Style Edition : Romantic Rose


Style Edition : Romantic Rose

It’s the Month of February and rose’s are every where !

A Flower that blooms so romantic and smells like LOVE.

Wear Rose’s

Above are my picks in how I wear this Romantic Flower year round .

1. Scarf  By H & M : This has the most simple and wearable pattern of roses that goes with any outfit to add a little of a romantic  touch.

2. Vintage metal Rose bracelet by Unknown : I found this beauty at a flea market trip that I took in my local area. This is a very old piece of jewelry that has amazing detail and hand work .  A very romantic piece of art. I love this piece that I wear it all the time and get commented on by its details.  I love to wear this along but I do pair it with some simple pearls to give a more style look.

3.  Gold Bird heart Necklaces by Unknown : This is a item that I also found at a Flea Market . Although this one seems to be more of a less vintage piece it still holds that old modern look. A detail metal  charm that has hand painted details. I love to layer this with a short small gold heart necklaces that I have as this necklace is about 12 inches in length. Great to layer with a simple other simple necklaces.

♥    ♥   ♥

These are my Rose Picks .

I hope you enjoy this short style post in how to wear roses all year round .

“And Remember each of use is a rose in this planet that bloom’s unique” ♥

( all items are my own and bought with my own money)



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