July Favorites

20140806-181003-65403096.jpgJULY has fly- by , where did the summer days GO !


In  these July favorites you may notice a smaller product selection .  As summer become more hot air like , I tend to wear or use less products. SO my main focus this month was  staying Hydrated  !

Here are my favorites :

1.  Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea  (left side)

I am a tea drinker lover all the way and for the summer I like to have a nice cold tea. I been loving this one by Teavana. This Tea is part of their  summer collection teas . It smells & taste like fresh Peaches.  IN addition it  has Sweet Pine Apple & Lemon Verbena that creates calming . To sum it up it a awesome fruits relax Tea .

2.Caribbean Caly[so Mate Tea ( right side)

This is my getaway Tea.  It has sweet mango, Pineapple , red apples with toast coconut & lemon grass.  Its like having a Caribbean drink  with out the Beach . I love this during the afternoon hours where I want something more sweet & tropical.

Both of the these tea are great cold   and hot .

NOTE: If you go to TEAVANA  Right NOW they are having their  Big summer sales  .A good time to try out some fun tropical TEAS 🙂

3.  Organic Sesame & Lemon Grass Hair Oil BY  Balance Guru ( Right-Top Side)

IF you have curl hair like me , you know what hot summer days does to your hair . IT GOES completely  WILD-OUT. Last month in my Goodebox, I got this awesome hair oil that helps to tame frizz. It has  argan oil, jojoba oil, tamanu oil, sesame oil 7 lemongrass, eucalyptus. One thing I love its  the smell of fresh lemon grass. I like how it gives a great fresh scent to my hair without weighting it down but in addition keeps my lion her behave .


I hope you enjoy this post. and tell me in the comments below what products you been loving for for month of JULY .


Spring Series Edition 2014: A walk in the Rainforest with Level Naturals


Here it is the the 3rd blog post of the Spring Series Edition . I almost got lost on the Rainforest as I wrote this but I am back to tell you about a products that takes you to a Rainforest walk.

In this edition I bring you level Natural a brand that is know for their famous Bath Booms and for their unique soap scent . This brand is vegan and natural . And the creators are very passion and creative something that shows in their product to its description with great humor .

let’s take a walk to the RainForest


The first walk step is this Soy travel candle that fills your space with fresh scent greens and blooming of Rainforest plant . If you never been to a Rainforest before this will give you a idea of the many scents your pick up including falling rain.This candle is great to take with you and create a SPA space were ever you area even your own rainforest without stepping into one.


To continue are Rainforest walk , how about a shower experiences with level Natural soap. This soap has that same scent of greens, fresh blooms and rain fall. Proving a rainforest shower that leaves your skin soft yet a light scent .You even my be asked if you just came form a Caribbean Vacation .


To  Finish off this Rainforest Experiences walk,  Level Natural Body Butter in Forest is a light weight moisture cream that leaves your skin soft and with a light scent of rain fall  & blooming forest greens. Its texture is like whip butter making your skin feel wonderful as if you had a SPA in a open rainforest.


I hope you enjoy this walk through the Rainforest with products by Level Naturals . I had to share this amazing scent and include it in the Spring edition series as this is one my favorites scents to start the Spring. But also because it reminds me of my home which is out in the rainforest .

Level Natural Products are Natural and Vegan . Their focus is on bath and body products such as soaps, body butters, candle, body mist and with a variety of scents that are amazing.  Range of price is $6 to 20 . Check them out at levelnaturals.com 


   Thank you and I hope this post bring you in to the Spring spirit.

Note: All products where bought with my money & always honest reviews.

Product Edition II : Relax with LAVENDER

Lavender Edition II already!

If you have not notice in my Blog My LOVE for LAVENDER, well I just love anything LAVENDER .  🙂 This post is about sharing my love for lavender but also product that I love and  recent discover.

Check out my First  edition Post on  Relax with Lavender: http://wp.me/p3R10z-1n


It’s a scent and herb that does so much good for your  wellness, skin and body.

Lavender – is a amazing plant. It is know for its relaxing and calm smell. But is also know to be used for its health properties. Such as helping with stress as it brings calmness and to help with sleep and headaches among many other healing and wellness benefits.

Now to Lavender Love !

80 Acres of Mcevoy Ranch – Lavender Soap


This lovely soap is handcrafted and made out of extra virgin olive oil, botanical ingredients ,lemon,lime, coconut oil, vitamin E and among other good ingredients. It has no paraben or phthalate.  Most or all ingredients are grown out in the Mcevoy Ranch Estate. Made with 84% of certified organic ingredients.

