Eco-Spring Cleaning Tips & DIY Cleaning Recipes

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Springs in the air & so is fresh cleaning  home

After  long winter months of having are home close up building dust, dirt and other debris its calls for some spring cleaning . For this I think Spring cleaning shouldn’t mean choking on cleaning fumes or burning your eyes and skin. But sadly,  we can be exposed to a  number of chemicals during are spring cleaning   through common cleaning products  or home materials that  contain dangerous or questionable chemicals, such as:

  • Ammonium chloride found in toilet bowl cleaners or deodorizers are permanently corrosive to the eyes.
  • Aliphatic petroleum solvent found in carpet cleaners is a neurotoxin, damaging the nervous system.
  • Crystalline sillica in many popular cleaners is a carcinogen, eye, skin and lung irritant.
  • Tripropylene glycol monomethyl ether found in floor cleaners, waxes and polishes has been linked to narcosis and kidney failure.
  • Asbestos  is a toxic found in area of home including  pipes, roof, insulation, floor tiles, siding that  can release  airborne  toxic that can be harmful and cause Mesothelioma a type of lung cancer.

Many healthy organizations has been bring high awareness about some of the toxic chemicals  that we can be expose too  in recent publish articles & research  about chemicals found in are home  including  ones mention above  that can be found in are home & commercial cleaning products that  can be a danger to area healthy both short & long term . The  mesothelioma Asbestos Awareness Center  have been bringing the attention about these chemicals to the public and science research special on ” Asbestos”. Got a chance to discuss this topic  in connections with spring cleaning  with  MAACenter communications Specialist . Mentioning that  many people are not aware of hiding toxins in their home & for this the  MAACenter  states that “bringing awareness & education to the public is key for prevention”. Specially on  hiding chemical know as Asbestos,  know to cause mesothelimoa, a rare & aggressive cancer. It is common found in piping, insulation, floor tiles, siding and roofs of homes . The asbestos is only harmful when disrupted & airborne, so it important to keep a eye on areas that it could be special when cleaning these area’s .  Thanks to MAACenter  for  brings  public  awareness  about this hiding toxic and taking the steps to guide the public about chemical safety .  Read more information about this hiding toxic  and how to prevent been exposed at Mesothelioma Asbestos Awareness Center  .

Spring cleaning should refresh  us, not make us sick!

That’s why  the following spring cleaning tips will help you accomplish your goal in a safe, non-toxic way. In this post I will share with you some safe home tips and Eco DIY cleaning recipes.


 Spring Cleaning Basic Safety Tips


Work From The Top Down

This spring cleaning tip is a must. The last thing you want to do is dust the table, then dust the wall or window  only to find you need to dust the table again. By working from the top down, you’ll save time, energy and resources by not repeating tasks.

Make it Fun 

Spring cleaning is about renew and enjoying the warm weather ! Create a playlist of must that you love to put you in great spring mood. To keep you up beat while cleaning away your home .  So go have a clean dance party .

Do your research 

Do your research on safety & use of any cleaning   product . Its important to use any giving product correctly for this its important to read the direction on using any product and the safety of using it in combinations other products that can create a chemical dangers to you & your home .

Natural or non-natural can still be toxic 

Treat natural cleaning products with the same caution as you would with any commercial products. Use gloves and other precaution when using any cleaners.  For safe always open a window when mixing homemade cleaners or  using other cleaning products .

Use mild  cleaning products when possible 

Most hard surface cleaning can be achieve with mild products, such as vinegar, baking soda or commercial products.

Use your Sense 

Use your sense of touch, smell and taste to guide you away from chemicals that may be leaking from a old product bottle or from a area on your home like gas , mold  and other toxic’s like Asbestos found in roof , pipes. Bottom line is to keep your sense  alerts to keep you from potential toxic exposures.

Read Labels

Reading labels to make sure you are using cleaning products for their intended purpose. Pay close attention to labels that contain the word ” CAUTION, “DANGEROUS” or ” WARNING”. These are more series in terms to let you know   the care that should be used in using this giving product.

Take Special Care with food-Prep areas

Products designed to clean food surfaces must undergo safety and effectiveness testing for their intended uses. Its important to use products on your food preparation surfaces that are nontoxic.

Some mixtures can be deadly 

NEVER mix products that contain  beach or ammonia together. The mixture releases toxic gasses. Shop cleaning products that have a neutral pH, nonirritating, nonhazardous, biodegradable and low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Relax a bit about bacteria 

Don’t over use   antibacterial soaps instead consider using them to wash hands before and after handling raw food.  Using plain soap and water is enough for clean hands . Over using antibacterial can cause skin dryness or irritation but also in the long term it may increases the risk of creating tougher, resistant bacteria.

