Summer Caribbean & Travel Series: Fashion Sail away


It’s Summer & We are all sailing away !

Most of us are about to go to a gate away or to a special place to enjoy the SUN . And of course we want are fashion picks to represent  JUST THAT.  In this short fashion post I pick out items that completely state Sailing Away!

Sailing away PICKS :

The Bag :  This simple yet chic cross-body bag is my favorite.  It goes with any outfit and add a nice touch of sailing. Its simple white & blue wide stripes with brown straps & handle  that have a old golden tone . Give it the simple-chic easy look. You can carry this bag in many ways( cross your body, shoulder or just hold it like a business bag).

The bag is form FOREVER21

The Scarf:  This scarf is your world Map ! A good item to have just in case the wind takes you out of route.  This light cotton scarf has a beautiful print of the whole world map that details every county, ocean and city names ( left -bottom  photo for a closer look) and has blue ocean tone color trimming all around the scarf . Its a Lovely travel scarf & one of my favorite.

The scarf is form FOREVER21

The shoes: When traveling or going away  we want to be conformable as possible  & have easy put on & put of shoes = FLIP FLOP. I got these and love them to just put in my beach bag . The design is supper Cute with white  sail Boats  that make them super fashionably for a day at the boardwalk. Plus are easy to wash out if they happen to be filled with Sand.

The Flip-Flops are form OLD NAVY

These are my sail away fashion picks for this summer . I hope you enjoy this quick Fashion post. Keep enjoy the SUMMER.

Now Have A SAFE Sail !

NOTE: All item where purchase by me . At least other wise mentioned .

My Fall & Winter Essential Bag


This is My Essential bag For the Winter and Fall . I change a few items depending on my needs for the different seasons . This is my go too bag that I carrier everywhere to yoga, work , daily earns bag. In less words its my tool box 🙂 .

Lets see whats inside ……..

1. The Bag  : Is from  Blue Avocado in little  Blue .  I love this bag because you can see whats inside your bag  and is made out out of plastic bottles. I love the fact that I can see through it as I can see what I am low on or what is miss from my bag.
2.Tissue : I use any brand of tissues at the moment . I always carrier some  tissue in my bag to wipe my hands or nose for those cold days or when I have a allergy .

3. Sanitizing : I use right now BabyGanics Hand Sanitizing wipes &  Foaming Hand Sanitizing.  I love this hand sanitizing because it is Alcohol Free & Fragrance Free. It does not dry my hands at All, which I love . Two great items to have in hand all the time.

4.Mints : I use mints by Project 7 . I love these mints for their great fresh mint taste  . Plus, for every mint  bottle they plant 10 Fruit Trees back into the Earth. So as I am eating a mint I also Planting a tree, love that . They are made in the USA &  have natural flavors .

5. Treats : Chocolate Bites from Sweetriot . I always have to have  some chocolate in my bag. I love these for their rich flavor and they are only 1 calorie per piece.  They are Gluten free and are made in the USA.

6. The Snack : My snack has been lately a Kind bar this one is the chocolate & salt flavor .  I love to have this bar on the go for those snacks between meets or during the subway ride. This bar is Made in USA .

7. Tea Love : I always Have a variety of Tea in my bag from loose teas to tea packets . The ones that I have here are Ahmad Tea and Twinings , which both happen to be from London.  I love tea and its a important part of my day. Both of these are very good tea brands and make great teas.

8. Honey: I got to have some Honey in my bag for those days that I need a extra pick me up to my Tea . specially when I have a cold.

9. Hair Ties: These are from H &M . I love the pattern of bright colors to add some color to my dress wear for that day. These come in good use when I am at yoga or for those windy days .

10.  Lips : My lip balm is from Meow Meow Tweet in cinnamon. I love this Lip balm it is so winter and fall like . I love how creamy it is and the staying power is great as it leaves my lips feeling soft all day. This product is Vegan and Organic .

11. The Multitasking  :  SkinFare Stick in  Verdant Remedy.  This is a product that can be used in many many ways . I use it for my hands, face to heal dry stops or for my very dry nose when I get a cold or allergies . I use it to tame down my fly always , these are just some of the ways I use this product. I am in love with it . Its  made in USA &  its Organic .

