Boho Chic Meets Organics Blog 

What to expect in Boho Chic meets organics?

I will be sharing wellness tips and advise from yoga , living greener, positive quotes, eating well and much more. In addition fashion and beauty reviews along with tips  that reflect my wellness living.

About me ..

My name is Yeiza and I am a wellness coach, a farmer   &  international researcher. I been expose to natural wellness at a very young age as I come from a natural medicine family. Growing up in a farm and living surround by nature .  Over the years of my life as i got older I have expanded my wellness living  in which I have practices yoga for the last 6 years and continue to grow , learn and expand in all aspects  of wellness.

My blog  is a reflect of my   life experiences , education , traveling around the world , field work   and what I was taught at a very young age. But most importantly my passion to help others and share my knowledge and experiences so others can live a  health and wellness life too.

Thank you for stopping by,

Yeiza. R


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m excited to see the development of your blog. Thank you for following me and liking my post. I am on the wellness track too. I was on the fashion track and have moved into the wellness track. You have been on the wellness track and are exploring the fashion track. That’s neat, isn’t it?

    I look forward to more posts about your last ten years of wellness. ❤

    With love, Amanda

  2. Thank you, Amanda Houck for following me and for looking forward to my many upcoming post.

    It seem both are blogs are going to be very informative for each other in discovering are tracks . That’s really neat 😉

    Just to give you more idea on my blog, it will reflect my wellness living and how I show this life style through fashion too. so your see wellness tips & advise , ways to live greener , natural medicine , motivation quote,much more. All is basic in coming from a natural medicine family , my years of traveling the world and what I’ve learn down the road ( field work, research education and life experiences ) .

    I look forward to your wellness journey post

    with calm and love , Yeiza

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