Attract Your Wellness : W.E.L.L Summit Event November 6th

WS Square1

About the W.E.L.L. Summit

to The W.E.L.L. Summit, a celebration of living well, making empowered consumer decisions, learning from top professionals—and of course, the luxury of health.

The W.E.L.L. Summit… is not just a conferences its Given you a chance to  taking the first step in creating & seeking wellness for you !! In where in gathers together in one place ( November 6th at Boston,MA)  and one weekend the best speakers of the wellness & beauty community !


 A event like no other that bring you closer & personal  with professionals to bring motivation & to get answer to those tough questions that you wanted to get answers too  :

But we’re also providing intimate access
to these professionals through exclusive small break-out sessions. All the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. All the tips you’ll need for buying beauty products, overhauling your pantry, selecting a workout program that fits into your daily life. The latest trends, complete with insider tips. These are the pioneers of the wellness industry…and they can’t wait to meet you.

Josh RosebrookAngela KimEileen MockusAlden Wicker
KseniaSteph ZabelHeather StevensonCassandra Bodzak

 Read up on the complete list  :

W.E.L.L Summit Speaker

I am super excited to hear from many of these amazing people many in which have been a inspiration to continue my road to Eco-living and inspired others along the way . In addition to see many of my great friends such as Organic Bath Co. & Ru from  Blog  along many others !  Making it a magic & Family affair as we gather together are talents & passion to bring it to you the community  !

Its does not stop their !!!

 You will get to enjoy a Well Summit style pampering like no other ! With the chances to enjoy organic Farm -to-Table food , Wine and complementary make-overs using the best in healthy beauty. With amazing pampering stations with the best in Eco-brands & best part meet & greet  many of the leaders behind these company’s .

In Less words its a complete  Rock -ON  of Beauty Wellness !!

makep 2763

Feature brands  ( in Photo) at the W.E.L.L Summit includes  Meow meow tweet, S.W . Basics , Organic Baht.CO, Josh Rosebrooks  are just a few of the many amazing brands and speakers that you get to meet !!

makep 2592

All Happening  at the  Wyndham Hotel in Beacon Hill, Mass. Beacon Hill is a 19th-century residential neighborhood in Boston that sits directly north of the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden.

Get your tickets for W.E.L.L Summit !!!

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*****Please note: Tickets will NOT be sold at the door. Sales close at 12 p.m. EST, Tuesday, October 27th . Best suggest to get tickets sooner as it may sale out earlier !

Hope to see you Their As We summit are self-Love !!

 xo, Boho Chic Meets Organics

Full Review on Block Island Sunscreen SPF 30 Plus Reader Coupon code !

Summer & Sun = protection


Its summer  & a Long Holiday weekend as we try to hang on to summer !  Its time to hit the out doors ! And the two things that are important are staying hydrated + wearing your SPF . Of course finding a organic Sunscreen is a tough task specially one that works and does not leave you LOOKING like CASPER the friendly ghost .Thanks to Block Island Organics they send me their sunscreen to give it a test drive  . In which I been using for the last months of summer including this Labor Day weekend !


LOOKING at Ingredients :

Active Ingredients: Zinc Oxide 22%.

Inactive Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera Gel) Juice*, Aqua (Deionized Water), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Oil, Gluconolactone, Glycerin*, Lecithin*, Octyl Palmitate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Xanthan Gum, Zemea Propanediol. (*Certified Organic)


The ingredients on this sun screen are the BEST & CLEAN I seen , LOVE how it has  a short list of ingredients compared to many sunscreens & how it has jojoba oil, She Butter, & coconut oil that keeps the skin soft yet very moisturizer & hydrated  !  In addition it also has great nourish ingredients like Green Tea Leaf Extract & Aloe Vera that have great skin healing benefits . Some thing that is very important for skin healing specially after sun tan or exposed to the sun !!! Even more important the product is MADE right HERE In USA  & Its also VEGAN !!

image Texture is everything …..

what makes the Island Block Organics different & impress me was its texture !! It has a smooth cream texture that is yet light and sink right in once you rub the cream into the skin AS YOU CAN SEE IN ABOVE PHOTO .

It does not give me the Casper affect of leaving me looking like a ghost !!! That’s a WIN WIN . In addition to  Not been sticky or leaving your skin feeling heavy or like you have another layer skin … YOU know what I MEAN 🙂

Of course like any sunscreen it needs to be reapply after a few hours but even after applying some more during the day it still did not feel heavy .