Don’t clean with the kids  or pets in the room

When you’re a parent, it’s tempting to multitask — to spray cleaner on the table while your baby is having snack. It’s much better to use household cleaners without your child  or pet in the room. Make sure to ventilate it before your kid comes back in. Let your pet outdoor or in another room while doing household cleaning .

Recycle anything 

What can we recycle? These days we can recycle almost anything. Check your local community recycle list to know which items can be recycle. Many items that are glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and electronics can be recycle and made into new items .

Donate Items  

Nothing makes clutter-cleaning easy than knowing your household items , cloths, shoes are going to a great cause. That’s why donating is such a wonderful as it helps other people while freeing you of stuff you don’t need any more . Check your local church, or shelters or local family organizations for information in taking donations of  use or new goods.


 Eco-Home Made Safe Cleaners Tips & Recipes

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 Best part of  making  your own cleaning products is that your using safe ingredients all in which are found right under your kitchen cabinet . It is also a money saving when looking at it in long term . Most important you control what ingredients you put into and expose your family.There are many inexpensive, easy  alternatives which are safe and can be used in place of commercial cleaning products.

 Some of the benefits of DIY home made Cleaning product

1.Many of the  ingredients are found right in your kitchen cabinet . Must important you know their is no toxic chemicals. Here is a list of some  common, environmental safe ingredients which can be used alone or in combination.

Baking soda – clean, deodorizes

Lemon juice – effective against most household bacteria.

White Vinegar– cuts grease, removes mildew, odors, some stains & wax build-up.

Cornstarch–  can be used to clean windows, polish furniture, rugs.

2. You control the chemicals that you expose your self too while using them & cleaning with them .

3. Its inexpensive and cheap long term . Compare to buying a new bottle of commercial cleaning products every month  can add up to big a big cost in the long run.

4. Most important the DIY cleaning products are safe for the whole family including your pets .

Tools & Ingredients your need :

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Eco DIY cleaning is fun and helps to make cleaning safe for the whole family include your self . Now DIY home made cleaner can be made easy with no mess or guess how much to put of ingredients  thanks to the founder of  Cleaning Essentials  Martha & Mike  who created  products made in mind that is effective and safe for their whole family .The cleaning essential spray bottle  (photo above) has ready print recipes  & measurement lines to tell you how much ingredient to add of each .  Its one of my favorite tools for cleaning that is safe and Eco-friendly all around .

Many of the tools & ingredients can be found in your kitchen cabinet or at your local food store .

  1.  Empty bottle :  Cleaning Essentials has a great  spray bottle with print recipes on the bottle  making DIY  cleaning  easy & simple . Get it  here :
  2. Soft cloth
  3. Scrubber
  4. Measuring cups or teaspoons
  5. white vinegar
  6. baking soda
  7. Essential oils : Lavender great disinfecting  for bathroom,  Sweet Orange or lemon great for cutting grease in kitchen area.
  8. Water
  9. Alcohol

 Easy Eco  DIY Safe Cleaning Recipes

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Clean Indoor air with Plants

Plants have been found to reduce indoor air pollution ! As plants helps to clean the air and provide more oxygen too. Many can be found at a local plant or garden shop and are easy to take care .

Plants  to put indoors : Spider Plants , Snake plant , Peace lily,  English ivy , Golden pathos, Bamboo or small palm trees .

Herbal antibacterial spray

Many essential oils have antibacterial benefits such as lavender and thyme . Making them great & safe ingredient to use as a natural disinfectants .  Great for cleaning cutting boards after or for quick clean up .

Ingredients :

1 cup of water

20 drops of  lavender essential oil

Direction: pour the water into a spray bottle. Add the lavender essential oil and shake to blend . Spray on surfaces and let it set for at least 15 minutes or don’t rise at all.

Glass Cleaner

Works great to clean windows & mirrors

Ingredients :

2 cups of water,

1/2 cup white or cider vinegar

1/2 cup rubbing alcohol

1 to 2 drops of  essential oil , personally love sweet orange.

Directions : Combine ingredients in a spray bottle . Spray on paper towel or soft cloth, then wipe on to the glass.

Brass Cleaner

Great for bathroom , kitchen and much more .

