Part 1 : A Night of Green Beauty (ANfGB) ” The Show “


A Night of Green Beauty , Chicago,IL

After months of planning & awaiting one of the biggest nights of green beauty , it Finally came! I was ready with my pack up bag and ready to hit the Wind City , a places that I once called home & always happy to return too :). Just a fast recap “A Night of Green Beauty” is a event that gathers  the best Green Brands,  Green Beauty bloggers & community all in one place. Its sad to say that this was actually the last events as the previous  ones took place in New York & LA .

Part One : The Show

“The Show ” is actually a new addition to the Green Beauty Event this year that includes a run way show with models show casing different looks done with green beauty  makeup brands . Three green beauty stores took part in show , show casing their looks  that include Integrity Botanicals, BeateaBar and Ecodiva .


Upon entering “The Show” area we were greeted by the founder  La Bella Figura as she welcome us in & Thank us for are presents of attending . As we walk and seated are chairs where filled with goodies !! A Ingertiy Botanicals baggie & a paper baggie filled Ecodiva & Beateabar   goodies & the latest  Thoughtfully magazine issue  !

Let The Show Begin !!!





Now shop the LOOKS & Recreate them !

All the models looked amazing & where glowing their natural beauty !! And all the hair was done by the lovely Josh Rose Brooks team !  All the stores EcoDiva, BeauteaBar  & Intergrity Botanicals had created amazing looks for both day & night . The cool things is that you can recreate the whole look as the products are found right in their online stores !


Spring Up Series 2015 :  Lurking with Roses Feature Lurk Perfume

Spring is in full bloom as tulips peek out ! Filling the air with spring fever . It time to start lurking into flower fields !

Time to smell like spring !!! As flower bloom & the air is filled with fresh flower blooms .  Its time to smell like a walking flower !! Although its actually my worst time for my Allergies as it goes in full swing . Hello to red nose & water eyes , no fun at all !! But I still want to walk like smelling like a flower & to achieve this without allergies reaction or triggers is thanks to the Brand : Lurk  Perfume !!

Lurk Perfume

  Is a perfume brand that makes perfume oil base with no chemicals or bad ingredients .  .Just pure hand crafted, organic  & essential oil blends . In addition to divine scents  for all type of noses &  personal style  !

More Information:

  Presenting  The New Addition to Lurk :  Eau De Toilette

In the some time winter Lurk presented  their new expanded perfume line Eau De Toilette of their top seller RSw005 & BS003 . The differences between these and Lurk original perfume is that one is oil base & one is base on  USDA Organic Cane Alcohol !

Lets take a Rose walk !

A walk into roses with RSW005 Eua de Toilette

Lurk describe its notes as…

Warm sandalwood & earthy Rose with a smooth finish of Crisp Citrus .

Too me is a travel walk of memories …..

 I love the oil base RSW005 as  it is a walk of roses in a little gold bottle ! This new version of RSWoo5 is a total walk of Field of roses  it brings  me  back into my foot steps of  travel time  when I went to Colombia  farm Rose field. A moment so beautiful as I was rounded & walking endless steps of blooming beauty !!! This version of  Lurk RSW005 is just a total enhance of ROSES !!


A Forever Lasting Rose ……

Its staying power is much longer compared to the oil base as the Cane alcohol helps the oils enhances the rose scent more by keeping it long lasting . I personal just put it on & don”t reapply  as the rose scent still lurks through my daily morning,afternoon & night routine .  If your looking for a TRUE ROSE PERFUME or  the longer lasting version of RSW005 THIS IS IT  !!!  

Keep enjoying the   ………  Roses all year round! 

What’s your favorite floral perfume? 

Summer Caribbean & Travel series : Effortless summer makeup



Its summer time and that means simply sunny Makeup !

Summer time calls for fun sun dresses and flip- flops . Its the time of the year that the effortless look is in total trend. The same goes for the makeup look where we make it look effortless with a bright coral lip or cheek.

During summer I tend to wear not much makeup at all  other then a nice coral lip and cheek to warm up my face. But when the occasion calls I like to create that sun effortless look  . One collection that  has been my go -too Summer look has been with Brija Cosmetics  Glamour to Go collection .

The collection  feature five items  that include  2-eyeshadows , 1 -blush,  1-lipgloss, 1-cream eyeshadow . The whole collection cost $30.50 for all five pieces.  Each item can also be bought individual too. Brija  cosmetics are vegan & natural  are also made with simple ingredients  . In this post I will feature the  the blush , 2- eyeshadow & her  New lip jelly   (shown in Photo above  ) .

 Now lets take a look at each individual product 🙂 and some swatches .

IMG_0070.JPGYvonne Jelly  Balm 

This jelly lip balm give a sheer semi-light purple color to the lips. Leaves a  light shine on the lips  just like a lip balm. In goes on smooth just like a lip balm . It also has good last power . The color is build-able to a sheer to a dark shade shaded lip color. This lip balm is great to wear under or over a lipstick that tends to be more dry. Also works great over a lip liner too. The color may scare you in the tube but fear not as it gives a nice sheer color.


IMG_0069.JPGSwatches of  Jelly balm color 

As you can see in the swatch photo-below  the color is very wearable for a everyday lip color, without looking weird or  to bright. I have pale skin with yellow tones but my lips are very pink -red color . So this actually makes my natural lip color just look better.  The color is a purple with some pink under tones that give the purple color a good balance. (below your find a closer look of  swatches )

Love the product for how easy it is to apply right off the tube. You don’t need a mirror to put  this  on. So it makes it a great go-to product for  those go-to-go days as one is out in the beach or  touring around in a city.



