Summary of Spring Series Edition 2014 & Hello Summer !!!!


Spring is Gone  & so is the Spring Series Edition 2014 


It has been so much FUN to write & prepared each piece for you all . I hope every one has enjoy it  as much as I enjoy writing them.  THANK YOU so Much for the amazing Support for this special edition and for supporting my Blog.

  Here is a LOOK at a  Summary of the whole Blog with blooming flowers and May Showers .


Spring Series Edition : Lavender Love  (Photo above)  ( Full post found Here : Lavender is one of my TOP scents that I love and I did a Spring pick of some that feature a lip balm, hand sanitizer and bod y oil . The Meow Meow Tweet Body oil in Lavender Lemongrass is one of my spring most love body oils. It just has a nice fresh and calm scent just like a spring breeze day.

 Spring Series Edition:  A walk in the Rainforest with Level Naturals ( Photo Below) (Full post found here : Naturals Forest collection is Just  like walking into a Rainforest in A spring Day, where everything is blooming & yet so green. It takes me back to home in those days that I walk around the rainforest in a early morning. Another favorite in my body products for spring.


Spring Series edition : Blushing with Roses (Photo above) – ( Full post found Here :  )In this series I feature Everyday Minerals Love at First Blush Kit that brings  six blush ranging from pinks to peach color . I love how you can use the colors for all occasion &  they look so beautiful on . This kit has been one of My TOP Staples In Makeup for spring into summer.

Spring Series edition : Blooming with Lurk  (Photo Below)- ( Full post found Here :  )Lurk Perfume was Feature in the beginning as my fragrances Pick for spring.  They are oil perfumes with the most pure  scent . Each one is made  beautifully and could be worn from day to night. One of my favorites is PRJV1 ( In photo above) which is a  Jasmine garden heaven !


Spring Series Edition : Spring Lip Balms (Photo above)-(Full post Found Here : Just like we need to take care are lips during the cold winter we need to do the same during the warmer weather. In this lip balm series for spring I pick some of my favorite lip balm scents , its like bring spring to you tease buds.  My two favorites  where Meow Meow Tweet  Grapefruits clove and Osmia Organics  Lip balm ( photo above) . The Osmia organics lip balm is a fresh mint/peppermint lip balm that has a SUN color but goes on clear. I always love opening this lip balm to just see the color of Sun on it.

 Spring Series Edition : Purple Eyes (Photo below) – (Full post Found Here : was all about purple eyes and all things purple ! In this Purple eye series I pick my everyday purple colors that I love to wear or combine to my everyday look. One of MY MOST Favorites is Brija Cosmetics Consulting Detective eye shadow ( Photo Below) its such a beautiful purple color  to wear. Love how it makes my light brown eyes stand out 🙂

 ” HELLO SUMMER & Flip Flops “


Introduction :

Summer is  Here & its time to  prepare are Skin/ Body/Hair for the SUn & Waves . I Happy to bring you  the Summer Caribbean & Travel Series that will Run  through the whole Summer long .  In this series you can expect to SEE A lot of MANGO’S & Coconut & Lot … Lots of Photo from the views of My Home  Island .

What to Expect :

I will be writing a lot of  topics  such as  Travel Tips, How to package light for a short weekend,  and will be including  post on the benefits of coconut, & mango . In addition to health topic  in protecting your self from the Sun and way to stay hydrate . Also will be including some of my favorite summer picks  ranging from beauty, body, hair and fashion items .

When will it post :

I will be posting every other week  & the first post will be posted this week.

” So get ready to hit the Waves and Enjoy some Mangos “

Again Thank you so much for all your support  !  xoxo


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