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Hello  Everyone ,

This time around this post is not about a  product review or about eco-living . This  time I am sharing something that Super Special , exciting & of course a little Green Beauty !   How can I not !

Where it all Began ….

For those  following me  from the  beginning  or just starting to  follow   Boho Chic Meets Organics blog. This is  a space that I created in passion to share my farm  Eco-living lifestyle & some of the green products that I use in my daily life. To bring awareness & information for others that are  looking  into a green life -style or just wanted to know learn .

Beyond blogging , I am a scientists, Researcher & Farmer.  I  work in a lab with organic ingredients & whipping some green magic . As I worked with brands & companies to test & formulate natural beauty products. In helping brands to create safe & Eco-conscious products for all types of consumers Like You & Me. But most importantly to bring more Eco & ethically products to the market.

The thought of creating my own product  just by pass my mind like a bird flying by. Belief me when  your body is cover with ten different oils or 20 different herb powers all you think about is a ” Good Bath with Osmia Soap ” ! jejeje. ” Would You ever create your own Beauty Line “ , was a question that came up multiple times in my life , but I didn’t give much thought until my mom asked me .

When my mother was going through cancer treatment & she became highly sensitive to the beauty products she was using. Makeup was a key part in helping her  still  feel beautiful.  Specially as my MOM is a “Totally DIVA”.  She is the women that wears red Lipstick & high heals  while doing the dishes or feeding the chickens in the Farm. 

When  she was no longer able to use her favorite “Red Lipsticks” that she adore so much I started to get to work and created costume makeup product for her. Through out the time of formulating for 2 years  I got inspired  to make my own makeup products .  That lead to founded  Boho Chic Cosmetics .


Tell us more about Boho Chic Cosmetics ……….

2016 flower art 234

  • Our products and ingredients:

-Boho Chic Cosmetics is a  mineral makeup line  handmade in small batches. The colors & collection are inspired by art, travels, and my flower farm in Pennsylvania.  I never use dyes, synthetic ingredients, or harmful preservatives in any products!  I only work with ingredients source that have approve certification that their facility are Cruelty-Free, No Animal testing & are Ethically Sources . The same high standards that I have in formulating products for brands the same apply to my products & formulas.

  • Simple and creative cosmetics:

-I love gorgeous packaging, but at Boho Chic Cosmetics, we also like to keep it simple because it creates less waste in our environment. Each product incorporates beautiful flower art inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature.

  • Our mission: 

At Boho Chic Cosmetics, we believe that everyone should have access to safe cosmetics. We want to keep it simple and budget-friendly but still provide high-quality cosmetics that all women should have.


 The First Collection Flower Head :

2016 flower art 241

The first collection is inspired by the beautiful blooms of are farm during the current Spring & Summer season. Bringing to life the beautiful colors of the flowers like are Lavender , Roses , Sunflowers &  Tulips . In this collection I wanted to capture the beauty of  nature that I get to see and wanted to share it with you through makeup !

Flower infused Makeup….

bohocosmetics1 044

In this  first  collection “Flower Head”  captures the flower colors but also the  elements of  are “Farm Flower Harvest”.

  • The Eye Shadows  has  organic Joboja Oil  infused in Lavender & Rose Petals .
  • The Rose Lip balm has Olive Oil infused with Rose Petals & healing  Calendula Flower.
  • All flowers are hand harvest  with love right in are PA   Farm .
  • Collection details : Comes in 3g ( $3 )  or 5g ( $6)  jars with sifters & Flower art design labels.You can get the full collection  that comes with a organic cotton design bag  ( $34, 5 g jars or $17 , 3g jars)  or  pick  up the individual products.
Flowerhead2 033

Top to Bottom  Swatches : Leave , Tulip, Sunflower, Lavender & Blue Hydrangea .


  Shop Flower Head Collection + More details Here

2016 flower art 234

A Q&A with Top Questions in your Mind ……

1.How are the  Make up collections going to be like …. 

All the collections are going to be inspired by different elements of art, travel and my farm life . Each collection is going to be very different and have ingredient elements  base on the theme of the collection, along with flower art design labels created from the flowers that we grow in the farm.

