Summer Heat Safe : Eating your water + hydrating tips 


  Summer is here  & so is the heat too !

Its the season that we  enjoy the outdoors  & the hot sunny . Its also that time that we are exposed to high rays of sun light & heat & not to mention humidity !   For this reason its important that we are aware about Heat safe  & staying hydrated to enjoy a fun safe summer reason! Plus June is National Safe month !!!

Eating up your Water !

Hydrating are body’s is one of the important parts of keeping you form over heating and avoid summer heat strokes  or  dehydration.  Drinking lots of water through the day and always having  water in your go-bag is one way to keep hydrated  !

But drinking Plain water is NO FUN ! Right …. !  One fun way to stay hydrated is EATING UP YOUR WATER !!!  Eating fruits  & vegetables that contain 60-90 % of water provides your body with health liquids to keep it cool & hydrated. The best part of eating up your water is that NOT ONLY are you getting WATER but also MINERALS, VITAMINS and other important nutrition too !!


H2O  Fruits & Vegetables

Some of the fruits & vegetables that keep you  hydrated during summer are all found at your local food market or farms market ! Some of my favorites for the season are Strawberries ,blueberries and carrots ! (seen in above photo) .

This cool graph provides information in some of the fruits & vegetables that contain high levels of H2O !   Making it fun & taste to stay hydrated through the whole summer . So go head and eat up your H2o with these taste picks !

Easy On to go H20!

The cool thing about this fruits & vegetables is that :

1. Help you beat the summer heat.

2. Keep you body hydrated.

3. Fun & easy way to intake your daily water .

4. Pack up fruits & vegetables  bags for Hydration on the go  !

5. Add these to your water   by cut strawberry & lemon for a fun water flavor  twist.


Now you can have a safe hydrating summer with a fun twist taste !!!!! But always remember too to wear your SPF to protected you skin & always carry a bottle of water !

More Resource

Find more  great information in having a Safe summer for the whole family & home  as June is National Safety month !!!  Read up “Ten Tips for Summer ”  by Emily Walsh . As Mesothelima Cancer Alliances brings us awareness about having a safe summer  but its also a place to gain awareness about the risk exposure to asbestos as its the main cause risk of mesothelioma. Asbestos is a mineral use in chemical plants , fabric, cleaning products & construction products . Learn more about the risk & how to protect your family & you .

Read More :



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