12. Perfume that Heals : This perfume oil is from The Living Earth a Esty Shop and the scent is in Lavender & Rose.  Its made out of natural oils and essential oil blends & made in the USA.  I love to use this after yoga to refresh or to use it during the day to scent up. I also use it to heal my headaches or to just add a calm feel to  my day or long hour nights.


I hope you like this post, I love my essential bag  as its really my tool box on the go :). Each product has a purpose and a special use for my daily go life from yoga to work or to daily travel :). I hope you enjoy this post and find some new things to try or to add into your own bag. Coming soon is My spring & summer bag , stay tune .

Tell me whats is your essential bag , do you change it during the different seasons ?  , would like to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful Day or Evening 🙂 ..

Style Edition : Romantic Rose


Style Edition : Romantic Rose

It’s the Month of February and rose’s are every where !

A Flower that blooms so romantic and smells like LOVE.

Wear Rose’s

Above are my picks in how I wear this Romantic Flower year round .

1. Scarf  By H & M : This has the most simple and wearable pattern of roses that goes with any outfit to add a little of a romantic  touch.

2. Vintage metal Rose bracelet by Unknown : I found this beauty at a flea market trip that I took in my local area. This is a very old piece of jewelry that has amazing detail and hand work .  A very romantic piece of art. I love this piece that I wear it all the time and get commented on by its details.  I love to wear this along but I do pair it with some simple pearls to give a more style look.

3.  Gold Bird heart Necklaces by Unknown : This is a item that I also found at a Flea Market . Although this one seems to be more of a less vintage piece it still holds that old modern look. A detail metal  charm that has hand painted details. I love to layer this with a short small gold heart necklaces that I have as this necklace is about 12 inches in length. Great to layer with a simple other simple necklaces.

♥    ♥   ♥

These are my Rose Picks .

I hope you enjoy this short style post in how to wear roses all year round .

“And Remember each of use is a rose in this planet that bloom’s unique” ♥

( all items are my own and bought with my own money)


Green Gift Idea’s for everyone …


It’s that time of the year !

Shopping for gifts for friends and family . So I figure I share some of my gifts ideas that I will be giving out this year .

The gifts are all budget friendly and for all taste 🙂



1. Top : Soapbox soap $5   , 4 oz ( it come’s in lavender, orange, unscented and many more ) ♦♦ For each soap that is bought ,one is giving to a child in need.♦♦Find at  : soapbox  or ( right now free shipping & 15% off your order < code: holiday15>) .   Verve Organic Soul sister sugar scrub $4 ,   2 oz   ( it comes in many scents such as lavender,  chocolate coconut , lemon  and coffee .)  ♦Find it at♦

Total of gift : $9.00

2. Bottom : Level Naturals The soap is  $5.99  , 6 oz ( it comes in many different scents form unscented, orange, grapefruits and many more).   The Shea butter is  $7.99, 4 oz ( this is 100 % natural shea butter with no scent).♦♦ Find it at or at ( right now free shipping & 15% off your order< code: holiday15>) .♦♦

Total of gift : $14

More body Ideas ………..

20131209-142058.jpgTop: Acure organics body wash is $9.99 , 8 Fl. oz ( this comes in a few scents such as unscented, coconut/pumpkin and a few others) . ♦♦ Find it at ( free shipping in all orders) .♦♦

The  Forever21 dog wash/scrub cleansing pad is $2.80. ( it comes in a dog and cat form) . ♦Find  is at or your local forever21 store ♦

Total gift set: $12.80

Bottom: Meow Meow Tweet

Organic bar soap is $9.00, 5 oz  ( this comes is many amazing scents such as lemon/lavender, grapefruit mint and much more ). The Beer Shampoo soap is $ 9.00,  5 oz ( great for all hair ). Lip balm is $5 ( it comes  in coca , rosemary, and among other great scent).

