Meeting the chick behind The Choosy Chick & Tour of my first order !


Meet the Chick !!

In this special post I bring you the  Choosy Chick Online (Green) store .  You may ask your self Another-online Green Store , YES ! This one is different  though as it brings focus to baby & family living  but most important in keeping a safe & happy family . Margot the founder of  The Choosy Chick is a mother too that is like all moms concern about what product are used in their kids  sensitive skin and what is brought to her home .

A Chick that Take Care of its Farm !!!

The Choosy Chick is a online store that provides detail information & resources that help to make your home greener and safe for your little ducklings but for everyone in the home.  In addition to  carrier products & brands that the whole family can use . Such as  kid body care, dental care, hair care products that are just for them. The store also has a great selection of   brands for the adults  that range from body care,skincare , and hair care products .

Its a One stop shop for the whole Family !!


Now lets get more personally with the CHICK behind this amazing Online  store created by Margot & Joe . A  green shop created by a couple to bring a healthy lifestyle to their family  and of course to US. I got the honor chance to chick chat with Margot about all things green !

And for this special chat I bring you a FUN Interview with Margot   ! Oh… get ready to laugh tooo !


Question : As a go-mom that you are, what products are found in your hand bag right now as we speak?

Margot : As we speak – here we go:  Au Naturale Lip Gloss:  Nothing like a sweep of shiny, natural gloss to brighten your lips and your day.  MUN No. 1 Aknari Youth Brightening Serum.  I apply this as needed throughout the day to moisturize and brighten my skin and the aroma makes me feel so good!  Splurge Skincare’s Melted Buttah – for those emergency dry spots and lip treatment in cold weather –  DN-UNIK’s Eye Contour Serum – for when my tired eyes need a pick-me-up and to bash dark circles!  This is just my bag.  My bathroom is another story!

 Question: If you could be a cartoon character for a day who would you be & why?

Margot:  Definitely Merida from the movie Brave!   I admire her spunky spirit, her fearless nature and her ability to be comfortable with who she is.

Question : Kids & family members LOVE to take over are product cabinet, what is one product you hide away from them? And why?

Margot : Oh my gosh.  Funny you should ask! I found my Kari Gran Lip Whip in my 11 year old son’s backpack and my hubby takes the Josh Rosebrook Cacao Mask and my Solavedi Organics ZAP! Blemish Spot Treatment – so I have to keep those concealed!  We also fight over the Griffin Remedy and Ahnesti shampoo – my kids ALWAYS use way too much.  And please don’t dare mess with my Graham Gardens Avocado Oatmeal soap!

 Question: The one “quote” that you read &  keeps you going :

Margot: This quote from Herbert Needleman is so inspiring to me and literally fuels me to help make a difference.  “Since 1950, at least 70,000 new chemical compounds have been invented and dispersed into our environment. Only a fraction of these have been tested for human toxicity. We are, by default, conducting a massive clinical toxicology trial, and our children and their children are the experimental animals.”

 Question: Green beauty had a big year in 2014, what 2014 products where you’re favorite & what new brand discoveries you found?

Margot: I honestly have favorites from all of our lines!  In terms of brand new discoveries, I  am very pleased that DN-UNIK found The Choosy Chick.  I am very impressed with this age-defying line from France and can’t wait to see what they will come up with next!

 Question: What flower or plant best describe you as a person & that you feel a nature connection with?

Margot:  I absolutely adore Hydrangeas.  Their big, bold flowers just always make me feel so good.   I love all the shades: blue, the pink, the lacey ones.  All of them!   I am not a happy camper when mine won’t bloom! I love them outside,  inside in a vase and even dried.

 Question: The green community love to meet up and get everyone together, if you could have the chance to have Tea Time with some of them (brand owner, store owner, etc ) who would be sitting in the table ?

Margot: Oh my gosh what a great question.  Their are so many people that I would love to meet, including you, Yeiza  with your amazing childhood story.   I would also love to meet some of the first people that helped get me off the ground – so here we go:  Katie –  The Green Product Junkie, Cori at Well Beauty Blog, Little Ru at Short Small and Sweet (I wonder if I am actually taller than she is – I’m 4’11), Danielle  – The Glamorganic Goddess,  Kasey at Plein Vanity.  Then at each end of the table I’d pick a king and queen.  HollyBeth from HollyBeth Organics and Josh Rosebrook!

 Question: What can your customers expect form Choosy Chick in 2015?  We look forward to an exciting 2015!

Margot: We will be adding some new products from existing lines and taking on a few more.  We also will be hosting more interviews with “people in the know” via our blog and would like to offer our repeat customers a rewards program.

Thank you Margot for the chick chat and the many good laughs !!! in doing this fun interview !! Looking forward to that TEA TIME in A NEAR FUTURE. ♥

Now that we had some fun with Margot likes get to some of the great goodies & brands that  The Choosy Chick has for us .

Inside The Choosy Chick online store  :

I place a order with The Choosy Chick to get some much needed goodies . The  online site has everything organize and easy to search through . With categories  of make-up, hair, Bath & body, Babies & kids , Sensitive , Skin   and Guys sections . With-in those categories its broken down to more  divide selections . Making easy to look for specific needs and products . 