Ingredients: white vinegar or lemon juice, Table salt

Directions : Dampen a sponge with vinegar or lemon juice, then sprinkle on salt. A lightly rub over surface. Rise thoroughly with water, then dry with a clean soft cloth.

 Cleaning or Removing Mold & Mildew

When cleaning any mold or mildew make use to wear safe gear as gloves & face mask as this can be a dangers to healthy.

Ingredients : Vinegar or lemon juice

Directions : Apply  vinegar or lemon juice into  sponge or scrubby and scrub area.



I hope you enjoy this  informative post and the great tips for a  Eco-safe spring cleaning home !

Thank You,

Yeiza aka Boho Chic Meets Organics 





Attract Your Wellness : W.E.L.L Summit Event November 6th

WS Square1

About the W.E.L.L. Summit

to The W.E.L.L. Summit, a celebration of living well, making empowered consumer decisions, learning from top professionals—and of course, the luxury of health.

The W.E.L.L. Summit… is not just a conferences its Given you a chance to  taking the first step in creating & seeking wellness for you !! In where in gathers together in one place ( November 6th at Boston,MA)  and one weekend the best speakers of the wellness & beauty community !


 A event like no other that bring you closer & personal  with professionals to bring motivation & to get answer to those tough questions that you wanted to get answers too  :

But we’re also providing intimate access
to these professionals through exclusive small break-out sessions. All the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. All the tips you’ll need for buying beauty products, overhauling your pantry, selecting a workout program that fits into your daily life. The latest trends, complete with insider tips. These are the pioneers of the wellness industry…and they can’t wait to meet you.

Josh RosebrookAngela KimEileen MockusAlden Wicker
KseniaSteph ZabelHeather StevensonCassandra Bodzak

 Read up on the complete list  :

W.E.L.L Summit Speaker

I am super excited to hear from many of these amazing people many in which have been a inspiration to continue my road to Eco-living and inspired others along the way . In addition to see many of my great friends such as Organic Bath Co. & Ru from  Blog  along many others !  Making it a magic & Family affair as we gather together are talents & passion to bring it to you the community  !

Its does not stop their !!!

 You will get to enjoy a Well Summit style pampering like no other ! With the chances to enjoy organic Farm -to-Table food , Wine and complementary make-overs using the best in healthy beauty. With amazing pampering stations with the best in Eco-brands & best part meet & greet  many of the leaders behind these company’s .

In Less words its a complete  Rock -ON  of Beauty Wellness !!

makep 2763

Feature brands  ( in Photo) at the W.E.L.L Summit includes  Meow meow tweet, S.W . Basics , Organic Baht.CO, Josh Rosebrooks  are just a few of the many amazing brands and speakers that you get to meet !!

makep 2592

All Happening  at the  Wyndham Hotel in Beacon Hill, Mass. Beacon Hill is a 19th-century residential neighborhood in Boston that sits directly north of the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden.

Get your tickets for W.E.L.L Summit !!!

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*****Please note: Tickets will NOT be sold at the door. Sales close at 12 p.m. EST, Tuesday, October 27th . Best suggest to get tickets sooner as it may sale out earlier !

Hope to see you Their As We summit are self-Love !!

 xo, Boho Chic Meets Organics

Summer Heat Safe : Eating your water + hydrating tips 


  Summer is here  & so is the heat too !

Its the season that we  enjoy the outdoors  & the hot sunny . Its also that time that we are exposed to high rays of sun light & heat & not to mention humidity !   For this reason its important that we are aware about Heat safe  & staying hydrated to enjoy a fun safe summer reason! Plus June is National Safe month !!!

Eating up your Water !

Hydrating are body’s is one of the important parts of keeping you form over heating and avoid summer heat strokes  or  dehydration.  Drinking lots of water through the day and always having  water in your go-bag is one way to keep hydrated  !

But drinking Plain water is NO FUN ! Right …. !  One fun way to stay hydrated is EATING UP YOUR WATER !!!  Eating fruits  & vegetables that contain 60-90 % of water provides your body with health liquids to keep it cool & hydrated. The best part of eating up your water is that NOT ONLY are you getting WATER but also MINERALS, VITAMINS and other important nutrition too !!


H2O  Fruits & Vegetables

Some of the fruits & vegetables that keep you  hydrated during summer are all found at your local food market or farms market ! Some of my favorites for the season are Strawberries ,blueberries and carrots ! (seen in above photo) .

This cool graph provides information in some of the fruits & vegetables that contain high levels of H2O !   Making it fun & taste to stay hydrated through the whole summer . So go head and eat up your H2o with these taste picks !