♦ Find at or  shop which has Free shipping until Dec 19).♦

Total gift set: $23.00

FOOT Care Lover Gifts…..

20131209-142129.jpgTop: Deep steep foot stick is $5.95 , 0.05 oz ( this comes in a few scents). ♦ Find at ♦

Forever21 nail file Dog shape  is $1.80 ♦ This can be found at your local Forever21 store or at ♦

Total of gift : $7.75

Bottom: Flower beauty nail polish is $5.00, 0.4 Fl oz ( this nail polish comes in over 10 colors and for the price is a great formula and not tested in animals) ♦Find at your local walmart or ♦

Forever21 nail file Dog shape  is $1.80 ♦ This can be found at your local Forever21 store or at ♦

Josie Maran Bearnaked  nail wipes is $9.00 for 20 wipes ( One wipe cleans 10 fingers or toe nail polish ) comes in a special peppermint scent and grapefruit. ♦ Find at your local sephora or or♦

Total of gift set:  $15.80

Beauty Lover……

20131209-142144.jpgTop: Ecotools  Fresh & Flawless five piece complexion set is $15 ( this is a wonderful set to give as the brushes are great to give you that flawless look makeup. I have these and I will be giving a set to my mom 🙂 .♦ Find it at or local Ulta store &♦

Bottom left: Josie Maran argan oil  $14, 0.5 oz ( this is a great oil that has many use from helping t dry patch skin, skin moisture, hair fly always to just name a few of its uses ) .♦ Find this at or local &♦

Bottom right :  H & M Hair ties ( 5 to 4) for $2.95 ( this come in many colors and design ) ♦ You can find these at H &M local stores or

Noya beauty lip balm is $ 4 ( comes in four flavors) ♦ Find it at ♦

♥ For every lip balm sold one is giving to a homeless person ♥

Total gift: $ 7.00

 Other Green Lifestyle gift…..


The traveler ……

Top : Preserve products tooth brush is  $3 , 1 tooth brush ( comes in five different color) ♦ Find it at♦

♥ This tooth brush is made out of recycled yogurt cups and made in USA♥

Blue Avocado Zip travel bag is $4, 1 bag  ( it comes in at least 3 to 4 colors ) ♦ Find it at♦

♥ This cute zip bag is made out of recycled plastic bottles and it is TSA travel  approve ♥

Skinfare coconut oil stick is $10, 0.8 oz ( this comes in 4 scents . Plus is has many uses from face & skin moisture, great for dry skin areas, for hair fly always, great for makeup primer and much more).  ♦ Find at♦

♥ The package is  Biodegradable and made out of recycled materials♥

Total of gift set:  $17.00

Europe  Beauty Experiences  …..

Bottom: Fragonard  solid perfumes is  $9  ,0.1 oz ( This solid perfume from France is made without alcohol and comes in over 20 scents from musk to earth  or flower scents ). ♥  Find at♦

Neom Luxury Organic hand cream is $35, 75ml ( this comes in three scents and its a light silk lotion that makes you feel like in a SPA ) ♦ Find at♦ ( the one in the photo is a sample size of 50 ml)

Total gift set :$44


All products in this list are Animal testing free  but as always double check if the product fit your standards.


I hope you enjoy this gift idea blog to give you ideas for last minute gifts >

These are some gifts that I will be sharing and I hope you share with others  too.

Happy Green  Shopping 🙂

September LoVe


September where leaves turn gold  and the wind becomes cooler. A time where nature changes and squares gather nuts as Ducks fly south .For Us it calls for extra moisturizing!

September LOve & Fall prepares  ( Above Photo)

1.Noya Vanilla Lip Balm–  Super moisturizing for my lips as my lips tend to get dryer . Love the soft scent of Vanilla a scent that puts me in the mood of fall.

2. Acure Organic Argan Oil – A light oil that adsorbs nicely in my face and keeps my dry spots at bay .

3.Shorganics Body lotion– A light yet heavy body lotion with no scent . I use this on my hand to kind them for over drying as it does not leave them oily but soft.

