My Fall & Winter Essential Bag


This is My Essential bag For the Winter and Fall . I change a few items depending on my needs for the different seasons . This is my go too bag that I carrier everywhere to yoga, work , daily earns bag. In less words its my tool box 🙂 .

Lets see whats inside ……..

1. The Bag  : Is from  Blue Avocado in little  Blue .  I love this bag because you can see whats inside your bag  and is made out out of plastic bottles. I love the fact that I can see through it as I can see what I am low on or what is miss from my bag.
2.Tissue : I use any brand of tissues at the moment . I always carrier some  tissue in my bag to wipe my hands or nose for those cold days or when I have a allergy .

3. Sanitizing : I use right now BabyGanics Hand Sanitizing wipes &  Foaming Hand Sanitizing.  I love this hand sanitizing because it is Alcohol Free & Fragrance Free. It does not dry my hands at All, which I love . Two great items to have in hand all the time.

4.Mints : I use mints by Project 7 . I love these mints for their great fresh mint taste  . Plus, for every mint  bottle they plant 10 Fruit Trees back into the Earth. So as I am eating a mint I also Planting a tree, love that . They are made in the USA &  have natural flavors .

5. Treats : Chocolate Bites from Sweetriot . I always have to have  some chocolate in my bag. I love these for their rich flavor and they are only 1 calorie per piece.  They are Gluten free and are made in the USA.

6. The Snack : My snack has been lately a Kind bar this one is the chocolate & salt flavor .  I love to have this bar on the go for those snacks between meets or during the subway ride. This bar is Made in USA .

7. Tea Love : I always Have a variety of Tea in my bag from loose teas to tea packets . The ones that I have here are Ahmad Tea and Twinings , which both happen to be from London.  I love tea and its a important part of my day. Both of these are very good tea brands and make great teas.

8. Honey: I got to have some Honey in my bag for those days that I need a extra pick me up to my Tea . specially when I have a cold.

9. Hair Ties: These are from H &M . I love the pattern of bright colors to add some color to my dress wear for that day. These come in good use when I am at yoga or for those windy days .

10.  Lips : My lip balm is from Meow Meow Tweet in cinnamon. I love this Lip balm it is so winter and fall like . I love how creamy it is and the staying power is great as it leaves my lips feeling soft all day. This product is Vegan and Organic .

11. The Multitasking  :  SkinFare Stick in  Verdant Remedy.  This is a product that can be used in many many ways . I use it for my hands, face to heal dry stops or for my very dry nose when I get a cold or allergies . I use it to tame down my fly always , these are just some of the ways I use this product. I am in love with it . Its  made in USA &  its Organic .

12. Perfume that Heals : This perfume oil is from The Living Earth a Esty Shop and the scent is in Lavender & Rose.  Its made out of natural oils and essential oil blends & made in the USA.  I love to use this after yoga to refresh or to use it during the day to scent up. I also use it to heal my headaches or to just add a calm feel to  my day or long hour nights.


I hope you like this post, I love my essential bag  as its really my tool box on the go :). Each product has a purpose and a special use for my daily go life from yoga to work or to daily travel :). I hope you enjoy this post and find some new things to try or to add into your own bag. Coming soon is My spring & summer bag , stay tune .

Tell me whats is your essential bag , do you change it during the different seasons ?  , would like to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful Day or Evening 🙂 ..


4 thoughts on “My Fall & Winter Essential Bag

  1. SkinFare is a must have! I keep one stashed everywhere since my 7 year old is constantly walking off with them. Kind Bars are my snack of the moment, as well. So yummy! I haven’t tried Meow Meow Tweet yet, but I’ve heard great things. My go to lippy is anything from Hurraw! All amazing, you’ll want every single one. Marble & Milkweed’s perfume serums are beyond stellar-highly recommended for natural perfume addicts 🙂 Their Repair Balm is a must have, as well, and is on sale right now!!

    Thanks for the great blog!

    Beth Smith


    • Beth Smith, thank you for your lovely comment and references of new products for me to check out. I heard great things about Hurraw lippy , will have to try that too. The marble & milkweeds perfumes look lovely .

      Again thanks for the support 🙂

      Happy weekend

  2. What a great post! Thank you for featuring our Lavender & Rose Aromatherapy in a Jiffy! Now I will have to have an essential bag of my own too! 🙂

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