mold or mildew make use to wear safe gear as gloves & face mask as this can be a dangers to healthy.

Ingredients : Vinegar or lemon juice

Directions : Apply  vinegar or lemon juice into  sponge or scrubby and scrub area.



I hope you enjoy this  informative post and the great tips for a  Eco-safe spring cleaning home !

Thank You,

Yeiza aka Boho Chic Meets Organics 




Flying Sky High : Best Green Beauty 2015

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                                        Sky High We Fly  !!

This Year Green Beauty was in full swing in every way from big premier events like Indie Beauty to W.E.L.L Summit to big product Launch’s and  Re-branding Looks of Many Brands .  A Year of Many Changes All that Shine and that made a big movement in the green community !

In this Year end 2015 As we say goodbye and hello to 2016 . A year that I thank you for making this blog what it is and what is yet to come . In this post I recap the best in 2015 products that had me flying  High all through 2015 !

photo20 287

 Sky High Skincare

1.Om Aroma &  C0. : Renew  Pumpkin Serum 

If you notice I am a big pumpkin fan and this year I discover a new  pumpkin facial oil  by Om Aroma &Co. A local brand base out of New York City and that has one of my favorite SPA & people in one location in the west side know as Savor Spa , do yourself a favorite in 2016 visit ! Back , to the main point “Pumpkin Serum” . This serum has been my highlight in 2015 for having glow & healthy looking skin . I been using it all through 2015 and have notice a differences in my skin look in that it has a even color tone and has heal old acne spot . Not only to mention that has made my makeup look flawless but most important I now go with no makeup more son then ever  and just put a great lip color with confidences.  ( Read a full review on this product in Pumpkin Madness edition series in blog)

AAA ++  for Om Aroma &co. Renew Pumpkin Serum for Effectiveness & Glow happy skin ,

IT works !  

2. Cecilia Wong Skincare  New York: Rose Serum Spray 

Celcilia Wong is a person that I got the pleasure to know and meet within the green community. Her personal Skincare Line focus on healing within and out . And just in 2015 She re-brand her line to a beautiful chic and elegant look in which I got a chance to see in person during the Indie Beauty Expo  event . I am a big fan of the line & pick up a new toner since I was in a hunt for a new one . I got the Rose Serum Spray which is a very unique product as it is just like a spray toner but is filled with beautiful anti-aging extract ingredients that provide nourish elements for the skin to heal, rebuild inside & out .  I been using it for over 6 months and I just love this this product more and more in every use ! Not only that I have seen results in that my skin texture is less dry & more smooth making my skin appear healthy  & age with grace ! !

AAA +++ for that !! which stay true  behind Cecilia Wong  mission  for ” Visible results , Naturally and my skin couldn’t agree more so ! 

photo20 288

 Sky High Makeup

3. Alima Pure : Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex (refill compact) 

Alima Pure is a favorite green beauty brand of all time and just recent the brand went on a full new look &  update  & New product launch including  the most awaiting product  their pressed foundation and the first of  its kind in the green beauty !! I am of course jump on it and got the refill compact to test it out .  AS you may notice in the photo above it got a look of love and its because I JUST FELT IN LOVE !  It give a medium coverage with a flawless look that is very natural looking in your skin. It does not make your skin dry neither does it get into fine lines or dry spot areas like  dry powers do. It addition to other powers this one gives nourish elements  to the skin as it contains extracts & oils  that are full of antioxidants .  It My BOOK this is the best foundation I’ve used in along time  and has my skin supper happy , so much so that its now my bag staple of 2015 ! Can’t wait to see what they are up too next for 2016 !

AAA +++ For Alima Pure for Making a Natural Press Foundation that meets all the needs !!  

4. Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream-Tinted

The man that We all love in Green Beauty  is “Josh Rosebrook ”  !!

I am  fill with great joy & grace for 2015 for getting to meet  & share time  with  Josh this year during some of the green beauty events  .  His hair products are know for been the best and been effective in getting that great hair . Just this year Josh explore other areas of skincare care and launch a few new products  that include Nutrient Day Cream  -Tint . This product smells just as beautiful & divine as his whole line and it effectiveness & results always out match my expectations . The Nutrient Day Cream -Tint  goes on smooth and sinks right into the skin as the tint color helps to even out redness making it a great base product for power or a quick effortless  day looks for great looking skin. It feels SO Good in the skin that you even forget that you had put it on the first place.  Not only to mention that the compact nourish ingredients are really food for your skin with the PLUS of been a tint too !

