Product Edition I : Relax with Lavender



Lavender – is a amazing plant. It is know for its relaxing and calm smell. But is also know to be used for its health properties. Such as helping with stress as it brings calmness and to help with sleep and headaches among many other healing and wellness benefits.

Lavender Love

Above are some products that I just Love and will share with you .
Warning !! you could start feeling very calm and relax by the end of this post.

Lavender Scrub By Verve Organics
” Soul sister lavender nut sugar scrub “

This scrub smells so good that I want to eat it at the same time. It leaves your skin soft and smelling super good.

I use this on my feet the most as it tends to get super dry and its great to scrub off death or dry skin on feet.

The texture of the scrub is a little too dry to use on my face for me . As you can see in the photo above its more of a grain texture. But you can add coconut oil or oil of choice to make it less graining texture .

Why I love it:
I love the smell ! And the simple ingredients . Plus its certified organic and has No- corn syrup, gluten, soy , artificial colors , and non- GMO. And the packing if form recycled material.

Check their other scrubs :

Soap by SoapBox Lavender

The smell of this soap is amazing . It smells just like fresh lavender to me.

I use this as a body , hair and face wash. I just cut the bar into two squares and use one part for face and the other for my body. πŸ™‚

It has a smooth texture with pieces of oat meal inside that help to scrub dry skin and smooth alway dry areas .

Why I love it:
It leaves my skin soft and helps with my dry spots. It leave me smelling good too. When use in my face it does not leave it dry instead it feels soft and does not over dry my face. For my hair I use it as a shampoo and leaves it smelling amazing and not over drying . Then I follow it with a few drops of coconut oil.

In addition to its multi-use , which I love! It is fully natural ,vegan , cruelty free and made in USA . In addition for ever soap they give one back to a child in need.
It has No- gluten or palm oil .

To know more about this brand and their amazing movement :

For the hair by Clarisea beauty waves salt spray with Lavender

One of my summer findings and favorites is this hair salt spray with Lavender essential oil.

I use this salt spray after a day on the beach to touch up my hair and take alway the salt smell. It leaves your hair with a soft scent of lavender.

It leaves my hair with great scent and gives my fine curly hair some texture and volume without weight it down. I just spray it a few inches alway form my hair and scrunch it and done . πŸ™‚

Why I love it:
It only has 4 ingredients . Its fully natural , hand made.It has no harsh chemicals compared to other salt sprays. It has NO- sulfate,paraben and fragrances . It is cruelty free.
This is great to use or have handed if you need to touch up or refresh your hair. It gives your hair a nice wave .

For more on this brand that focus on sea salt :

For sleep or restless remedy by H.Gillerman organics

If you travel between different time zone state or country or simply just having trouble finding you …zzzzz. Then you my like this.
This is a product that has help me find my zzzzz… When I am off my night clock.

I use this before bed time . I just place a few drops on a tissue and inhale deeply for 10 to 5 minutes.

Texture: oil

Why I love it :
It smell great and really has work for me in helping me rest better and relaxes me before bed time. The scent is a soft lavender and is not over powering .

Its natural , organic and made out of wild crafted oils meaning herbs or plants are grown wildly .

To know more about herb or oil remedy from this brand:

Hand & Body Lotion 80 Acres by Mcevoy Ranch in Lavender

I always have a hand lotion handed and this one that I always grab for.

Great to use on body and hand to help with dry skin or after washing or bathing/shower.

This is a light cream texture lotion. It is not heavy like other lotions. It does leave the skin soft and a little oily . I use this lotion in very dry spot areas and during the winter is my go too. I would not use this during hot summer or climate as it my be to oily for that time.

Below is a closer look at its texture :

Why I love it:
It leaves your hand and body super soft. Has a lovely light scent of lavender that is not over powering.

All products are handcrafted and made with natural ingredients . In addition the herbs or plants used are grown right at their ranch.

For more on their product and ranch :

I hope you enjoy this relaxing post.

Remember to just take a moment and relax.

“As always all products mention are bought with my own money and opinion are my own and honest thought on using the product.”


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