Yoga at Home for beginners #7 : Yoga References


Thank YOU !

Its been much fun & learning experiences in write this series for you all. Many THANKS to Ru  from Short Small & Sweet Blog for Team with me to bring you all these awesome post.  I hope you all enjoy the post for the Yoga At Home for Beginners Series but most important that you all gain motivation form it ! SO Thank you for all your support & comments !


As part of the Yoga at Home for Beginners this last post  me & Ru share are personal references from books, APPS to websites and much more. Places where you can get information about poses, yoga benefits and most important ways to help you stay motivate through your  yoga journey .

♦ON – The- Go Apps

I am always on the go and going form city to city to friends house to visiting family . The following APPS are the ones that I use and love to use on the Go !

1.FitStar Yoga
It’s a yoga app for on the go. You can take a class or sequences no matter where you are .It’s pretty much taking a yoga teacher with you & with great video and easy to follow. Plus new work out sequences are always add. Cost: $ FREEE basis, $8 monthly membership

2.Yoga Studio
A app that you can create your sequences and schedule your video classes right into your phones calendars. In addition you can flow the 65 + video classes and over 280 poses with detail instructions.
Cost $4

3.Daily YOGA
Is another great app that include yoga sequences for runners, beginners, loss weight  and much more. Its easy to follow as it shows you each move in video form. It also has a pose library that explains each pose and how to do it right. In addition to having yoga music too.
4. Yoga Radio
Is a great app for yoga music and relaxing music. It has many great stations and tones of music to set any mood that you’re in or wish to be. Cost $ FREE

5.Pocket Yoga
This app has many features including a yoga sequences that is detail in video play plus has a feature that tracks your progress. In addition to tracking your heart rate and calories burned. It also has music library too. A great app for on the go and taking your yoga every were you go. Cost $3

Is a community basic health living & yoga community where you can have support form others that are trying to achieve the same goals as you. It like a motivation buddy that include meal recipes, health remedies, yoga at home sequences videos. Cost $ FREE

♦Websites for Yoga

1. The Yoga Journal  : This is a great site to get new sequences moves  and get detail information about the benefits of different poses . In addition get wellness & health information about eating, stress and even clothing ….. much more.  They also have amazing videos for different poses that focus on different health areas like stress, meditation , weight control and many many more. They also have a coll Phone APP that you can download into your phone.

2. GaiamTV : This is also a great website for yoga sequences & video of many poses to follow and do at home. Really like this site to keep expanding in poses and keep my sequences fun when I feel like I need to add a new one. In addition this site is very informative about health yoga living and health.

♦ Yoga Books

1. Meditations from the Mat : Daily reflection on the path of yoga 

by Rolf Gates

This is a great book and recommend in reading it as it helps you see yoga in a different perspective and not just another work out routine . It lets you see yoga as a mind & body teaching .

2.The Yoga Bible by Christian Brown

This is another great book for all levels of yoga . It includes 150 poses with detail information in how to achieve the pose. Its a great book to look and pick poses to add to your sequences . Really love the pictures and how detail it is.

Thank you all again for making this series such a hit  !! Make sure to check out Ru Yoga Reference selection !

As Remember you can go back and catch up all the post for this  whole series !


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