AAA +++ for Josh Rosebrook bring food for hair & skin to the next level !

photo20 291

Sky High Body & lifestyle

 5. Meow Meow  Tweet Limited Edition Deodorant Cream, Baking soda Free in Lavender Scent

Meow Meow is one of the brands in my collection  that been in my shelf since they first launch and continues to cover my shelf today ! It been amazing to see Tara & Jeff & their two   Cat’s owners of Meow Meow tweet grow over time & expand to new heights  ! So much so that I think they have their cat town up in Up State New York Now  !

This year the brand has been expanding their brand  with their new  pumpkin mask , soaps and much more including a limited edition product for fight of Breast cancer  benefit fund  the  baking soda  free lavender scent Deodorant ! A product that had me with excitement as I been crossing fingers & toes that they would launch a new scent . Meow Meow tweet  Deodorant are the best in the market and this one  of course met all the expectations from scent to happy arm pit’s ! It had me flying high this baking soda free  lavender scent  deodorant  and hope that they bring it back some day as part of their official collections.

AAA+++ for Happy  Lavender arms pits and for making a differences Meow Meow Tweet !

6. Brooklyn Candle Studio in Pumpkin 

This year I got the great chance to discover Brooklyn as I did a lot of short trips  and make a lot of great discoveries include going to the official space of where magic happens in Brooklyn Candle Studio !  These candles are  hand crafted made with  100 % soy wax and scented with essential oils .  By the way the their studio smells like heaven on earth . I pick up the  travel size pumpkin  candle  as a pumpkin lover that I am I had to have it . The scent is just like been out in a fall day as a freshly baked pumpkin pie gets pulled out the oven , it smell just like this ! By far the best candle scent  that has you spice up all year long ! an’t wait to pick up more of these candles and try new scents because they real add that touch of home  even when your traveling from state to state . A new  staple in my farm house is Brooklyn Candles studio !!

AAA +++ For best eco-friendly candle and Best travel candle in my BOOK !

I hope you enjoy this post of the top Sky flying product for 2015 . I wish you all a Happy New Year & a joyful 2016 !! Thank for your amazing support everyone as because of you I continue to write and bring you amazing people & brands that are making a impact !

Natural Product Expo East 2015 Coverage Report : Baby & Kids New Product Launches !!


makeup3 176

Reporting back from Natural Product East Expo 2015 !!

One of the biggest expo events that happens across the U.S is the Natural Product Expo , where  Organic, Natural brands gather together in one big space to present their product to the market ! This is not a public event and is only open to buyers, press and businesses market only ! But this year I got call in to come and cover the event as press 🙂 , something that I am very honor to get the chances to experiences been a green blogger ! So of course I took the 3 hour trip and head out for a weekend of all green things !

What Makes this Expo so important …..

Other then bring together brands from around the world and having a chance to present their product to the market ! It is also show case how the green market is moving & what is a head for the feature !  As the event also show case break session in where top brands, business , press  and much more  discuss the market and give a over view of what is next to come !

In addition to the hundreds and hundreds of brands owners & business present !! Just to give you a idea its four full floors of a convention space full of brands !! yeah crazy right !

The event takes place for 5 to 4 whole days of break out sessions and a chance to tour the whole space of brand show cast .Of course between all their session of fun music & food events happening .

Report 1 : Baby & Kids Products that are launching !

 I  am excited to see more & more non-toxic baby product launches this year as I find their is a need for more baby lines ! I AM  HAPPY TO REPORT THAT BABY NOW HAVE MORE PRODUCTS PICKS , I AM SURE THIS WILL MAKE MANY MOMS SMILE 🙂  .

In this post I discuss some of the best find products at the show that are all NEW LAUNCHES !!

makeup3 151

First up is Oh  My Devita Baby

” Pure & Natural Vegan skin care for your baby”


This new  expand line of products by DeVita  bring on Special Products For  just BaBy. The line includes a shampoo, body wash, baby balm, sunscreen and baby lotion . Each product has a special character that identify each products  as seen in the photo above .  Love how the design is super cute  and yet simple providing clear information about the products .

