July Favorites

20140806-181003-65403096.jpgJULY has fly- by , where did the summer days GO !


In  these July favorites you may notice a smaller product selection .  As summer become more hot air like , I tend to wear or use less products. SO my main focus this month was  staying Hydrated  !

Here are my favorites :

1.  Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea  (left side)

I am a tea drinker lover all the way and for the summer I like to have a nice cold tea. I been loving this one by Teavana. This Tea is part of their  summer collection teas . It smells & taste like fresh Peaches.  IN addition it  has Sweet Pine Apple & Lemon Verbena that creates calming . To sum it up it a awesome fruits relax Tea .

2.Caribbean Caly[so Mate Tea ( right side)

This is my getaway Tea.  It has sweet mango, Pineapple , red apples with toast coconut & lemon grass.  Its like having a Caribbean drink  with out the Beach . I love this during the afternoon hours where I want something more sweet & tropical.

Both of the these tea are great cold   and hot .

NOTE: If you go to TEAVANA  Right NOW they are having their  Big summer sales  .A good time to try out some fun tropical TEAS 🙂

3.  Organic Sesame & Lemon Grass Hair Oil BY  Balance Guru ( Right-Top Side)

IF you have curl hair like me , you know what hot summer days does to your hair . IT GOES completely  WILD-OUT. Last month in my Goodebox, I got this awesome hair oil that helps to tame frizz. It has  argan oil, jojoba oil, tamanu oil, sesame oil 7 lemongrass, eucalyptus. One thing I love its  the smell of fresh lemon grass. I like how it gives a great fresh scent to my hair without weighting it down but in addition keeps my lion her behave .


I hope you enjoy this post. and tell me in the comments below what products you been loving for for month of JULY .



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