Accessories : Gold + Dog



  Gold + Dog

Summer is slowing down as fall is peeking through.

Time to switch up style for the up coming season or just to switch it up.

The  brown/gold  belt  by H&M

The belt in the left concern is a simple but yet chic belt that could be wear with a cute dress  or shirt to add a waist . A belt is a great way to add some color  and style  to a plain skirt or dress. It makes a great differences and changes the whole outfit  in seconds.


The dog  scarf By ASOS

This scarf is super cute but also very chic with the terrier dog prints  .  It’s a very light weight scarf, which is great to us for fall or just cool nights. 

I wear  it with a plain shirt and some jeans and  flats . I use the scarf as a finish touch to add  some fun and  pop to the outfit.  A scarf can be used in many ways as you can wrap it once or twice or even braid  it .  The many ways are endless in using the  scarf to style your outfit  . Below in the  picture is one way that I use it .

(Closer look at the scarf)



The gold dog bracelet by ASOS


This bracelet is simple and cute that can be wearied  alone or layer with other bracelet. In addition you can adjust it to your own size, which is great .


The braid gold ring by Forever21

The ring is a gold with a braid twist in the center. The braid adds a style to the ring giving it a simple but chic detail. 

The pearl earrings by Forevr21

Pear earrings are a classic  and a item I think every girl show have in their jewelry collection. They are simple and go with any outfit  or other accessories .   


Accessories  have been a big trend  and will become bigger this fall as  more   fashion designers are focusing in accessories . As accessories  are and have been a great way to update your style and add a pop or color  to your outfit without having to buy a whole new outfit .Its a good way to stay in  trend or just changing up due to change of season like me.   A update in your  accessories  makes a differences.

I hope you enjoy this post,

Now  lets shop ACCESSORIES !



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