I got to say I am so happy to have been introduce to this sunscreen because it works and feels good ! Block Island Organics did a great job in making a sunscreen that is effective, ORGANIC  & CASPER FREE !

Special code for  Boho Chic Meets Organic Readers

 Thank to Block Island Organics for providing this special code for you . Just enter( yeiza)  for a 15% off of your order. Expires 9/8/2015

NOTE : the code does not work on top of any site sales and can not be combine !



New Lavender & Deodorant Find : Pachy Natural Deodorant by Rustic MAKA & Plus Discount for Readers !

imageA new Lavender & deodorant find !!!

If you follow my blog for a while you know by now that I just love Lavender !!  I am also always searching for products that have this amazing ingredient but that also work well too ! As you know finding  a natural deodorant that works and keeps you smelling good all day is hard to come by !

In the recent weeks , checking out one of my favorite shopping sites   The Choosy Chick online store , I came across Pachy Deodorant By brand  Rustic MAKA !! A new line that just arrived at The Choosy Chick site . I am always look for a switch up deodorant specially a stick one  . And when I seen Pachy I was like YESS I NEED TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE !!

I order the Calming Fields ( lavender ) scent among other selective scents that you can pick form at The choosy Chick  online Store or at . Right away as it arrived It went into my travel bag as I was heading For A Night Of Green Beauty at Chicago !!!

Test Drive …. In Chicago !

imageThe deodorant comes in two sizes a 1 oz travel size & a 3 oz  roll up stick . It comes in a variety of scents including a non-scent one .  This is a natural deodorant  that is made with organic and vegan ingredients ! And made right here in the USA & its Handcrafted  &  its even cruelty-Free !!ALL Made by the brand Rustic MAKA!  Which the name  MAKA & each  letters stands for all the ladies behind the brand . A brand that is total love & a family affair ♥.

Roll up is cool !

One thing that attracted me is that it is a roll up deodorant stick , which is not common found and was super exciting that this brand  Rustic MAKA created one !

Goodness inside ……

I love how simple the ingredient are and how many of them are actually wild crafted ingredients that indicated that your getting the the best goodies of nature in less words  🙂 .

This does have Baking soda if you are sensitive to this ingredient .

Ingredients :

Manihot Esculenta (Arrowroot) Tapioca Powder,* Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit,* Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil,* Aluminum-free Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax,** Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil *Certified Organic Ingredient, **Wildcrafted Ingredient


Smooth Texture & a heaven scent of Lavender fields !!

The texture of this deodorant is smooth without feeling like sand or rough when putting on your pitys. Since it has Shea Butter and Coconut oil it actually conduction’s the skin which is what gives it that smooth texture when roll it on  and after washing off  in the shower .

The scent is soo… soo… good love the true lavender scent yet the freshness note at the end due to the Spearmint that adds that touch . The scent is middle range not to strong or too weak . I personally love my deodorants to smell stronger as it makes me make sure that I smell good  specially on hot summer days in Chicago !!

image DID it Pass the TEST !!

I used this deodorant as mention while in Chicago summer days in August , wear it while doing morning runs and during my out about walks in the city .

Lasting scent : the scent did have a stronger lasting power and does not wear off easy as the day kept going . My under arms  smell great through the day and hold up on hot summer days in Chicago. SO YES IT PASS THE TEST !!! I am super happy & impress with the lasting power of this deodorant  specially on me as I tend to sweat a lot .


I little goes a long way with this product , if you put to much you will feel super lavender smell .. Jejej and your under arms will feel like your sticky . The brand shows in web site how much one should be really using which I thought it was cool.


 The one thing I did notice  and that the brand does state about this product is that it does melt a little which cause the product to loose its solid texture when exposed to heat . When I was in Chicago it did melt on me but as soon as I put it under the cold air it be came solid again. And it did not effect its texture.  That is the only down fall of this  is that its melts but its a fixable , other then that it WORKS GREAT AND DOES THE  WORK TO KEEP ME SMELLING GOOD ALL DAY.

Special Discount for Boho Chic Meets Organic Readers !!!