20130930-131933.jpg4. SkineFare – Is a skincare stick moisture that can be used in many ways for hair fly always ,dry spots,face primer and much more. This green one is Verdant Remedy which smells more like  earth-grass scent.

5. Lavanila  Laboratories in fresh vanilla lemon deodorant –  Another scent that puts be in fall mood. As its a soft vanilla with a hit of lemon. So fresh but yet so soft scent . ( Full-review in my Lemon & Lime Edition )

6. Hair Ties – Love.. Love hair ties ! Love their colors and design. Love to have these in hand on those windy fall days to keep my hair from going crazy 🙂 .

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. ❤ ❤

These are my September LoVes !

I hope you enjoy these quick round-up of September products that I just can’t put down. I will be doing a full-review of these product in the coming weeks . Once I get a full feel for them and have use them for a long period of time to give you my honesty thoughts.

( All products where purchased with my own money and my thoughts are honesty )

Tell me in the comment box:

what you been loving in September???

Fall Color Edition : Emerald Green


Fall color Emerald

Green  has been  a color trend  and  seen every where this summer. Fall seems to be no different. Here is  some items  in how I been wearing this hot fashion  color.



I wear I lot of gemstone, and these lovely green ones fit right in the trend of green. I love to layer these together  or wear them individual. I decide to put them in gold cap and chain to make the green stand out more. A  great way to add personal touch and style to ones outfit. Best of all its a fun and  inexpensive way to stay in trend with fashion color’s . So go to your local craft shop and get creative.

(Materials used: Gold chain 14 and 16 in length, gold cap, gemstone of choice , finish lock and round hooks )

Hair Tie


I got this hair tie in  Green Emerald from Sephora for $.150. The photo does no justices to the color. It’s a beautiful green with soft shimmer to it. A great  hair tie  color that looks cute in your wrist and adds a pop of color  to any outfit.

Nail polish


I just love this nail polish color from Sparitual in Emerald City .  It’s a lovely green that goes well with everything that you wear. It goes on sheer but every time you add a coat the color just looks more beautiful . The above photo is two coats of nail polish with no top coat.   Sparitual nail polish is Vegan and  has no  synthetic dyes ,parabens,  toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and DBP. The cost is $10.00 .05 oz


I hope you enjoy this post and tell me  how you are add Emerald color to your wardrobe?

(All items where bought with my own money and all review are honest.)

Accessories : Gold + Dog



  Gold + Dog

Summer is slowing down as fall is peeking through.

Time to switch up style for the up coming season or just to switch it up.

The  brown/gold  belt  by H&M

The belt in the left concern is a simple but yet chic belt that could be wear with a cute dress  or shirt to add a waist . A belt is a great way to add some color  and style  to a plain skirt or dress. It makes a great differences and changes the whole outfit  in seconds.


The dog  scarf By ASOS

This scarf is super cute but also very chic with the terrier dog prints  .  It’s a very light weight scarf, which is great to us for fall or just cool nights. 

I wear  it with a plain shirt and some jeans and  flats . I use the scarf as a finish touch to add  some fun and  pop to the outfit.  A scarf can be used in many ways as you can wrap it once or twice or even braid  it .  The many ways are endless in using the  scarf to style your outfit  . Below in the  picture is one way that I use it .

(Closer look at the scarf)



The gold dog bracelet by ASOS


This bracelet is simple and cute that can be wearied  alone or layer with other bracelet. In addition you can adjust it to your own size, which is great .


The braid gold ring by Forever21

The ring is a gold with a braid twist in the center. The braid adds a style to the ring giving it a simple but chic detail. 

The pearl earrings by Forevr21

Pear earrings are a classic  and a item I think every girl show have in their jewelry collection. They are simple and go with any outfit  or other accessories .   


Accessories  have been a big trend  and will become bigger this fall as  more   fashion designers are focusing in accessories . As accessories  are and have been a great way to update your style and add a pop or color  to your outfit without having to buy a whole new outfit .Its a good way to stay in  trend or just changing up due to change of season like me.   A update in your  accessories  makes a differences.

I hope you enjoy this post,

Now  lets shop ACCESSORIES !