The selection of brands for all family :

The brand list is pretty big and includes brands for the whole family need that include: Buttercup & Jake  ( Babies), Acure Organics ( for the whole family) , Kari Gran ( Skincare) ,TSI-La ( perfumes ) , Raw Elements ( SPF protection for the whole family  ) ,HollyBeth Organics ( Bath & body care) , Au Naturale ( makeup ) and many more  amazing brands  .

Check out the list of brands in The Choosy Chick !!!

A family Blog for healthy living :

In addition to a easy store to pick up green goodies , its also a very informative site as The Choosy Chick has a Blog  filled with product information and a Behind the brand Meet interview to get to know more about the owners & tips in using their brand line. Its a stop too where you find information about family products and creating a safe home space for your family.

The Choosy Chick Blog !! & Make sure to sign up to get the latest blog post ! You don’t want to miss it !


I was super excite to get my goodies and Margot was a big help in helping me pick the right products for my loin hair !



When I open my box this is what its look like !!! HOW CUTE IS THIS PACKAGING !!!! It was so cute that I also didn’t open it !!  The card is also super cute and gives its a special gift touch as if someone made you this gift for you.


Digging INSIDE :

After taking the beautiful wrap paper  ( phot0 above ) , it open up to this goodies of green products ! Every thing was pack up so nicely!!!  And of course find more lovely Packaging prints inside the box !!



Digging out the green goodies :

I fist open up the dot-dot bag as it capture my nose first and been a soap lover that I am . I just had to open this one first. Inside the bag was my soap picks indeed. I am always trying out new soaps and when I found the brand  Graham Gardens  in the site I just had to order. So to try them out I order the Soap sample packet that includes four  travel size  soaps of the brands  most love picks .

It includes Travel size : 

1.Peppermint Cream – smells so amazing and very up lifting .

2. Avocado & oatmeal – look this as it has help to relief cold winter skin with this hard winter.

3. Adirondack trail– A wood yet a sweet scent a lovely scent.

4. Lemongrass– Very up lifting & great for this winter blues that I am having .

If I had to pick a favorite I would say Peppermint & Avocado & Oatmeal are the ones. Love the  scents and how they care for my dry skin . Theses make great gifts and travel soaps .


 More Goodies : Buttercup & Jake Travel size  Cocoa Calendula Balm

I love balms and love how one can use them  in many ways .  I was looking for a travel one  and found Buttercup & Jake  balms in a travel size  and I am so glad I pick it up. It smells so good and works so well for dry hands & dry patches in my skin as the winter winds have been tough on my cheeks . This has help my cheeks to beat this winter . LOVE HOW It sleeps like chocolate !!


Makeup  goodies : Splurge Tinted Buttah

I am a lip balm girl and if you dig in my bag your find  at least 3 or 4 of them in their!!!  I love lip balms but was in the market for one that gives me some color to my pale winter lips . AND I decide to pick this one up and Now I need more ! Since I got it I can’t stop wearing it and love it so much that I think my other lip balms are starting to feel lonely! Love the peppermint feel of it and how smooth it goes plus the add of just a pink to my lips  .




Hair care Goodies: Fundamental Earth

Thanks to Margot for helping my pick out this hair product. This is by the brand Fundamental Earth, which is a local brand in CT !!  If you know or don’t know yet I am a Lavender lover and when I send that that these hair care products had lavender I was all in but also because contain great oils like Argan & Kukui oil which are great for dry hair .

I been using these for about two weeks now and Really love it for its scent but for also giving my hair  a clean feel without making my hair dry but instead provide it with care and oils . Really been enjoy these products and a full ON Review will be posted once I use it up !!



All the goodies Picks and Shopping at The Choosy Chick

Above this a complete photo of all the goodies that I pick up and in addition your see a few samples that I was sent by Margot base on my skin type & hair type . Which looking forward to trying out too ! Margot did a great job is picking out the sample for me !!

Thought on my picks :

I love everything that I got and have been enjoying many of these new brand products . Already some have been put on my every day list of must have :).  They all smell amazing and work great.

Thoughts on The Choosy chick store & shopping experiences :

I shop a lot online for almost everything  !!! And this was my first order with The Choosy Chick and I must say That my experiences in using the site to shop was easy and smooth. Love how simple it is to find products for ones special skin or hair  needs . The services is amazing as the customer care that is provided is very helpful and informative in guide one to find the right products . The package was like getting a personal gift and the presentation was sweet  and very personal as if some one wrap it just for you .

In less words Its a ONE STOP SHOP for EVERY ONE , I highly recommend it for people new to Green products &  Kid/ babies product shopping as it has the big collection of brands that are hard to find specially for the little ones .

Thank you to Margot for all her hard work & bring us a green store for the whole family !!Now go shop : and who knows maybe you get a special Chick egg in your order !!!

Note: all products where paid by me and review are always honesty !


6 thoughts on “Meeting the chick behind The Choosy Chick & Tour of my first order !

  1. Another online store for green beauty to add to the list! What a fun interview (love that her son takes the Kari Gran lip whip, he must be quite popular among the girls with that one!) and what a fab haul. Thanks for sharing your goodies with us Yeiza 🙂 xx

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