Green Gift Idea’s for everyone …


It’s that time of the year !

Shopping for gifts for friends and family . So I figure I share some of my gifts ideas that I will be giving out this year .

The gifts are all budget friendly and for all taste 🙂



1. Top : Soapbox soap $5   , 4 oz ( it come’s in lavender, orange, unscented and many more ) ♦♦ For each soap that is bought ,one is giving to a child in need.♦♦Find at  : soapbox  or ( right now free shipping & 15% off your order < code: holiday15>) .   Verve Organic Soul sister sugar scrub $4 ,   2 oz   ( it comes in many scents such as lavender,  chocolate coconut , lemon  and coffee .)  ♦Find it at♦

Total of gift : $9.00

2. Bottom : Level Naturals The soap is  $5.99  , 6 oz ( it comes in many different scents form unscented, orange, grapefruits and many more).   The Shea butter is  $7.99, 4 oz ( this is 100 % natural shea butter with no scent).♦♦ Find it at or at ( right now free shipping & 15% off your order< code: holiday15>) .♦♦

Total of gift : $14

More body Ideas ………..

20131209-142058.jpgTop: Acure organics body wash is $9.99 , 8 Fl. oz ( this comes in a few scents such as unscented, coconut/pumpkin and a few others) . ♦♦ Find it at ( free shipping in all orders) .♦♦

The  Forever21 dog wash/scrub cleansing pad is $2.80. ( it comes in a dog and cat form) . ♦Find  is at or your local forever21 store ♦

Total gift set: $12.80

Bottom: Meow Meow Tweet

Organic bar soap is $9.00, 5 oz  ( this comes is many amazing scents such as lemon/lavender, grapefruit mint and much more ). The Beer Shampoo soap is $ 9.00,  5 oz ( great for all hair ). Lip balm is $5 ( it comes  in coca , rosemary, and among other great scent).

♦ Find at or  shop which has Free shipping until Dec 19).♦

Total gift set: $23.00

FOOT Care Lover Gifts…..

20131209-142129.jpgTop: Deep steep foot stick is $5.95 , 0.05 oz ( this comes in a few scents). ♦ Find at ♦

Forever21 nail file Dog shape  is $1.80 ♦ This can be found at your local Forever21 store or at ♦

Total of gift : $7.75

Bottom: Flower beauty nail polish is $5.00, 0.4 Fl oz ( this nail polish comes in over 10 colors and for the price is a great formula and not tested in animals) ♦Find at your local walmart or ♦

Forever21 nail file Dog shape  is $1.80 ♦ This can be found at your local Forever21 store or at ♦

Josie Maran Bearnaked  nail wipes is $9.00 for 20 wipes ( One wipe cleans 10 fingers or toe nail polish ) comes in a special peppermint scent and grapefruit. ♦ Find at your local sephora or or♦

Total of gift set:  $15.80

Beauty Lover……

20131209-142144.jpgTop: Ecotools  Fresh & Flawless five piece complexion set is $15 ( this is a wonderful set to give as the brushes are great to give you that flawless look makeup. I have these and I will be giving a set to my mom 🙂 .♦ Find it at or local Ulta store &♦

Bottom left: Josie Maran argan oil  $14, 0.5 oz ( this is a great oil that has many use from helping t dry patch skin, skin moisture, hair fly always to just name a few of its uses ) .♦ Find this at or local &♦

Bottom right :  H & M Hair ties ( 5 to 4) for $2.95 ( this come in many colors and design ) ♦ You can find these at H &M local stores or

Noya beauty lip balm is $ 4 ( comes in four flavors) ♦ Find it at ♦

♥ For every lip balm sold one is giving to a homeless person ♥

Total gift: $ 7.00

 Other Green Lifestyle gift…..


The traveler ……

Top : Preserve products tooth brush is  $3 , 1 tooth brush ( comes in five different color) ♦ Find it at♦

♥ This tooth brush is made out of recycled yogurt cups and made in USA♥

Blue Avocado Zip travel bag is $4, 1 bag  ( it comes in at least 3 to 4 colors ) ♦ Find it at♦

♥ This cute zip bag is made out of recycled plastic bottles and it is TSA travel  approve ♥

Skinfare coconut oil stick is $10, 0.8 oz ( this comes in 4 scents . Plus is has many uses from face & skin moisture, great for dry skin areas, for hair fly always, great for makeup primer and much more).  ♦ Find at♦

♥ The package is  Biodegradable and made out of recycled materials♥

Total of gift set:  $17.00

Europe  Beauty Experiences  …..

Bottom: Fragonard  solid perfumes is  $9  ,0.1 oz ( This solid perfume from France is made without alcohol and comes in over 20 scents from musk to earth  or flower scents ). ♥  Find at♦

Neom Luxury Organic hand cream is $35, 75ml ( this comes in three scents and its a light silk lotion that makes you feel like in a SPA ) ♦ Find at♦ ( the one in the photo is a sample size of 50 ml)

Total gift set :$44


All products in this list are Animal testing free  but as always double check if the product fit your standards.


I hope you enjoy this gift idea blog to give you ideas for last minute gifts >

These are some gifts that I will be sharing and I hope you share with others  too.

Happy Green  Shopping 🙂


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