Use:I use it as a hand  and  body soap. 

Texture: It has a light foaming  when lathering   and the texture of the bar is solid and light oily . But this is due to having many oil ingredients. 

Why I love it: The  scent of lavender is light and not over powering. It leaves my skin soft and moisture. I specially love this soap for the cold months as it helps my skin from over drying .  The scent of the soap stays for a while both in the bathroom and body.

Price: $9  ,  5.4 oz

Check their other products  :  www.mcevoyranch.com

Know-Your-Ingredients – Whipped Shea Butter Mask

20131023-175735.jpg This is a cream  mask   can be used as a nighttime face  mask  to help dry skin but also treat  redness & acne . This product can also be used ever where on your body, skin, lips, hair, and feet. Its a great treatment to use for sensitive skin that has issue with dryness, redness and irritation. Made out of natural ingredients .

Use: Can be used any where in the body and skin as a moisture treatment  or as a lotion . I  also use  it in  my hair to help take away fly always .

Texture: The texture is a solid  cream form  that melts in your skin as you rub it,  as you can see in the photo below. This has a more lavender scent to it  that is not over powerful . Although it’s scent is Chamomile Lavender , but the chamomile balances out the lavender to be softer.  20131023-181326.jpg

Why I love it : I love products that have more then one use, which means I carry less . which I love. Also this is a great product for my dry skin as it provides moisture but without leaving it oily or sticky .   I would say the down side to this product is the price !!:(

Price : $78, 15ml

Check  their other products : www.know-your-ingredients.com

Andalou Naturals -Body Lotion Lavender Thyme

20131023-175655.jpgThis product by Andalou Naturals  is great just like many of their products, which they have a pretty good variation of products and scents. Andalou naturals products are natural  and cruelty -free. They are  at a great price point too, which I love.

Use: Can use this lotion in your whole body but I don’t recommend it for the hands as it lefts my  hands  feeling oily. If you want a light body moisturizer this is it.  This will moisturizer your skin but in a light way compared to a body butter.

Texture: The texture is a light cream formula as you can see in the photo below. It is not a heavy  texture cream at all. It has a refreshing scent of lavender and thyme but smells more like lavender.


Why I love it : I love its light texture and its refreshing scent. I would use this lotion more for summer due to its lightest compared to winter that I need a heaver cream formula because of my over dry skin. If you like light texture creams you should try this for sure.Plus its a great price .  🙂

Price : $11.95, 11oz    full size

Check through out products : www.Andalou.com

HollyBeth Organics- Lavender Hand Cream

20131023-181413.jpgHollyBeth  organics makes many great products and I specially love their hand and body creams for their true scent . All HollyBeth products are made out of natural ingredients.

Use:  This lovely cream solid hand cream is so lovely . It adds great moisture to your hand and leaves a  touch scent of lavender.

Texture: The texture is more like a solid and cream  formula as you can see in the photo below.  By taking a small amount into your hand it melts as you rub your hand with it as you can see in the photo below my hand after rubbing the cream .  The scent at the beginning can be a little strong but fades alway very quickly leaving your hands with a light lavender scent.


Why I love it : I love this hand cream as it leaves my dry crack hands very moisturizer without leaving them oily. I love how the solid cream melts right into your hands ans sinks right in into your skin.   A little of this product goes a long way, I have the sample size of .5oz and have had it for 3 months now and I am not even half way.

Price : $25, 2 oz full-size

Check their other products : www.hollybeth.net

Ajara Skin Care – Tridoshic Bath Tea

20131023-181443.jpg This is a bath tea ,  you heard that right Bath Tea!  You place this bath tea in hot water in your tube for about 10-15 minutes.  Then your ready for a nice relaxing bath .:)   AjaraSkinCare is a natural and hand crafted line that is worth checking out.

Use: This bath tea is used in your bath tube but you can also use it as a foot soak.   One bag for one bath or foot soak.

Texture: The bag is filled with dry herds of organic chamomile,lavender, rose petals,jasmine and eucalyptus.  Providing a herbal scent of relaxation and freshness . Its stronger scent is lavender but you can pick up a light scent of chamomile and eucalyptus.

Why I love it : I love this product for its re-freshness and  herbal scent . Personally I love to just places the bag on my nose and just enjoy the smell. 🙂  This product gives you the SPA experiences in a Tube all you need is some candles .

Price : $4, .6 oz one bag

Check through out products : www.AjaraSkinCare.com



I hope you enjoy this Lavender Edition II and  that you are feeling relax after reading this post ! 🙂

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did in discovering other Lavender products and sharing my lavender love with you all.

