Lemon & Lime Product Edition


Lemon& Lime products Edition :

If you love lime or lemons your love this edition of products made out of organic lime and lemon scents.Lemon and lime are a  refreshing and attention boosting  ingredients . That help to refresh you skin after a long work out or a after long day but also helps to weak you up and boost you up your spirit . Also lemon or lime scents are great to keep away mosquitoes as they dislike this scent.

Below are some products that will keep you up and refreshed all day.

Soapbox Soap : Lemongrass soap


  • It’s : 100 % natural, Vegan, Cruelty free, Gluten Free and Palm oil free.

     This  smells amazing and leaves your skin smelling refresh and soft. A great morning soap to get started your day. The scent is not over powering and leaves your skin with a soft scent . It’s one of my morning staples .

Cost : $4.99 4oz, get it at Soapboxsoaps.com

Plus , for every soap bought one is giving to a child in need.

Shorganics : Lime lip balm


  • It’s: Vegan and organic ingredients.

I Love  lip balm and have one every where in my house and bag ( PS : I am super picky with lip balm and not every lip balm makes the cut , this one did)  . This lip balm by Shorganics  has  very light lime scent, which I love . I love how smooth and moisture it is . Best of all it is not sticky on your lips . Just smooth and leaves your lips soft . Its has become one of my favorites and new discoveries .  Cost $ 3.00 .15 oz, get it http://www.shorganics.com

Lavanila Laboratories : The healthy deodorant in Fresh Vanilla lemon.


  • It’s : 100 % natural, No parabens, aluminum, sulfates,silicone,mineral oils, and No animal testing.

This deodorant is nothing but a soft fresh  scent of vanilla lemon that goes on smooth and last all day,which I love . The scent is not over powering at all . I have falling in love with this scent that I had to pick up the fragrances. Its just so refreshing and warm and its been a summer STAPLE for me .

Cost : $14.00 2 oz, get at  http://www.lavanila.com/ or sephora.com

Hollybeth Organics : Shea Better in Lemon Lime cream


  • It’s : Organics , vegan and cruelty free, Gluten free

This lemon and lime Shea better cream is like heaven . It smells so amazing that you just want to eat it . This is a heavy  paste cream texture  in which means that a little goes a long way. You just take a dime size amount and warm it with your hands and just rub it in your skin or dry spot areas.  The scent is a warm lemon & lime that is not over powering  . It leaves your skin with a soft healthy glow and a refreshing scent.

Cost : $ 25  2oz, get  it at http://www.hollybethorganics.com

Kneipp: Enjoy life bath in scent of May Chang & Lemon


  • It’s: natural essential oil, No preservatives, parabens ,silicone, mineral oils

This bath oil  is great for those days you just need a up lifting . It has a scent of lemon more then may chang. You just fill up your tube with warm water and add 6-7 drops  ( or at your taste) of oil and mix it in. Then just enjoy and breath in the aroma to help you lift your spirit and mood.  This bath oil has been amazing and really does help to up lift your mood. A great staple to have in hand for those rough days.

Cost : $5.50 .68 0z ( 2 bath) , get at http://kneippus.com.

Trillium organics Body polish in Lemon Ginger

  • 20130917-143943.jpgIt’s : Vegan, organic , Gluten free and parben free.

This body polish does three things at once  it  cleanse , moisturizers,  and exfoliates  your  skin. Leaving it smooth and a healthy glow . I love this because its a multitasking product . Its like giving your skin  and body a quick SPA on the go. It feels like a scrub that melts into your skin as you rub it on.  The scent is more of lemon then ginger. It is a soft scent that is refreshing and uplifting. Plus it leaves  a non-greasy looking glow in your skin.  This is my summer and my winter Staple this year, just love this stuff.

Cost : $ 10.00 4 oz , get it at http://www.trilliumorganics.com

It comes in 10 other scents !

That’s all the Lemon & Limes for Today !

I hope you enjoy this post .

( All products where bought with my own money and my reviews are all ways  honest .)


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