Yoga At Home for beginners #6 : Maintain a yoga schedule


Maintaining a Yoga schedule

One of the hardest part of starting any giving work out or new habit is keeping that going but most important keeping it in your daily routine.Today me & Ru  will discuss with you  how we both keep are Yoga at home habits .

You would thing that doing yoga at home would be easy as all you do is roll out your mat and start moving into some yoga poses . But for many including myself keeping up with yoga practices at home can be difficult and even a challenge.

One of the reason that I think that home practices is hard is that we expected in to look and feel as if your in a yoga studio.

But in reality it’s NOT. This is a expectation that is needed to let go out the window, Once you do it will make it easier to start creating a home yoga practice.

Why is home practices important ?

While going to a yoga studio can be a treat and fun as you meet other yoga peeps but sometimes you can’t always make it to class due to unexpected things of life.

Building a home practice allows you to get on your mat while also deepening the connection to yoga.

You see when your in the class its easy for one to zone out but getting on your mat at home is different in that you are in charge of not only moving your body through the poses but also getting your mind to your mat in the first place.Its more of you been in CHARGE and empowering yourself in a much personal level!!! A lesson that I think a yoga class will not give you .

A home yoga practices is real mind practices!!!
More than any unexpected event or call that your dog just ripped its toy apart. It is so often that our thoughts are the one keeping us off out mat. If we can master those thoughts then you are working in mastering out your mind- which is what yoga is all about.

Here are my personal Tips in Keeping myself in the Mat



Your home practices will not look like a yoga studio!! You don’t have to practice for 60 or 90 minutes. Start slow with a 5-10 minute yoga sequences. At the end see how you feel and do you feel like you want to continue to another sequences. If not just stop and end it their.

2. Move in a way that you feel good

Just like you don’t have to practices for a 1-hour the same for the fact that you don’t have to do a whole yoga sequences. You know your body the best and what it needs. So pick a few (3-to5 ) poses to start off with and work with those . Remember too that yoga is more than just a body poses. You can also spend some time on your mat meditating or working in your breathing practice.

3. Make it your Routine & A part of you life

In a post note write or I phone  the time that works for you best to take 10 minutes for your yoga practices. Maybe its first thing in the morning ( like me at 4am) or maybe its after work or before you go to bed. Whenever it is , try to commit to practicing at that time and make it a ME TIME MOMENT ! It does not have to be everyday but try to make it a habit, like for example every Tuesday & Thursday in the morning I take my 10 minutes of yoga .

4. Make the Space Special

The space that you pick to do yoga at home make its like your Specially space. Just like are space for putting are beauty products or are closet-space that holds that pretty perfect little black dress. Make it your own !!

5. Ask for help & look for inspiration :

Doing yoga at home can be overwhelming but don’t be afraid to ask a yoga teacher for advise. Also uses your local references or online yoga site like Gaiam Tv . A great place to get tips and live video form yoga teachers. Yoga Journal is another great site with lot of information. Finding  inspiration  is just as important in keeping you going . Find a new pose that you want to achieve that month or week will keep you in track. 

And remember that you are in charge with that said make it creative and build your yoga time & sequences for you !!

I hope these tips help to keep you going in your yoga practices ! Make sure to check out Ru Tips too in keeping a yoga routine !




One thought on “Yoga At Home for beginners #6 : Maintain a yoga schedule

  1. Thanks for the post. It confirmed everything that I’m doing with yoga and it seems it’s a good way. I’m improving nicely and steadily and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I also reached a moment when I cannot imagine a week without yoga. My body and mind calls for it 🙂

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