Spring Up Series 2015 :  Lurking with Roses Feature Lurk Perfume

Spring is in full bloom as tulips peek out ! Filling the air with spring fever . It time to start lurking into flower fields !

Time to smell like spring !!! As flower bloom & the air is filled with fresh flower blooms .  Its time to smell like a walking flower !! Although its actually my worst time for my Allergies as it goes in full swing . Hello to red nose & water eyes , no fun at all !! But I still want to walk like smelling like a flower & to achieve this without allergies reaction or triggers is thanks to the Brand : Lurk  Perfume !!

Lurk Perfume

  Is a perfume brand that makes perfume oil base with no chemicals or bad ingredients .  .Just pure hand crafted, organic  & essential oil blends . In addition to divine scents  for all type of noses &  personal style  !

More Information: lurkmade.com

  Presenting  The New Addition to Lurk :  Eau De Toilette

In the some time winter Lurk presented  their new expanded perfume line Eau De Toilette of their top seller RSw005 & BS003 . The differences between these and Lurk original perfume is that one is oil base & one is base on  USDA Organic Cane Alcohol !

Lets take a Rose walk !

A walk into roses with RSW005 Eua de Toilette

Lurk describe its notes as…

Warm sandalwood & earthy Rose with a smooth finish of Crisp Citrus .

Too me is a travel walk of memories …..

 I love the oil base RSW005 as  it is a walk of roses in a little gold bottle ! This new version of RSWoo5 is a total walk of Field of roses  it brings  me  back into my foot steps of  travel time  when I went to Colombia  farm Rose field. A moment so beautiful as I was rounded & walking endless steps of blooming beauty !!! This version of  Lurk RSW005 is just a total enhance of ROSES !!


A Forever Lasting Rose ……

Its staying power is much longer compared to the oil base as the Cane alcohol helps the oils enhances the rose scent more by keeping it long lasting . I personal just put it on & don”t reapply  as the rose scent still lurks through my daily morning,afternoon & night routine .  If your looking for a TRUE ROSE PERFUME or  the longer lasting version of RSW005 THIS IS IT  !!!  

Keep enjoying the   ………  Roses all year round! 

What’s your favorite floral perfume? 


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