Fall Color Edition : Emerald Green


Fall color Emerald

Green  has been  a color trend  and  seen every where this summer. Fall seems to be no different. Here is  some items  in how I been wearing this hot fashion  color.



I wear I lot of gemstone, and these lovely green ones fit right in the trend of green. I love to layer these together  or wear them individual. I decide to put them in gold cap and chain to make the green stand out more. A  great way to add personal touch and style to ones outfit. Best of all its a fun and  inexpensive way to stay in trend with fashion color’s . So go to your local craft shop and get creative.

(Materials used: Gold chain 14 and 16 in length, gold cap, gemstone of choice , finish lock and round hooks )

Hair Tie


I got this hair tie in  Green Emerald from Sephora for $.150. The photo does no justices to the color. It’s a beautiful green with soft shimmer to it. A great  hair tie  color that looks cute in your wrist and adds a pop of color  to any outfit.

Nail polish


I just love this nail polish color from Sparitual in Emerald City .  It’s a lovely green that goes well with everything that you wear. It goes on sheer but every time you add a coat the color just looks more beautiful . The above photo is two coats of nail polish with no top coat.   Sparitual nail polish is Vegan and  has no  synthetic dyes ,parabens,  toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and DBP. The cost is $10.00 .05 oz


I hope you enjoy this post and tell me  how you are add Emerald color to your wardrobe?

(All items where bought with my own money and all review are honest.)