2.How many Collections will you Launch per Year …..

I have plan to launch between 3 to 4 collections per Year. I really love to take the time to plan out each one as it required a process of research, sources & creative thinking ! I also want each collection to be exciting !

3. Please Tell us your Launching a “Press” makeup products ………

OH, YES !   This is one of my biggest mission with the brand. As we seriously need Green Press Makeup products ! All I can say is that the first press collection is in the final stages of testing & is plan to launch in the Winter 2016 !  Of course they will be budget friendly price at $9  to $10 . In addition to the press product launch  I will be launching  Makeup Palette in different sizes .  That all I can say for now 🙂 but more information will be release. So make sure to follow BohoChicCosmetics in Twitter or Instagram & sign up to the email list at Boho Chic cosmetics . 

4. Are your products Vegan or Cruelty-Free & etc :

All products are Vegan & No Animal Testing !!!  Also  products are made with  certificated organic  ingredients ( oils, extracts & etc). Are harvest herbs & flowers are hand harvest in are organic farm in PA in which we use no chemicals just a lot of love & a great green thumb.

5. Do you have a Blogger program for Review …

 Of course !!!! ! I do provide a special package for bloggers & vloggers upon request! Please contact me at bohochiccosmetics@gmail.com with the subject heading BLOGGER REQUEST.

6.What are your shipping rates? 

I ship all orders through USPS. I ship first-class mail for $3 (0-16 oz ) and priority-mail for $6 (0 oz & up). Free-shipping is available for all orders over $30 and up.

7.Please Tell me  you ship internationally…..

Yes, I do ship orders international with a flat rate of $7.50.


  A Exclusive Hint of the next collection……. Influenced by grow up next to the ocean …..Launching this Summer .

2016 flower art 293

So make sure to  sign up to the shop  e-mail list to get latest details on this launch & other up coming  product launches!!!

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As always  Thank You for the continue support to Boho Chic Meete Organics & excited to share this expand phase  where it all started with the passion to share & bring awareness !  Please feel free to leave comments & questions 🙂 

Yeiza Reyes

Founder Boho Chic Cosmetics + Boho Chic Meets organics 


I”m growing up : blogs 2nd Birthday !!!!


Boho Chic Meets Organics Turns  2 years Old !


It’s crazy to me how time has pass by and remembering when I started this blog s years back ! Its been a amazing experiences and a road trip that has taken me into a  wonderful community that the Green Beauty  community is ! From meeting  all the amazing people & bloggers   like me   that  have a big  passion for all things green , organic   &   meeting  the brand owners in person that make it possible for us to have clean non-toxic products  ! In addition  To MEET YOU MY READERS IN THE PASS FEW EVENTS its been a honor  !

Thank You All !!!

♥♥For the unconditional support & friendship that we have created !!! ♥♥

Cheers for many more writing words & TOO YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS BLOG  WHAT IT IS TODAY !!!


Green Hugs -Yeiza

Ps: stay tune for a giveaway bag full of favorite products 


Summer Caribbean & Travel Series: Fashion Sail away


It’s Summer & We are all sailing away !

Most of us are about to go to a gate away or to a special place to enjoy the SUN . And of course we want are fashion picks to represent  JUST THAT.  In this short fashion post I pick out items that completely state Sailing Away!

Sailing away PICKS :

The Bag :  This simple yet chic cross-body bag is my favorite.  It goes with any outfit and add a nice touch of sailing. Its simple white & blue wide stripes with brown straps & handle  that have a old golden tone . Give it the simple-chic easy look. You can carry this bag in many ways( cross your body, shoulder or just hold it like a business bag).

The bag is form FOREVER21

The Scarf:  This scarf is your world Map ! A good item to have just in case the wind takes you out of route.  This light cotton scarf has a beautiful print of the whole world map that details every county, ocean and city names ( left -bottom  photo for a closer look) and has blue ocean tone color trimming all around the scarf . Its a Lovely travel scarf & one of my favorite.