Easy On to go H20!

The cool thing about this fruits & vegetables is that :

1. Help you beat the summer heat.

2. Keep you body hydrated.

3. Fun & easy way to intake your daily water .

4. Pack up fruits & vegetables  bags for Hydration on the go  !

5. Add these to your water   by cut strawberry & lemon for a fun water flavor  twist.


Now you can have a safe hydrating summer with a fun twist taste !!!!! But always remember too to wear your SPF to protected you skin & always carry a bottle of water !

More Resource

Find more  great information in having a Safe summer for the whole family & home  as June is National Safety month !!!  Read up “Ten Tips for Summer ”  by Emily Walsh . As Mesothelima Cancer Alliances brings us awareness about having a safe summer  but its also a place to gain awareness about the risk exposure to asbestos as its the main cause risk of mesothelioma. Asbestos is a mineral use in chemical plants , fabric, cleaning products & construction products . Learn more about the risk & how to protect your family & you .

Read More :


Yoga at Home for beginners #7 : Yoga References


Thank YOU !

Its been much fun & learning experiences in write this series for you all. Many THANKS to Ru  from Short Small & Sweet Blog for Team with me to bring you all these awesome post.  I hope you all enjoy the post for the Yoga At Home for Beginners Series but most important that you all gain motivation form it ! SO Thank you for all your support & comments !


As part of the Yoga at Home for Beginners this last post  me & Ru share are personal references from books, APPS to websites and much more. Places where you can get information about poses, yoga benefits and most important ways to help you stay motivate through your  yoga journey .

♦ON – The- Go Apps

I am always on the go and going form city to city to friends house to visiting family . The following APPS are the ones that I use and love to use on the Go !

1.FitStar Yoga
It’s a yoga app for on the go. You can take a class or sequences no matter where you are .It’s pretty much taking a yoga teacher with you & with great video and easy to follow. Plus new work out sequences are always add. Cost: $ FREEE basis, $8 monthly membership

2.Yoga Studio
A app that you can create your sequences and schedule your video classes right into your phones calendars. In addition you can flow the 65 + video classes and over 280 poses with detail instructions.
Cost $4

3.Daily YOGA
Is another great app that include yoga sequences for runners, beginners, loss weight  and much more. Its easy to follow as it shows you each move in video form. It also has a pose library that explains each pose and how to do it right. In addition to having yoga music too.
4. Yoga Radio
Is a great app for yoga music and relaxing music. It has many great stations and tones of music to set any mood that you’re in or wish to be. Cost $ FREE

5.Pocket Yoga
This app has many features including a yoga sequences that is detail in video play plus has a feature that tracks your progress. In addition to tracking your heart rate and calories burned. It also has music library too. A great app for on the go and taking your yoga every were you go. Cost $3

Is a community basic health living & yoga community where you can have support form others that are trying to achieve the same goals as you. It like a motivation buddy that include meal recipes, health remedies, yoga at home sequences videos. Cost $ FREE

♦Websites for Yoga

1. The Yoga Journal  : This is a great site to get new sequences moves  and get detail information about the benefits of different poses . In addition get wellness & health information about eating, stress and even clothing ….. much more.  They also have amazing videos for different poses that focus on different health areas like stress, meditation , weight control and many many more. They also have a coll Phone APP that you can download into your phone.

2. GaiamTV : This is also a great website for yoga sequences & video of many poses to follow and do at home. Really like this site to keep expanding in poses and keep my sequences fun when I feel like I need to add a new one. In addition this site is very informative about health yoga living and health.

♦ Yoga Books

1. Meditations from the Mat : Daily reflection on the path of yoga 

by Rolf Gates

This is a great book and recommend in reading it as it helps you see yoga in a different perspective and not just another work out routine . It lets you see yoga as a mind & body teaching .

2.The Yoga Bible by Christian Brown

This is another great book for all levels of yoga . It includes 150 poses with detail information in how to achieve the pose. Its a great book to look and pick poses to add to your sequences . Really love the pictures and how detail it is.

Thank you all again for making this series such a hit  !! Make sure to check out Ru Yoga Reference selection !

As Remember you can go back and catch up all the post for this  whole series !

Yoga At Home for beginners #6 : Maintain a yoga schedule


Maintaining a Yoga schedule

One of the hardest part of starting any giving work out or new habit is keeping that going but most important keeping it in your daily routine.Today me & Ru  will discuss with you  how we both keep are Yoga at home habits .