Here is your chance to try out Pachy Natural Deodorant  !! Go to & add goodies to your basket then check out  using the CODE : BohoChic20 for a 20% discount on your Entire Order  Valid until 9/4/14 to 9/18/15

Part 2: A Night of Green Beauty ( ANFGB) Greeting the Brands

makep 2774A Night of Green Beauty Part 2: Greeting the Brands

In this second part of ANFGB I take you to the greeting brand session of the event . Which is one of the best parts of this event is meeting the founders of brands that you love and finding new discoveries ! Its where you get top chat one on one with brand owners and ask questions about their products, which is  amazing !

Warning Note:

This post has many photos !! Also the lighting at the event was not the best so some photos are a little dark or have a wired purple lighting to it . but i still hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

First Stop: Laurel Organics


Of course my first stop had to be Laurel Organics ! This brand products are just amazing and its hard not to love them not to mention the founder & team are so kind & sweet. Of course I had to dig into these products ! Of course I had to pull myself out of this table as you can easy find your self here all Day 🙂 !


imageThis is actually a new brand for me and got to play with so of their products in which have many amazing ingredients . It was a nice New Discover find .

Osmia Organics

imageOOOOOHHH …. Osmia Organics it hard not to smell this table across the room !!! Another brand that I LOVE &  I am Obsessed with ! Its always so great to see the Osmia Organic Team as they are so funny & kind ! A lovely display of just goodness and heaven smells of lavender, rosemary ..

In addition the brand presented a NEW addition to the SPA family the : Emerald Body Essence ( you can see in the top shelf a black bottle .. this is it ) . Its a body oil that is very earth & green scent like in the most divine  way.

Alima Pure


Alima Pure was also here which is one of the most favorite cosmetic brands in the Green Community. Their table as you can see was full of products to play with . I of course dig into the new  lip sticks & lip tints just recent launch. The colors are beautiful & feel smooth on lips . I was ready to take a few but Alima was not sale the products at this event , which was a bumper 😦  . But took home with me some notes of colors that I will be buying for sure .

In addition the brand was presenting their NEW PACKAGING !!! That’s right the new packing is amazing as it avoids loose power spilling off the product and the new refill tubes  for their lipsticks . ALL I CAN SAY is that the Brand is looking SUPER SHARP. MORE NEWS …… Alima  Pure is making part of their  collection PRESS MAKEUP !!!!!!  ( now scream of excitement !)


imageIt was so a honor to meet the founder behind this amazing brand Cocovit !! know for their amazing coconut oil that is know to be the best in the market. It was a  super fun table to play with and in addition got to meet TWO NEW products that are launching Coconut Charcoal Face  Mask & Orange + Basil Lip Balm  as seen in the table on the photo , which smells so good !! It needs to be in my life 🙂

Stark Skincare


Stark Skincare table was super creative as they had the raw ingredients in display , which I know was cool and a great way to educate the customer in whats in their products . So many cool products in this table & a brand that has so much to ofter .

A NEW LAUNCH PEEK  is their new  Waterless Serum . Yupe you heard that right. It was a pleasure to test this product  and it feels like water into your skin. I have to say this was ONE OF THE MUST IMPRESS products & creation in skincare. STAY IN A LOOK OUT FOR THIS LAUNCH !

Strange Invisible Perfumes

IMG_0875A little heaven smell table ! Strange Invisible perfumes table was a rose heaven display !!

Mahalo Skin Care

IMG_0877Hawaii is in the House !

I was also honor to meet the brand founder of this amazing & handcrafted brands that comes from Hawaii ! That mask and the bowl are just so beautiful just like the products themselves .

One Love Organics

IMG_0882A table full of JUST LOVE !

One Love Organics table was just love it was a lot of fun  playing with this brand as they just recent renew their whole packaging !! which is looking more lovely . This brand was also presenting a NEW FEATURE LAUNCH product the Shea & Aloe lotion  which I got to Play with and its super cooling & very moisturizing on the skin as it sink in quickly making it a great product for shaving I MUST SAy !!

Josh RoseBrook

makep 2824

This table got a lot of love !!! It was always super pack as Josh him self & lovely staff was their to helps us with are hair issues ! It was amazing to be able to MEET JOSH  & here him speak about his products and how to use them !  In addition a NEW LAUNCH was been introduce the NEW Balance hair care products for oily  / combination hair . Which by the way it smells amazing just like all his products !

