Spring Series Edition 2014: A walk in the Rainforest with Level Naturals


Here it is the the 3rd blog post of the Spring Series Edition . I almost got lost on the Rainforest as I wrote this but I am back to tell you about a products that takes you to a Rainforest walk.

In this edition I bring you level Natural a brand that is know for their famous Bath Booms and for their unique soap scent . This brand is vegan and natural . And the creators are very passion and creative something that shows in their product to its description with great humor .

let’s take a walk to the RainForest


The first walk step is this Soy travel candle that fills your space with fresh scent greens and blooming of Rainforest plant . If you never been to a Rainforest before this will give you a idea of the many scents your pick up including falling rain.This candle is great to take with you and create a SPA space were ever you area even your own rainforest without stepping into one.


To continue are Rainforest walk , how about a shower experiences with level Natural soap. This soap has that same scent of greens, fresh blooms and rain fall. Proving a rainforest shower that leaves your skin soft yet a light scent .You even my be asked if you just came form a Caribbean Vacation .


To  Finish off this Rainforest Experiences walk,  Level Natural Body Butter in Forest is a light weight moisture cream that leaves your skin soft and with a light scent of rain fall  & blooming forest greens. Its texture is like whip butter making your skin feel wonderful as if you had a SPA in a open rainforest.


I hope you enjoy this walk through the Rainforest with products by Level Naturals . I had to share this amazing scent and include it in the Spring edition series as this is one my favorites scents to start the Spring. But also because it reminds me of my home which is out in the rainforest .

Level Natural Products are Natural and Vegan . Their focus is on bath and body products such as soaps, body butters, candle, body mist and with a variety of scents that are amazing.  Range of price is $6 to 20 . Check them out at levelnaturals.com 


   Thank you and I hope this post bring you in to the Spring spirit.

Note: All products where bought with my money & always honest reviews.

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