You would thing that doing yoga at home would be easy as all you do is roll out your mat and start moving into some yoga poses . But for many including myself keeping up with yoga practices at home can be difficult and even a challenge.

One of the reason that I think that home practices is hard is that we expected in to look and feel as if your in a yoga studio.

But in reality it’s NOT. This is a expectation that is needed to let go out the window, Once you do it will make it easier to start creating a home yoga practice.

Why is home practices important ?

While going to a yoga studio can be a treat and fun as you meet other yoga peeps but sometimes you can’t always make it to class due to unexpected things of life.

Building a home practice allows you to get on your mat while also deepening the connection to yoga.

You see when your in the class its easy for one to zone out but getting on your mat at home is different in that you are in charge of not only moving your body through the poses but also getting your mind to your mat in the first place.Its more of you been in CHARGE and empowering yourself in a much personal level!!! A lesson that I think a yoga class will not give you .

A home yoga practices is real mind practices!!!
More than any unexpected event or call that your dog just ripped its toy apart. It is so often that our thoughts are the one keeping us off out mat. If we can master those thoughts then you are working in mastering out your mind- which is what yoga is all about.

Here are my personal Tips in Keeping myself in the Mat



Your home practices will not look like a yoga studio!! You don’t have to practice for 60 or 90 minutes. Start slow with a 5-10 minute yoga sequences. At the end see how you feel and do you feel like you want to continue to another sequences. If not just stop and end it their.

2. Move in a way that you feel good

Just like you don’t have to practices for a 1-hour the same for the fact that you don’t have to do a whole yoga sequences. You know your body the best and what it needs. So pick a few (3-to5 ) poses to start off with and work with those . Remember too that yoga is more than just a body poses. You can also spend some time on your mat meditating or working in your breathing practice.

3. Make it your Routine & A part of you life

In a post note write or I phone  the time that works for you best to take 10 minutes for your yoga practices. Maybe its first thing in the morning ( like me at 4am) or maybe its after work or before you go to bed. Whenever it is , try to commit to practicing at that time and make it a ME TIME MOMENT ! It does not have to be everyday but try to make it a habit, like for example every Tuesday & Thursday in the morning I take my 10 minutes of yoga .

4. Make the Space Special

The space that you pick to do yoga at home make its like your Specially space. Just like are space for putting are beauty products or are closet-space that holds that pretty perfect little black dress. Make it your own !!

5. Ask for help & look for inspiration :

Doing yoga at home can be overwhelming but don’t be afraid to ask a yoga teacher for advise. Also uses your local references or online yoga site like Gaiam Tv . A great place to get tips and live video form yoga teachers. Yoga Journal is another great site with lot of information. Finding  inspiration  is just as important in keeping you going . Find a new pose that you want to achieve that month or week will keep you in track. 

And remember that you are in charge with that said make it creative and build your yoga time & sequences for you !!

I hope these tips help to keep you going in your yoga practices ! Make sure to check out Ru Tips too in keeping a yoga routine !



Yoga at Home for beginners : Yoga with your Pet (Doga)

Yoga with your furry friend


 Are paw friends are  always on are side and know when we feel bad . They are always reminding us to take a moment to feel love and connect with are self and are nature side . Having a pet is a great thing in a humans life and one that shows to have great benefits in helping us deal with stress better as they bring us calmness .

For this edition of home yoga I will show you how I do Doga ( dog Yoga )  with my little furry friend NalaDoga is great to build a wonderful connect with your pet but its also great for both sides as it brings  both you and the pet calmness & bonding .

Is Doga for you & your pet???

  • Doga is not for every dog !! It take time  for your dog and you to find a way to work together which is the idea behind Doga is finding a way to bond.
  • At first your pet will thing its play time ! Nala  ( My dog) sure though the same but as we kept doing the poses she learn & came to understand  .
  • Keep POINT is to be calm & don’t get upset if you dog doesn’t want to do it !! Remember this is something new for both of you .

My & Nala Doga Sequences


Step One : Making Room to do Doga

◊ Make sure you & your pet have room to do your Doga Sequences . You both don’t want to be bumming into things around you. So safe is always important !


Step Two Start the sequences or poses :

◊ I first start off in Mountain pose or prayer pose as Nala sit right in front of me in the mat  !



Standing Forward bend Post

◊ I then move  into expand my arms down as I bend my knees to get into  Standing Forward bend pose ( UTTANASNA)

◊As you move your arms down pet your furry friend as they sit in front of you . As you can see Nala likes ! Hold the position for  1-2 minutes before going to the next pose.