List products collection :

  • Bubbly Babbies ( shampoo & body wash)  – gentle, tear-free & has organic Aloe Vera .
  • Power Puff ( baby Power) -Talc Free , GMO free & made with cornstarch/ zinc oxide .
  • Butter Cheeks ( baby balm) – Barrie balm helping to protect & smooth bum .
  • Hey Sunshine ( SPF) – mineral sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection of SPF 25  & has organic Aloe Vera with Shea Butter & Green tea .
  • Flutterby (Lotion) – Fragrance free & non-greasy made with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera.

I got to test out some of the products and got to say that they felt really smooth and very gentle making it great for adults too that have sensitive skin.

Find more information at :


makeup3 154


Noyah is a up coming brand in the Green Market that is base right out of New York . The brand focus on lip products like lip balms, lip sticks & lip gloss .The brand recent went into a whole re-branding with a whole new look.

Baby Lip Balm that has a nutrition label !!

Their new product is this organic baby Lip balm made just for babies ! This is no baby lip balm it is actually the first of its kind as its is edible, That right this lip balm has a nutrition label !  It contains only three organic ingredients : coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil. A simple pure product just for babies !

You can find it NOW at  :


makeup3 157Betsy’s Brainfood

Betsy’s Brainfood is a organic & gluten -free food product brand for kids & adults too ! I am a big fan of this brand and of their many great cereals & snacks too ! This brand really has step it up in creating great food snacks that include serving of fruits & veggies in each serving! With them you never miss a veggie a day 🙂

New Cereal & snack  cookies !!

   At the  event they presents their new Blueberry cereal that is organic & gluten-free as seen in photo above . I got to try it and it was really good all I need was some milk 🙂 . In addition they also had new cookie snack flavors as seen in the back with the new packaging  , which  I am loving for on the go !

Find their new products at your local whole foods  or natural store !!


makeup3 111

Babo Botanicls

This is a well know baby line of products that is love by many moms . It was exciting to see the owner and get to chat with them about  products including their new addition to their line baby line .

Sensitive  Baby Sunscreen Products  : New launches !

The new products include two new sunscreen that are made just for very  sensitive  skin . It contains a clear Zinc  has no fragrances and  great nourish ingredients. In addition to having a higher SPF  to better protect babies while out doors .

TESTING IT OUT: I got to try it and the product is very gentle & smooth without leaving a white layer in the skin . It actually felt really nice !

Find more information at :

makeup3 140

Eco By Naty

Eco by Naty is a Eco-friendly baby line that focus on making products that are safe for babies but also safe for are planet !! This amazing brand is base out of Sweden and has a great focus on the good for the environment . The line is a beautiful lifestyle brand that has everything from baby cloths, diapers, bags , women care, wipes and so much more .

Baby  Eco toilet  like no other !

 One product that contact me eye was their kids Eco Toilet . The owner was so kind to explain the function and what made it so different . Its special feature was that the it was easy to use and clean for parents as it had a Eco bag that dissolved into water once it touch water & was flushed !  making a product that is safe for parents, child and mother earth !! HOW COOL IT THAT !! The bag is made out of plant & reuse  base materials ! As seen in photo above !

check out more information about this brand :

I hope you enjoy this Report of  Natural Product Expo East on NEW BABY PRODUCTS !!


Green Hugs  🙂


Attract Your Wellness : W.E.L.L Summit Event November 6th

WS Square1

About the W.E.L.L. Summit

to The W.E.L.L. Summit, a celebration of living well, making empowered consumer decisions, learning from top professionals—and of course, the luxury of health.

The W.E.L.L. Summit… is not just a conferences its Given you a chance to  taking the first step in creating & seeking wellness for you !! In where in gathers together in one place ( November 6th at Boston,MA)  and one weekend the best speakers of the wellness & beauty community !


 A event like no other that bring you closer & personal  with professionals to bring motivation & to get answer to those tough questions that you wanted to get answers too  :

But we’re also providing intimate access
to these professionals through exclusive small break-out sessions. All the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. All the tips you’ll need for buying beauty products, overhauling your pantry, selecting a workout program that fits into your daily life. The latest trends, complete with insider tips. These are the pioneers of the wellness industry…and they can’t wait to meet you.

