Best Green Discoveries of 2014



Its been a great year for the green beauty community with some many new products and brands launching in the year of 2014 .  And I sure  found many new favorites that are no part of my green beauty cabinet.

In this post I share with you some of my TOP discoveries that range from beauty, body care  and even some stores . The picks where made basic in how  it function/benefits on my skin & body & of course the experiences  .

So lets take a Look of some of my Treasure finds !!


Nail Polish Discoveries Brand : AILA Cosmetic

This new nail polish brand has taken the green community by storm . Aila Cosmetic is a Five-Free nail polish that has a mission of good & a passion of color. I discover this brand in one of my green Beauty Events in NYC. Although I seen it all over social media but didn’t get my eyes & hands until I was giving one as a gift .

The moment I used it I Love It !

It goes on smooth and the color finish is just like getting it done at a SPA. By chances I later got another nail polish by Goodebox Subscription in December 2014 in  the color  LIKE A BOSS ( seen in above photo). Now this is a glam color that total made me fall in love more as Now I want to collect all AILA Cosmetic Nail Polish color or at least get a few more 🙂 .

AILA Cosmetic  end up been my surprise Discoveries Item of 2014



Best Body Care Discoveries 2014: Many finds !

First up is : Organic Bath CO.

I’ve had the pleasure  to meet & share time with the Team behind Organic Bath CO. By the way a amazing brand & the scrubs are so good you may find your self tasting them 🙂 . This year they launch their Spiced Cacao scrub made with  TAZA Chocolate !!! YES THAT’S RIGHT  !!! Chocolate in your scrub. This product is just amazing in its scents , which is something very special about this brand ,its scents are so True to the nose .

(side note: this product was giving to me as a gift by the owner of Organic Bath. CO, as always my thoughts & review are my own & honest ) ♥

Not to mention that they work amazing & feel awesome when your pampering yourself , which is what the product makes you experiences.

A Lovely SPA Discover Brand that has won a stop with my soap collection.

 Visiting store Follain  I discover :  Beridan Naturals

The best part of visiting Green Beauty store like Follain in Boston,MA is that you get to learn about small  own business . In my first trip I found & discovered  this  little treasure called Beridan Naturals body butters .  A  body butter that is hand crafted & melts into the skin . Leaving a soft scent . I pick up  Chamomile & Grapefruit butter that is uplifting ( Top Right In Photo) .

Loving this brand and its products that I am looking forward to adding more of its to my green cabinet !

Green Festival NYC Brand Discoveries : Caru Skincare CO.

In the beginning month of  2014 , I went to the NYC Green Festival . A great place to go and discover & try new green brands . In this event I found Caru Skincare CO. Although I seen the brand in the social media but didn’t get to see the brand  it self in person until this event. One of the things that stood out too me is the brands eco packaging as the label becomes your very own growing garden as the label have plants seeds.

The soaps won be over specially the Chamomile + Honey . A soap that can be used both for face & body . Love its sweet & calm scent that makes a great product for a much relaxing day ( Seen in bottom of Photo).

Caru Skincare Co. is a  Discoverer of calmness & gardening !!


Best Foundation Discoveries  2014: Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation

I keep my makeup simple and use very little . But through this year I was in a hunt for a new & different foundation that provide some coverage yet provide true healthy skin benefits. GRESSA SKIN came to mind after some of the green girls raved about its flawless finish & skincare benefits.  But the fact that it it was a serum scared me specially since I have oily skin.

Thanks to Ru form ShortSmallSweet Blog , she made me jump in . She pass me a #03 since it was to light for her  & end up been a perfect match for me. Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation end up been the best discover product for 2014.

side-note: Product giving as a gift  but my thoughts are my own & honesty♥

The foundation is amazing  & the product that I just wanted  ! Provides a great coverage but also flawless finish as its oils care for your skin . Best part my skin looks great & no Breaks Outs . A must TRY !!


 Best New Makeup Discoveries

Best new Two-In-One Product : Tata Harper Lip & Cheek Tint

Tata Harper is a brand know for its luxury skin care & that Gold -Green bottle design . This year the brand launch & expanded to the cosmetic side of things by creating three lip & cheek tint colors. Of course when heard the news I was all over it as I love two-in-one products specially makeup ( Top Right).

This product became my favorite makeup item for 2014. Its color is perfect & staying power is long lasting that provides a naturally glow skin. Looking forward to collecting a few of these golden green girls.

Lipstick: Red Apple Lipstick

I am not a lip stick girl but Red Apple Lipstick sure convinces me to wear it . One of my favorites and for many too is the color in Audrey . Its the perfect pink nude that is wearable to any event or time of day. Also like its texture and how its has a smooth finish that does not focus on your lip lines or dryness( center left of photo).

For sure Red Apple Lipsticks are my favorite and maybe only lipstick that your find in my bag now !

Best  Lip treatment  product:  Kari Gran Tint lip Treatment

As I may mention many times I am a lip balm girl and my lip tend to be very dry. A constant battle that I fight every day. Once I found Kari Gran Lip Treatment it was a moment of ..YES I FINALLY SOLVED MY DRY LIP PROBLEM!!!

That’s right Kari Gran lip treatment did the job to keep my lips healthy and dry free, which is the reason why I am into lipsticks again all because of this product! Best Lip treatment Ive found this year.


Green Store Discoveries

2014  was the year of Green store opening both online & open shops . Its been amazing to see the growth of this years green community but most importantly the luck chances to meet the owners of these green shops.

Follain Boston,MA

Follain open up  a shop in Boston, MA early in 2014 . News that became a big highlight for both its Boston community and its green community as well. After seen photo and review of green bloggers I new I had to make that 8 Hour trip and visit this shop. And I sure did, more then I thought as I end up visiting the shop 3 to 4 times this year.

The shop is filled with local brands  like Organic bath CO. to high end brands like Vapour Organic beauty, RMS, and so many many more .  One of my favorite aspects of this store is its warm home feeling & the old fashion sink that you get to fill a exclusive Follain bottle with local handmade liquid soap. If you want to see photo make sure to check out my Fall Travel Trips post !

Follain Team is amazing and are their to help you with any question you may have . For sure its one of my favorite places to visit this year.

Online Shop Discoveries: BeauTeaBar

BeauTeaBar is a online Green Beauty store that carries many well know brands but also has many exclusive brands like AILA Cosmetics that could only be found or sold  in this shop. BeauTeaBar is a green beauty treasure of hard to find brands both  in U.S & international. I actually got  a chance to meet the lovely owner in a Green beauty event in NYC and get to know a little more about this lovely shop .I am looking forward to seen this shop growth in 2015.

One thing that I love is that BeauTeaBar is very unique  in that its involve in community events & bringing awareness to its customers in unique ways.   

I hope you all enjoy this post of my top 2014 DISCOVERIES of products & brands . For  this year a lot of great products where found . Of course, Looking forward to discovering more product favorites in 2015 !


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