◊ your pet can also lay down as you pet them during thee ( standing Forward bend pose) , which is another way to position your pet when doing this pose as you can see Nala is doing too !


Child Pose

◊ As you are bending  in Standing Forward bend pose  you can slowly position into child pose . As you can see Nala & my paws .


◊  Then place  you dog or pet in your lap  .


◊ Then position you dog or pet  as if you where going to give them a stomach rub  make sure to give the pet support by placing you hands behind their head or back as I am doing here with Nala .

◊ I then slowly bend forward my upper body as I  hold  Nala as if i where going to give her a hug  and hold the position for 2 minutes . You can also just hold your pet  supporting its back as you sit in a straight line back  position as I am doing here with Nala Zones off.


Next pose is Sukhasana ( Seating Meditation pose )

◊ As you are in Child Pose  let your pet go slowly  and   you  then slowly get on a India sitting position . As your pet is sits in  front of you. You can pet your pet while changing position to keep the dog in the mood .


◊Then pet your pet in your lap again and hold your dog or pet in front of your chest where your pet can feel you breath as you can feel theirs .

◊Slowly pet your dog or pet as you have your eyes closes . In this moment focus on your dogs or pets breathing as they will do the same .  Do this for about 3 or 5 minutes and then slowly open your eyes and give your dog  or pet a good hug 🙂

Here are some more Pose :

Here are some great poses to try with your furry friends .



This is a great Diagram  above by Jennifer D’Angelis  doing pose with her dog  and showing how to do the positions. Doga is recommended by many yoga teachers for dogs or pets that have a lot of energy or have behavioral problems as it helps with focus .

My experiences & results with Nala :


I can personally say by experiences in doing yoga with Nala ( my dog) that it has help her control her super energy as before she would go crazy hoping around . Doing yoga with her for 2 years now I have seen a big change as she has energy but it not wild like before.  We also have a much specially relation & bond that goes be on just been my best furry friend .

Now Nala actually  pulls out the mat to tell me that its time for are Yoga 🙂 !! We do it  two -times during the week .

  My best advises is to slowly add positions as your pet feels more conformable doing them with you and do Doga as one pose at a time .  And let it be something that you both enjoy . And remember the sequences are not to be long but short for at least 5 to 8 minutes .

If you have questions or would like to know more Please feel free to leave a comment below .

I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to check out Ru recent post on her yoga sequences !!!

Yoga at Home for Beginners #5: stress relief sequences

Yoga for stress

Stress is one of the biggest factors in today living as more people suffer from stress and is one of the many cause of heart disease, anxiety and depression. One important step is recognizing it and working on relieving the tension before it goes out of hand. Doing yoga pose is one way to relief tension in the muscles and makes them more relax. In addition it helps to center your body and mind when it out of balances.

In this part of yoga at home sequences I will provide some useful poses in addition to references that focus on relieving stress or anxiety. Make sure to check out Ru post on Happy Hips !!

Lets Get that Tension Out !



Step One Preparing the body & mind:

With staring the stress & anxiety sequences one must prepared the body and one way to do so is start out with the Sun Salutation sequences.  Its a great way to warm up the whole body.


You can find step by steps in my last post : Yoga sequences for Boost of Energy.  Right after doing this sequences you are step up to continue to your  stress sequences.  

Step two doing the stress sequences:


The following diagram by Shannon Orcutt in Restorative Yoga Poses to relieve stress is a great sequences for just that!  I love and have used this often in moments that I feel over  loaded with work .

All you need is a Pillow as a support tool and a yoga block. Hold each pose for about 2-3 minutes each  and remember to breath in and out slowly  while doing each pose and changing into the different poses . 

!Also when doing the leg -wall pose remember to use the wall as support and not your back !


Adding a Relax touch :

When doing the stress & anxiety sequences  I like to light up my lavender candle  just to help me set up the mood and a relax space. I find that it really helps when doing this sequences.





A great Book for yoga pose to help with stress:



A great book and read that I found to be very useful in this topic is a book by Elaine Gavales  called The yoga mini book for stress Relief. Its a book that provides a step by step of different sequences in focus on stress poses. In addition it mixes mediation which is a great way to re- center you mind .  I highly recommended this book as its very easy to follow and very informative  . It also comes in different languages too ! Find it all your local book store  ( online store) or at .

I hope you enjoy this yoga sequences and find it helpful to relax and be more stress free !