Meow Meow Tweet

makep 2827 So happy to be able to see my cats here in Chicago ! One of my beloved brands that I just can’t get enough off . The cat crew was their with their cats too as you can see in the photo !  The table was by far the BEST CREATIVE ONE !!! Meow Meow was presenting their NEW  FACE CARE PRODUCT ADDITION : A PUMPKIN face mask !!! YUpe Its Pumpkin time people !!!!

Axiology Lipstick

makep 2815makep 2814makep 2816

It was great to be able to meet the person behind these famous lipsticks that have taken the green community by storm . The owner was so kind and read to help you find that perfect lip color for you. Although it was sad that she was put in a  bad stop that had the worst lighting . As you can see in the photos it was dark with purple lighting. Even then the owner was very positive and gave hand handle mirror so you could go and find a perfect light stop.


makep 2809

Gressa was hoping & popping when I got their doing  touch ups  & full makeup was been giving on the spot ! Every one that she did looks so amazing and  glow skin, as she the owner of   Gressa work her magic . Of course I pick up some treats from here like Jolie that a beautiful peach color for lips & cheeks . Love how Gressa  is run by a  power couple that is full of passion for their costumers & the work of creating no-toxic cosmetics .

R.L Linden

makep 2817This is a brand that is love by many in the East coast side as the power group of these ladies is feel of spirit & joy just like their products.

Kari Gran

                                   makep 2807makep 2805

Kari Gran was also their with the famous Lip whips , which they are a must in my list . The lovely owner was their  ready to take questions and help you test out products that would be perfect for your skin type . By the way her table was very beautiful filled with roses  I couldn’t tell if what smell good was the rose or the products 🙂 jeje .

Captain Blankenship

makep 2818This lovely East coast brand was ready to give us the ocean . A beautiful handcrafted brand base in New York . Who are  know for their famous Ocean hair spray & hair products for giving that a quick easy beach hair day without gong to the beach . Its always so great to see local brands & see them rise  into the market .


Hana Organic Skincare

makep 2829Love the lovely Hana Organic Skincare team who are always so kind & helpful . This is a brand that is really a gem of its own. The products and ingredients are very beautiful yet simple . Of course I had to stop and chat up with the ladies of Hana Skincare to get the latest on their two new SPF product launch’s . One is a lip balm and a facial cream both with SPF . Super excited to try out these products .  So much fun chatting up with them.

Aster & Bay

makep 2813This brand is super cut  & one that is hand crafted in small batch’s by a lovely young couple . Who where super helpful in providing details about their products  and which one to use for your skin type . Everything in this table smell so good !

Best for Last : Kahina Giving

                          makep 2811makep 2812

 Kahina Giving is such a impress brand all around and the owner is a inspiring women with a passion be on words . I got a chance to listing to her while she chat with us as a group . Of course all her products are beautiful and effective as the ingredients  come from the most pure from . It was exciting so see a peek into a feature launch of a perfume FEZ . Which smells so good with a spicy note  that will be release some time in the fall months . So stay in the look out for this one !

A wrap Up …

This is it for the brand greeting as you see so many people & brands alike where their . I did miss a few tables due that many where packed and busy plus getting to everyone was not a easy task as I wanted to say high to the other bloggers that where presents . For sure time ran out quickly as one keeps on chatting away about all things Green Beauty !! It was great fun specially getting to share the moment with fiends made it even better !

Thank You & hope you enjoy this post !!! ♥

Summer Coconut Edition  1# : Sumbody Soap Coconut & Cream

Summer  Heat & Sun is all we can think about as the beach season is in full swing . Hitting the beach or the coast broad walk and eating ice cream is in are top list .

Summer Edition its all about coconut !!!

One of my favorite ingredients & the one that makes me think of summer beach all year long is COCONUT !!! . To kick off this coconut loco edition I will feature some of my top favorite pick products made with coconut  !!!

1# Feature brand Sumsoap Body soap Coconut & Cream

This travel size soap is the tropics in a bar ! Yupe its sweet coconut scents transports you to the clear beaches & palm trees out in the carribean. This bar is rich with coconut milk making it a cream  soft shower experiences . Great for after sun exposed  skin as coconut milk helps to nourish  dry itch skin .