The scarf is form FOREVER21

The shoes: When traveling or going away  we want to be conformable as possible  & have easy put on & put of shoes = FLIP FLOP. I got these and love them to just put in my beach bag . The design is supper Cute with white  sail Boats  that make them super fashionably for a day at the boardwalk. Plus are easy to wash out if they happen to be filled with Sand.

The Flip-Flops are form OLD NAVY

These are my sail away fashion picks for this summer . I hope you enjoy this quick Fashion post. Keep enjoy the SUMMER.

Now Have A SAFE Sail !

NOTE: All item where purchase by me . At least other wise mentioned .

Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : Introduction


Introduction :

Summer is  Here & its time to  prepare are Skin/ Body/Hair for the SUn & Waves . I Happy to bring you  the Summer Caribbean & Travel Series that will Run  through the whole Summer long .  In this series you can expect to SEE A lot of MANGO’S & Coconut & Lot … Lots of Photo from the views of My Home  Island .

What to Expect :

I will be writing a lot of  topics  such as  Travel Tips, How to package light for a short weekend,  and will be including  post on the benefits of coconut, & mango . In addition to health topic  in protecting your self from the Sun and way to stay hydrate . Also will be including some of my favorite summer picks  ranging from beauty, body, hair and fashion items . I will be writing short travel trip post that will include places  that I stop & discover including food/ beauty items finds , shops, markets, & etc.

When will it be  post :

I will be posting every other week  & the first post will  be  a short Travel post  to  New York City .

” So get ready to hit the Waves and Enjoy some Mangos “

Summary of Spring Series Edition 2014 & Hello Summer !!!!


Spring is Gone  & so is the Spring Series Edition 2014 


It has been so much FUN to write & prepared each piece for you all . I hope every one has enjoy it  as much as I enjoy writing them.  THANK YOU so Much for the amazing Support for this special edition and for supporting my Blog.

  Here is a LOOK at a  Summary of the whole Blog with blooming flowers and May Showers .


Spring Series Edition : Lavender Love  (Photo above)  ( Full post found Here : http://wp.me/p3R10z-hk) Lavender is one of my TOP scents that I love and I did a Spring pick of some that feature a lip balm, hand sanitizer and bod y oil . The Meow Meow Tweet Body oil in Lavender Lemongrass is one of my spring most love body oils. It just has a nice fresh and calm scent just like a spring breeze day.

 Spring Series Edition:  A walk in the Rainforest with Level Naturals ( Photo Below) (Full post found here : http://wp.me/p3R10z-iE)Level Naturals Forest collection is Just  like walking into a Rainforest in A spring Day, where everything is blooming & yet so green. It takes me back to home in those days that I walk around the rainforest in a early morning. Another favorite in my body products for spring.


Spring Series edition : Blushing with Roses (Photo above) – ( Full post found Here :  http://wp.me/p3R10z-l4  )In this series I feature Everyday Minerals Love at First Blush Kit that brings  six blush ranging from pinks to peach color . I love how you can use the colors for all occasion &  they look so beautiful on . This kit has been one of My TOP Staples In Makeup for spring into summer.

Spring Series edition : Blooming with Lurk  (Photo Below)- ( Full post found Here : http://wp.me/p3R10z-i1  )Lurk Perfume was Feature in the beginning as my fragrances Pick for spring.  They are oil perfumes with the most pure  scent . Each one is made  beautifully and could be worn from day to night. One of my favorites is PRJV1 ( In photo above) which is a  Jasmine garden heaven !


Spring Series Edition : Spring Lip Balms (Photo above)-(Full post Found Here :http://wp.me/p3R10z-j5) Just like we need to take care are lips during the cold winter we need to do the same during the warmer weather. In this lip balm series for spring I pick some of my favorite lip balm scents , its like bring spring to you tease buds.  My two favorites  where Meow Meow Tweet  Grapefruits clove and Osmia Organics  Lip balm ( photo above) . The Osmia organics lip balm is a fresh mint/peppermint lip balm that has a SUN color but goes on clear. I always love opening this lip balm to just see the color of Sun on it.

