Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : Introduction


Introduction :

Summer is  Here & its time to  prepare are Skin/ Body/Hair for the SUn & Waves . I Happy to bring you  the Summer Caribbean & Travel Series that will Run  through the whole Summer long .  In this series you can expect to SEE A lot of MANGO’S & Coconut & Lot … Lots of Photo from the views of My Home  Island .

What to Expect :

I will be writing a lot of  topics  such as  Travel Tips, How to package light for a short weekend,  and will be including  post on the benefits of coconut, & mango . In addition to health topic  in protecting your self from the Sun and way to stay hydrate . Also will be including some of my favorite summer picks  ranging from beauty, body, hair and fashion items . I will be writing short travel trip post that will include places  that I stop & discover including food/ beauty items finds , shops, markets, & etc.

When will it be  post :

I will be posting every other week  & the first post will  be  a short Travel post  to  New York City .

” So get ready to hit the Waves and Enjoy some Mangos “

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