Fashion Endless Classic : Pearls & Black/White


                                                                 The  endless Classic  of Pearl & Black / white

….. Two colors and one jewelry item that never goes out of style and continues on endless ….


Pearls are the most simple yet give any outfit that touch of classic and elegant . You could really never go wrong wearing pearls in any giving day or outfit …  A item that every girl should have in their jewelry collection right along with a red lipstick .


White & Black

White & black have been endless color’s in the fashion world… these two never fade. I feel each season and each year they just keep coming bigger…. better…. Colors that could be easily layer and wear in every occasion or time.  Colors that makes a outfit look sharp, clean and elegant in  a simple fashion way. With out trying to hard.


Items Feature In Post

1. Pearls – necklace/ earring  from vintage flea market & bracelet handmade .

2.  Black & white -Scarf from forever 21 for $8

Tips /Ideas

Great places to find pearl jewelry is at a flea market , your find vintage pearls for great price and even sometimes for nothing .

Another great place is at Esty shop, which your find great prices and beautiful handmade items .

Or if you want to make it more personal make  your own  pearl bracelet .

 D.I.Y : Making pearl bracelet : Go to your local craft shop pick up some pearl beads  and some clear elastic string .   Measure the string basic on your wrist size  and cut two inches  more form your wrist size to leave room  to tie the strings together at the end . String the beads in , when done take the both ends of the string and  tight a knot or two . Cut the extra string of the knot. You have your handmade  pearl  bracelet♥.

I hope you enjoy this short & cute fashion post!

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