 Spring Series Edition : Purple Eyes (Photo below) – (Full post Found Here : http://wp.me/p3R10z-jN)Spring was all about purple eyes and all things purple ! In this Purple eye series I pick my everyday purple colors that I love to wear or combine to my everyday look. One of MY MOST Favorites is Brija Cosmetics Consulting Detective eye shadow ( Photo Below) its such a beautiful purple color  to wear. Love how it makes my light brown eyes stand out 🙂

 ” HELLO SUMMER & Flip Flops “


Introduction :

Summer is  Here & its time to  prepare are Skin/ Body/Hair for the SUn & Waves . I Happy to bring you  the Summer Caribbean & Travel Series that will Run  through the whole Summer long .  In this series you can expect to SEE A lot of MANGO’S & Coconut & Lot … Lots of Photo from the views of My Home  Island .

What to Expect :

I will be writing a lot of  topics  such as  Travel Tips, How to package light for a short weekend,  and will be including  post on the benefits of coconut, & mango . In addition to health topic  in protecting your self from the Sun and way to stay hydrate . Also will be including some of my favorite summer picks  ranging from beauty, body, hair and fashion items .

When will it post :

I will be posting every other week  & the first post will be posted this week.

” So get ready to hit the Waves and Enjoy some Mangos “

Again Thank you so much for all your support  !  xoxo

Style Edition : Romantic Rose


Style Edition : Romantic Rose

It’s the Month of February and rose’s are every where !

A Flower that blooms so romantic and smells like LOVE.

Wear Rose’s

Above are my picks in how I wear this Romantic Flower year round .

1. Scarf  By H & M : This has the most simple and wearable pattern of roses that goes with any outfit to add a little of a romantic  touch.

2. Vintage metal Rose bracelet by Unknown : I found this beauty at a flea market trip that I took in my local area. This is a very old piece of jewelry that has amazing detail and hand work .  A very romantic piece of art. I love this piece that I wear it all the time and get commented on by its details.  I love to wear this along but I do pair it with some simple pearls to give a more style look.

3.  Gold Bird heart Necklaces by Unknown : This is a item that I also found at a Flea Market . Although this one seems to be more of a less vintage piece it still holds that old modern look. A detail metal  charm that has hand painted details. I love to layer this with a short small gold heart necklaces that I have as this necklace is about 12 inches in length. Great to layer with a simple other simple necklaces.

♥    ♥   ♥

These are my Rose Picks .

I hope you enjoy this short style post in how to wear roses all year round .

“And Remember each of use is a rose in this planet that bloom’s unique” ♥

( all items are my own and bought with my own money)


Fashion Endless Classic : Pearls & Black/White


                                                                 The  endless Classic  of Pearl & Black / white

….. Two colors and one jewelry item that never goes out of style and continues on endless ….


Pearls are the most simple yet give any outfit that touch of classic and elegant . You could really never go wrong wearing pearls in any giving day or outfit …  A item that every girl should have in their jewelry collection right along with a red lipstick .


White & Black

White & black have been endless color’s in the fashion world… these two never fade. I feel each season and each year they just keep coming bigger…. better…. Colors that could be easily layer and wear in every occasion or time.  Colors that makes a outfit look sharp, clean and elegant in  a simple fashion way. With out trying to hard.


Items Feature In Post

1. Pearls – necklace/ earring  from vintage flea market & bracelet handmade .

2.  Black & white -Scarf from forever 21 for $8

Tips /Ideas

Great places to find pearl jewelry is at a flea market , your find vintage pearls for great price and even sometimes for nothing .

Another great place is at Esty shop, which your find great prices and beautiful handmade items .

Or if you want to make it more personal make  your own  pearl bracelet .

 D.I.Y : Making pearl bracelet : Go to your local craft shop pick up some pearl beads  and some clear elastic string .   Measure the string basic on your wrist size  and cut two inches  more form your wrist size to leave room  to tie the strings together at the end . String the beads in , when done take the both ends of the string and  tight a knot or two . Cut the extra string of the knot. You have your handmade  pearl  bracelet♥.

I hope you enjoy this short & cute fashion post!