Josh RosebrookAngela KimEileen MockusAlden Wicker
KseniaSteph ZabelHeather StevensonCassandra Bodzak

 Read up on the complete list  :

W.E.L.L Summit Speaker

I am super excited to hear from many of these amazing people many in which have been a inspiration to continue my road to Eco-living and inspired others along the way . In addition to see many of my great friends such as Organic Bath Co. & Ru from  Blog  along many others !  Making it a magic & Family affair as we gather together are talents & passion to bring it to you the community  !

Its does not stop their !!!

 You will get to enjoy a Well Summit style pampering like no other ! With the chances to enjoy organic Farm -to-Table food , Wine and complementary make-overs using the best in healthy beauty. With amazing pampering stations with the best in Eco-brands & best part meet & greet  many of the leaders behind these company’s .

In Less words its a complete  Rock -ON  of Beauty Wellness !!

makep 2763

Feature brands  ( in Photo) at the W.E.L.L Summit includes  Meow meow tweet, S.W . Basics , Organic Baht.CO, Josh Rosebrooks  are just a few of the many amazing brands and speakers that you get to meet !!

makep 2592

All Happening  at the  Wyndham Hotel in Beacon Hill, Mass. Beacon Hill is a 19th-century residential neighborhood in Boston that sits directly north of the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden.

Get your tickets for W.E.L.L Summit !!!

(Just Click above)

*****Please note: Tickets will NOT be sold at the door. Sales close at 12 p.m. EST, Tuesday, October 27th . Best suggest to get tickets sooner as it may sale out earlier !

Hope to see you Their As We summit are self-Love !!

 xo, Boho Chic Meets Organics

Secret ” Green” Santa 2015 Sign Up Information !!!

makep 001

Secret GREEN Santa 2015

It’s the Official Secret Green Santa Sign Up for 2015. And its official the send year running this great beauty swap for you all !!! So exciting !!

Secret  Green Santa Rules:

Signups for Secret Green Santa will begin   September 1st &  end Oct  30 2015 . You have a Two Month window opening to sign up.

•  Signing up by PRIVATE E-Mail me @  your personal information (Name, E-mail and State) no later then Oct  30 2015. Your Secret Santa will be assigned to you on that First week of November !!!

. • If you have any Allergies or Avoid specific Ingredients please make sure to let me  know so I can inform your Secret Santa. • Important to also  Include in the E-Mail  YOUR SKIN TYPE ! So your Santa can give you products that fit your skin ! Specially skin care products from brands that are in your wish list .

WISH LIST: You can make a wish list of FIVE Brands that you been wanting to try. Please e-mail me this list by OCT 30th. This will be e-mail to your Secrete Green Santa. ( Just keep in mind that this is to help Santa) • Gifts must be sent out between December 1, 2014 and December 16, 2014. This gives members approximately a two month window to shop or place an order. • Shipping priority is not mandatory but for most it may be the best option since it includes a tracking #. If you use Paypal to ship there are 1st class options that may be less expensive and will typically include free tracking. • A tracking # is not mandatory when mailing within the US to another US address however it is highly recommended for your own records .A tracking # will have to be provided to your gift recipient so they can tack their package.

Total gift value should be approximately $35,  not including shipping of package.

Item(s) must be NEW and Never used, Swatched or opened.

Products Selection: Please keep product selection to Beauty & Body care products & green lifestyle items .  Food products can be put only if your Santa wishes to get a specific item of food or treat. ( Many people have allergies to food so we want to keep everyone safe & happy ).

Open to US Residents & International Countries • Once you sign up please do not back out as it will cause problems with the assignment list. Only sign up if you really will take part and follow the rules.   20140819-173956-63596936.jpg

Additional General rules:

Green products Only:

The products should only be green products that contain no chemicals such as Parabens, silicone, SLS, SLES, Mineral oils, Petroleum, Phthalates, BHA, BHT,& etc. To find a list of Toxin ingredients to avoid please go here for references :

Choosing your Santa:

I will be selecting each person form my Mason Jar’s which will be labeled , East, West, Central, South coast area . Each person name will be put in a fold paper and open only when time to pick pairs. • Sending information to your Santa: Once people are pair Each Person will get a personal e-mail By Me to let you know your Santa along with the person WISHLIST of brands  & Avoid of ingredients that your Santa may Have. The only information that I will share with your Santa is your e-mail address so they can be able to contact you to send you your gift and Tracking #.