Stay tune for part III… coming soon.

Lemon & Lime Product Edition


Lemon& Lime products Edition :

If you love lime or lemons your love this edition of products made out of organic lime and lemon scents.Lemon and lime are a  refreshing and attention boosting  ingredients . That help to refresh you skin after a long work out or a after long day but also helps to weak you up and boost you up your spirit . Also lemon or lime scents are great to keep away mosquitoes as they dislike this scent.

Below are some products that will keep you up and refreshed all day.

Soapbox Soap : Lemongrass soap


  • It’s : 100 % natural, Vegan, Cruelty free, Gluten Free and Palm oil free.

     This  smells amazing and leaves your skin smelling refresh and soft. A great morning soap to get started your day. The scent is not over powering and leaves your skin with a soft scent . It’s one of my morning staples .

Cost : $4.99 4oz, get it at Soapboxsoaps.com

Plus , for every soap bought one is giving to a child in need.

Shorganics : Lime lip balm


  • It’s: Vegan and organic ingredients.

I Love  lip balm and have one every where in my house and bag ( PS : I am super picky with lip balm and not every lip balm makes the cut , this one did)  . This lip balm by Shorganics  has  very light lime scent, which I love . I love how smooth and moisture it is . Best of all it is not sticky on your lips . Just smooth and leaves your lips soft . Its has become one of my favorites and new discoveries .  Cost $ 3.00 .15 oz, get it http://www.shorganics.com

Lavanila Laboratories : The healthy deodorant in Fresh Vanilla lemon.


  • It’s : 100 % natural, No parabens, aluminum, sulfates,silicone,mineral oils, and No animal testing.

This deodorant is nothing but a soft fresh  scent of vanilla lemon that goes on smooth and last all day,which I love . The scent is not over powering at all . I have falling in love with this scent that I had to pick up the fragrances. Its just so refreshing and warm and its been a summer STAPLE for me .

Cost : $14.00 2 oz, get at  http://www.lavanila.com/ or sephora.com

Hollybeth Organics : Shea Better in Lemon Lime cream


  • It’s : Organics , vegan and cruelty free, Gluten free

This lemon and lime Shea better cream is like heaven . It smells so amazing that you just want to eat it . This is a heavy  paste cream texture  in which means that a little goes a long way. You just take a dime size amount and warm it with your hands and just rub it in your skin or dry spot areas.  The scent is a warm lemon & lime that is not over powering  . It leaves your skin with a soft healthy glow and a refreshing scent.

Cost : $ 25  2oz, get  it at http://www.hollybethorganics.com

Kneipp: Enjoy life bath in scent of May Chang & Lemon


  • It’s: natural essential oil, No preservatives, parabens ,silicone, mineral oils

This bath oil  is great for those days you just need a up lifting . It has a scent of lemon more then may chang. You just fill up your tube with warm water and add 6-7 drops  ( or at your taste) of oil and mix it in. Then just enjoy and breath in the aroma to help you lift your spirit and mood.  This bath oil has been amazing and really does help to up lift your mood. A great staple to have in hand for those rough days.

Cost : $5.50 .68 0z ( 2 bath) , get at http://kneippus.com.

Trillium organics Body polish in Lemon Ginger

  • 20130917-143943.jpgIt’s : Vegan, organic , Gluten free and parben free.

This body polish does three things at once  it  cleanse , moisturizers,  and exfoliates  your  skin. Leaving it smooth and a healthy glow . I love this because its a multitasking product . Its like giving your skin  and body a quick SPA on the go. It feels like a scrub that melts into your skin as you rub it on.  The scent is more of lemon then ginger. It is a soft scent that is refreshing and uplifting. Plus it leaves  a non-greasy looking glow in your skin.  This is my summer and my winter Staple this year, just love this stuff.

Cost : $ 10.00 4 oz , get it at http://www.trilliumorganics.com

It comes in 10 other scents !

That’s all the Lemon & Limes for Today !

I hope you enjoy this post .

( All products where bought with my own money and my reviews are all ways  honest .)

Relax and take a breath from work week rush!


Take a moment ( five minutes) of silents and listen to relaxing music or just your heart beat. This will help you recenter and recharge for the weekend ( or any day).

Pose: sit and cross your legs( indian style ) and your hand on the side on your knees (like photo above). Sit with your back straight and close your eyes . Take slowly deep breaths for five minutes . Try to focus on your heart beat sound or any relaxing music of choice.

Now relax and recenter !