Summer Coconut Edition # 2 : Organic Bath CO. SubLime Body Scrub

makep 2696

It’s Coconut Time !

As part of my summer edition of coconut products , which been a little slow in sharing . In this post I share one of my favorite summer scrubs ( well actually my all time scrub)  that is rich in coconut oil and hand crafted right in Boston by the lovely brand Organic Bath CO.  It can’t get butter then that people ! The brand recently went into new , luxury & improve packing that is divine ♥


makep 2698 Organic  Bath CO. Body scrub in SubLime is  a organic  coconut lime  sugar scrub  that is a  summer vacation in a Jar . It smells  fresh & beach like making a great scrub for after a sun tan or a dive out in the ocean.  Made with  simple Organic , Fair trade ingredients & hand crafted with LOVE !


Fair Trade Certified™ Sucrose (Sugar)*, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) Oil*, Essential Oil Fragrance*.  *Certified Organic

makep 2694 A smooth skin equals a Healthy summer Glow

 What I love about this sugar  scrub compared to other’s is its smooth & gently texture in the skin when been rub on. This just feels good  and know that your nourishing your body & removing dead skin to keep a healthy glow. Its leaves no stick oils just a smooth hydrated skin , so much so that you don’t even need lotion or oil after ! That’s pretty impressive .

SubLime body scrub is a true coconut product stable  summer & year round !

Hands down Organic Bath CO. makes the best scrubs !! If you have not try their body scrubs you need to get on IT !!

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