Bright Eyed + Bushy Tailed eyeshadow

This product is not only a eyeshadow but also a eyeliner . Which is great as you have two products in one & it means one product less to add to your  vacation makeup bag.  The color is a deep dark brown with purple tones to it . It makes a great color to make a smokey eye look.  And a great staple to have to make many looks too.

IMG_0083.JPGSwatches of  Bright eyed + Bushy tailed eyeshadow

In the swatch you can see that its a dark brown with some blue sparkly . The sparkly are very little and actually add some edge to the color. This color is very pretty over pinks and it look great on its own when blend out .  In terms of a eyeliner I love as it is not so over powering like black is and this one is more wearable for a day  & night look.


Allure eyeshadow

Allure eyeshadow is what I call a basic eye color must have because its a cream color that works for any look . It’s a great warm pink cream color that works well for the inner corner’s of the eye & makes  a great eyeshadow blending color . To create a every day smoky eye I would just put Bright eye +bushy tailed  blend it well all over the eye  and blend it out with allure to soften the dark color.

Swatch of Allure eyeshadow

The color is a pretty cream with pink undertones . As you can see in the photo below the color kind off blend it with my pale skin( sorry for that :(, tried to make the color stand out ) .


Perk Blush

Perk blush is a very pretty coral pink blush.  This color is also lip save , which means that you can mix it with a lip balm and make it as a lip color too :). This color is beautifully to wear as it give the face a warm tone with out looking like a clown . It just brighten the whole look.

Swatches of Perk Blush

As you can see in the photo below  the color is a warm pink coral and the sparkles don’t show when blend out  on to the  face .


The whole look and colors together

Below your see photos of the whole colors that I use to create my summer look.  Each one is swatch together for you to see the effortless look that one can create with theses colors.

From top of hand to bottom :

1. Perk blush, 2. Bright eyed + Bushy tailed, 3. Allure & 4. Yvonne jelly balm







From top of hand to bottom :

1. Perk blush, 2. Bright eyed + Bushy tailed, 3. Allure & 4. Yvonne jelly balm


Effortless looks for summer are my favorite to use  specially if I just want my natural skin to just shine on its own . I hope you enjoy this post of my summer simple look and the items that I have used to create it .

All products mention in this post can be found at

Note: At the moment the owner is in vacation but will be back on 22th of August. In the mean time you can look at her site and start making that wish list for when she opens again.

Happy effortless Days !

Summer Caribbean & Travel Series: Fashion Sail away


It’s Summer & We are all sailing away !

Most of us are about to go to a gate away or to a special place to enjoy the SUN . And of course we want are fashion picks to represent  JUST THAT.  In this short fashion post I pick out items that completely state Sailing Away!

Sailing away PICKS :

The Bag :  This simple yet chic cross-body bag is my favorite.  It goes with any outfit and add a nice touch of sailing. Its simple white & blue wide stripes with brown straps & handle  that have a old golden tone . Give it the simple-chic easy look. You can carry this bag in many ways( cross your body, shoulder or just hold it like a business bag).

The bag is form FOREVER21

The Scarf:  This scarf is your world Map ! A good item to have just in case the wind takes you out of route.  This light cotton scarf has a beautiful print of the whole world map that details every county, ocean and city names ( left -bottom  photo for a closer look) and has blue ocean tone color trimming all around the scarf . Its a Lovely travel scarf & one of my favorite.

The scarf is form FOREVER21

The shoes: When traveling or going away  we want to be conformable as possible  & have easy put on & put of shoes = FLIP FLOP. I got these and love them to just put in my beach bag . The design is supper Cute with white  sail Boats  that make them super fashionably for a day at the boardwalk. Plus are easy to wash out if they happen to be filled with Sand.

The Flip-Flops are form OLD NAVY

These are my sail away fashion picks for this summer . I hope you enjoy this quick Fashion post. Keep enjoy the SUMMER.

Now Have A SAFE Sail !

NOTE: All item where purchase by me . At least other wise mentioned .

Fall Color Edition : Emerald Green


Fall color Emerald

Green  has been  a color trend  and  seen every where this summer. Fall seems to be no different. Here is  some items  in how I been wearing this hot fashion  color.



I wear I lot of gemstone, and these lovely green ones fit right in the trend of green. I love to layer these together  or wear them individual. I decide to put them in gold cap and chain to make the green stand out more. A  great way to add personal touch and style to ones outfit. Best of all its a fun and  inexpensive way to stay in trend with fashion color’s . So go to your local craft shop and get creative.

(Materials used: Gold chain 14 and 16 in length, gold cap, gemstone of choice , finish lock and round hooks )

Hair Tie


I got this hair tie in  Green Emerald from Sephora for $.150. The photo does no justices to the color. It’s a beautiful green with soft shimmer to it. A great  hair tie  color that looks cute in your wrist and adds a pop of color  to any outfit.

Nail polish


I just love this nail polish color from Sparitual in Emerald City .  It’s a lovely green that goes well with everything that you wear. It goes on sheer but every time you add a coat the color just looks more beautiful . The above photo is two coats of nail polish with no top coat.   Sparitual nail polish is Vegan and  has no  synthetic dyes ,parabens,  toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and DBP. The cost is $10.00 .05 oz


I hope you enjoy this post and tell me  how you are add Emerald color to your wardrobe?

(All items where bought with my own money and all review are honest.)