Summer Coconut Edition  1# : Sumbody Soap Coconut & Cream

Summer  Heat & Sun is all we can think about as the beach season is in full swing . Hitting the beach or the coast broad walk and eating ice cream is in are top list .

Summer Edition its all about coconut !!!

One of my favorite ingredients & the one that makes me think of summer beach all year long is COCONUT !!! . To kick off this coconut loco edition I will feature some of my top favorite pick products made with coconut  !!!

1# Feature brand Sumsoap Body soap Coconut & Cream

This travel size soap is the tropics in a bar ! Yupe its sweet coconut scents transports you to the clear beaches & palm trees out in the carribean. This bar is rich with coconut milk making it a cream  soft shower experiences . Great for after sun exposed  skin as coconut milk helps to nourish  dry itch skin .


The ingredients are : coconut oil, Palm oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Safflower oil, coconut milk & sumsoap scent blends . **  soap made with natural ingrdeint

Its simple & rich oil base ingredients  make it ideal for sensitive skin types as it helps to smooth any dry spots. I personal love this soap after been in the  sun as it helps to smooth any sun burn spots even when I put SPF as I tan quickly . Special when I am out running later in the day  .  It really Lather up into a cream soap  that leaves your skin feeling smooth & with a pleasent coconut scent that its soft yet smellls like a beach day 😉 .

Check out more about Sumbody other productts & amazing soaps like this one  : 

Stay tune for more Coconut Picks !!

Happy safe summer 🙂 

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