To sign up email me at

Also don’t forget to send your wish List & Allergies of ingredients to me to pass they over to your Santa by Oct 30.

For addition comments or questions just Comment below or Email me @   🙂


EcoChic Fashion Week Makeup Premiere with Rebecca Casciano at Savor SPA

makep 365

Eco Chic Fashion week Makeup Premiere  with Rebecca Casciano At Savor SPA

This week the biggest fashion event of the year is in full forces as its NYC Fashion Week , where the biggest designer come to show off their New Collection & color trends for the next coming season !   One Big excitement of full Fashion!


That’s right green beauty is also in full swing in this big week and I was happily invited to Savor Spa & Rebecca Casciano Premiere event  party !

Rebecca a Green Beauty Makeup Artist  well know for her work feature in top magazines including Thoughtfully Magazine .

The Event took place at Savor SPA one of the best Green Spa in West Village with a chic & conscious focus in providing its guest a getaway experiences like no other !  In addition the staff here is amazing & most sweet & kind with a passion to bring awareness about self-care in a non-toxic .

makep 363

Green Beauty Wonder Land  !

In side this beautiful Spa is a Green Beauty Wonder Land  Shop filled with makeup brands like Alima Pure, Vapour Organic Beauty , Modern Mineral ,  & Ilia Beauty  just to name a few ! Take a look of all the beautiful brands and all the amazing colors to chose from !

For more Information & Locations :

makep 370

makep 361 makep 367

Rebecca Casciano  Fall Fashion week Looks !

makep 374

In the event presentation of Fall Fashion week looks , Rebecca Casciano presented us with a  warm welcome to a Eco Fashion week session .  In giving us a introduction to the Fall colors that are trending in season and gives us tips in how to stay in trend by simply Getting a New Lip color ! Which I must say it’s a great TIP 🙂 .

Rebecca & beautiful Fashion Run Way model Dominyka who is a Green Beauty passion lover presented us how to create day to night fall looks using all the products & brands found right at Savor SPA . Rebecca took us step by step in how to create two  looks including the ONE ABOVE on this photo that is a beautiful night out in town !!

makep 372

Open Green Beauty Bar !

In addition she show us the open bar table of green beauty makeup that feature products by Ilia Beauty, Vapour Organics , Modern Minerals  and Oma Aroma & Co. skincare . All brands that you can get right at Savor SPA  Green Beauty Wonder land .

makep 391

Rebecca  Fall Picks !

Rebecca was so kind that she even give us a flyer with   her favorites pick products for Fall that include One of my favorites OM Aroma & C0. Pumpkin serum !!! Alima Pure eye shadow in Paris & Modern Minerals New Lip gloss collection in Garnet . All Her  product Picks  can be found at Savor SPA !!!

makep 396

Get a Makeup Lesson With Rebecca Casciano !!

At Savor SPA Rebecca provides private green beauty makeup lessons to take you ONE -On-ONE & Step by Step in how to do your makeup and highlight the best features of your face ! Its great for all levels form a beginner to using makeup to a more experiences .

Her teaching is beyond showing you how to put makeup but to also teach you to LOVE YOUR SELF !

I am thankful to have learn from her in how to enhance my inner beauty and show it off through colors of makeup. So believe me its worth the experiences & the self care that YOU give to you !! Because We all EARN TO BE & FEEL BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT !!! 

SO goo BOOK your SESSION !!!

Call 212-304-2887 to book !!

makep 402

Self-Care & Empowering Events Happening !!!

Some great events are happening that focus on self care & empowering including :

Embody Beauty Retreat


Focus on wellness, Green Beauty and Green living !

September 20 2015

Tickets :

Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World – 2015

Savor the Success

Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 8:00 AM

A empower event for women to learn from the best in business & gain motivation!! Its a must not miss event !

Ticket information:

I hope you enjoy this Post & the inspiration!!

Special Thank You to Savor SPA & Rebecca Casciano for creating such a special event !!!!