The ingredients are : coconut oil, Palm oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Safflower oil, coconut milk & sumsoap scent blends . **  soap made with natural ingrdeint

Its simple & rich oil base ingredients  make it ideal for sensitive skin types as it helps to smooth any dry spots. I personal love this soap after been in the  sun as it helps to smooth any sun burn spots even when I put SPF as I tan quickly . Special when I am out running later in the day  .  It really Lather up into a cream soap  that leaves your skin feeling smooth & with a pleasent coconut scent that its soft yet smellls like a beach day 😉 .

Check out more about Sumbody other productts & amazing soaps like this one  : 

Stay tune for more Coconut Picks !!

Happy safe summer 🙂 

Spring Up Series 2015 : Blooming Makeup Picks !

Spring-Up Makeup Switch !!

For this part of the Spring-Up series I am sharing my picks that I including in my Spring Makeup switch !! Time to bring in & play with spring colors !

GO ..GO Spring !

As you all ready know I am a girl on the GO ! My makeup has to be easy & be done in all types of travel conduction ! It has to be quick , easy and effortlessness !!These are also my go to makeup spring items in my everyday bag right now !

Face Basic makeup : Flawless skin +glow

My makeup is pretty simple & clean as I just want to cover up some redness in nose & cheek area ,along with covering my dark circles but yet keep a natural glow 🙂 .

Too achieve this I use  :

Gressa Corrective Serum Foundation in #3 :  This foundations is SO amazing it works great in my comb skin type & even out my skin tone to a perfect natural look . In addition providing nourish to my skin & giving my that natural glow without looking oily or causing my skin to become more oily !

Well3 People Realist Tinted Setting  Power 22# : This setting power works great with Gressa foundation as it does not over matte the skin & does the job in keeping my T-zone areas balances . Love it as it has Aloe Vera, although it looks like this may get discounted (sad panda Now)

I use both lightly as I want my skin to breath yet still keep my skin looking  natural yet  flawless look.

( PS: This is what I use as my skin makeup for all those that ask me every time you see me in person what I am using 🙂

Spring on the Cheeks

To bring some bloom in my cheeks  I been picking up W3LL People  Universalist Multi-stick in Dusty Rose cream  . Its that perfect everyday Pink with a touch of peach . The color reminds me a lot of grapefruit ! It goes on smooth & super natural plus it adds a perfect touch of color & brightness  to the whole face . I am In LOVE with this color & product . In addition to the fact that is very long lasting for up to 6 hours with out no touch ups . Plus Love that I can use it as my quick lip stick color 🙂 . A go -go must product in my bag.

(Swatch color in TOP & Bottom)

Oh Rainbow eyes   !

I am not much of eye makeup girl but lately I been into the eyes . One Palette that I been loving is Pacifica Beauty Target exclusive collection Power of Love . This coconut infused mineral eye shadows are beautiful everyday colors that can go from day to night !  The eye shadows are soft yet give that right amount of color to eyes to create fun looks without been to over the top . How can you not love this JUST LOOK how Happy Hippie this Palette is ” It actually reminds me a lot of my Hippie Parents when they where young 🙂 This has been my go -to for a quick easy look form a fancy event to a meeting  !

Power of giving …. & Beauty …

Coloring in the ” Power Of Love”  Palette  WORK great & goes on smooth even the matte shadows. Some of the colors don’t go on too bright which is why I love them. Many of the colors make a great highlighter for the eyes to make them look awake ! if your looking for a everyday on the go palette this is a great one. PLUS … Each palette sold part of its goes to a women charity to help to in  power women going through tough times . Looking  beautiful while helping other’s  !!! It cant get better then that 🙂

PS: As you can see I really been loving these shadows 🙂 eeek !

                                                Sweet orange & Lime  ….. Lips

I lip balm is a must in my life I may have about three in my bag right now !  One of my spring favorite is Meow Meow Tweet Lip balm in Tangerine Lime . This vegan & sweet lip balm is great in smooth lips & having that great taste . Keeping my spring fresh & my lips soft .

♦Product list form left to right : Meow Meow Tweet Lip balm in Tangerine Lime , W3LL People  Dusty Rose Universalist Multi-stick &  Realist Tinted setting power in #22 , Gressa Foundation in #3 & Pacifica Beauty Power of love palette found only in Target.♦

(♥All products are natural,, organic ingredients  & some are vegan like the lip balm)

I hope you enjoy this Spring Post and that your enjoying those blooming flowers !!

Winter Travel Dairy Edition : A Visit to Lurk pop-up-shop NYC

Hello, Everyone,

Welcome back to my Winter Travel Dairy Edition and in this first post of 2015 & travel trips I had the chance to visit and bring you a  Peek into   LURK   Pop-Up-Shop at NYC .

A quick Introduction to LURK  :

Lurk Beauty is a Natural perfume brand that makes the most beautiful oil perfumes . Its a company that is base  in New York and is organic & Natural. A perfume brand that is love by many of us in the Green Beauty Community and a favorite in general.

For more information:

 Inside Look at The pop-Up Shop:



Pop Up Shop @ Michele Varian (upstairs)
27 Howard St
NY NY 10013
(Soho Area)

Hours: Mon Thur Fri- 11am to 7pm & Sat + Sun to 11am to 6pm

The pop up shop is a feature of two brand owners that got together to bring  awareness of green beauty and fashion in one stop shop.


Walking in a cozy Space of Treasures:

Walking you find your self walking to a hiding treasures chest of all great Green goods! ( as seen in the above photo). And of course right when you walk in you find the lovely Anne  founder  of Lurk. In which I got the pleasure to meet & chat with as she give me the tour of this beautiful space. To be Honest I  kind off wanted every thing ! 🙂

 well, Hello !!! Oh, and their is ME peeking into the Mirror on the wall !

Anne Pretty much brought her store   LURKshoP  ( located  at  28 West Water Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963) to New York City. Of course this is just a peek in what we can find at the actually location and let me just say  it makes you want to spend your Vacation up at Sag Harbor,NY.


Lets walk Through & show you the Treasures inside :

As you walk in  the Right side of the Pop-Up is where your find LURKshop Green beauty items that includes a line up of green heaven & hard to find brands .

In the first section you find the beautiful display of LURk Perfumes  including the new perfumes  just launched  Eau De Toilette RS005 & BS003. I got to test them out and let me just say they are just as beautiful as the little guys . The NEW RS005 has more of a Rose touch and really stand out  the rose scent. Love it !In addition your find many goodies by local artist such as the beautiful handbags to put your green beauty items ( as seen in the above Photo) . And of course your also find Green magazines like A Green Beauty .


More…. More … Treasures :

In addition to this the products mention your also find more beloved brands  like Meow Meow Tweet with their creative cat soaps that I love & live by. To Hana Organics Skin care line that is filled with the beauty of oils 7 plants . A brand that is a must try !! In addition the products are surround by beautiful hand made bags and hand made & painted bowls with beautiful designs . Great to put in your cat soap or mix up a face mask by Hana organics. Also you can find the lovely Brand KYPRIS that focus in serums and oils for the face made out of roses and plant base oils. A brand that is very new to the scene of green beauty but one that has called a lot of attention.



A different View of this lovely Treasures  that you can Find:

Here is another view of the table display of all the more beautiful items & brands that you can find including the ones that I mention already!

AS you can see their is a lot to see for  your eyes to enjoy . Although your wallet may be trying to walk out  & run down the steps !!

Other great brands that you can find is lotus Wei and Ursar Major .And may great hand made design bags and home wear by local artist .



More More Treasures …..!

YES their  even more stuff to enjoy !! AS you can even pick up a copy of the new and exciting magazine THOUGHTFULLY !!  Which is a must have as it has everything a green lifestyle reader would want . In addition you also can find great bath products by Pursoma ! Right above it is another be lovely line Laurel Whole plants organic , which is a line of skin care base on plants & flowers. A very very beautiful line and  a must try I must say !


A closer View of some Treasures …….

AS you can see you can find every thing that you need in this one stop pop-up-shop. In addition to find many many other brands and local hand made items too!


This stop is a true Green Treasure !!!

I love how this space was created and yet how everything was place and set that every piece & brand & even product show case it self individual with other products. In addition  it has hand made jewelry to organic material clothing and so so much more  as everything was made to bring  its consumers awareness to are mother earth and to use the people  in how to care for are self  with no chemicals !!

If you happen to be at New York City Soho area make sure to stop and visit this green treasure pop-up-shop. Its so worth it  !! Ans while your their shop for your self and for a love one to get those valentine Gifts as the shop is open until Feb-15th-2015.

PS: Thank you Anne and the team behind this pop-up-shop for creating such a beautiful green Treasure !