Goodebox Best Finds in 2014 Year Subscription


Goodebox Best Finds In 2014

I been a subscriber to Goodebox for over a Year Now ! Its been a fun & adventure  road of discovering New & Current use  brands . In this special post I will be showing you & discussing  some of my Top Favorites finds of green products That I have found through Goodebox for the 2014 year.

Learn more about Goodebox & its subscription Services Here!! Goodebox!!

Lets get too it !!


Hair Product Finds 2014

I love trying out new hair products as I am always in the hunt for one to keep control my LOIN Frizz curls . Thanks to Goodebox I found a few products that my hair has been looking .

♥Josh Rosebrook Deep Nourishing Shampoo & conditioner :

I got these products in the Goodebox partner event of A Night Of Green Beauty Event  that took place in LA in2014. I am so thankful to have got this products as my hair been loving it. I been using it now for the fall as my hair gets really dry and crazy! I notice since using these product my hair is stronger and breaks less and is also less dry. One thing for sure a little product goes along way.

♥Balanced Guru No Frizz oil (Hair Oil )

This hair oil is one of my favorites hair product as it has a lovely fresh smell of lemongrass. In addition to having a list of oils such as Argan Oil, Sesame oil, Jojoba Oil, Tamanu oil, Lemongrass & Eucalyptus. Love Love this this as its like giving your hair oil food , that provides to a healthy looking hair without weighing it down.

♥SheaRadiances Maximum Curl defining Cream with Shea Butter

I was so excited when I got to try this style cream and I was right to be excited to try it as it works great to define my curls with out weighing them down or making them stiff . Instead it just made my curls look natural and with life . Although it has Shea Butter it did not make my hair oily at all. Also love how this is not a sticky product neither !


Best of Goodebox Skin Care finds 2014:

♥ Gressa Skin Dirty Pretty Things (Face Mask)

This is actually the first time I try anything form this much LOVE brand by green Bloggers. I am so happy I got to try this product as it gets much love and let me tell you that that is actually what it gives your skin LOVE. Really enjot this treatment in my skin as I felt that it provide healing benefits for my dry patches . My skin just felts healthy & smooth as I kept using it . REALLY LOVELY PAMPER FACE PRODUCT.

♥Angle face Botanical Lavender Oil Free Clarifying Serum  ( facial serum)

I been really getting into serums lately after trying a few & see the benefits to my skin. This serum work great on my skin in clearing out   acne & dry patch areas.  I specially enjoy this as it has Lavender Oils that made it a nice relaxing step into my skincare at night. It just really made me look forward to my night routine. It smells so calming !

  ♥Goddess Garden Organics Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen (sunscreen)

I am always looking for a sunscreen as they all tend to break be out pretty bad and was help to try this one out. And when I did I felt in love as it did not break me out at all. It goes on well and sink much faster into skin then most sunscreens . I love how it does not give you that mask feel or like your wearing a extra layer on your skin. It smells great and protects my skin  can’t ask for anything more :).



Goodebox Best Finds in Makeup 2014:

♥ The All Natural Face Diva Stix White Highlighter

This was actually my first product to try form The all natural face and every since I been HOOK IN LOVE with this brand. Ha so many products and all work amazing .  The highlighter is  actually a new product that was launch early in 2014 and subscribers of  Goodebox got to try it first before sold online in the brands website. It works great to give you awake eye look and really just open us your eyes too. Love to use it as a base for my eye shadows too. Love how you can use this product in  so many more ways then one.

♥The All Natural Face  Matte Cream Blush for Lips & Cheek

One of my favorite favorite product form this brand is  their Lip & Cheek cream blush. It works so amazing & stays on for a very very long time without fading during the day or while your running form one state to another like me.  I love this product so much that I have already six of them .

♥ Kari Gran Lip whip

Another super super brand that I got to try out thanks too Goodebox. I been so obsessed with this product that I have a back up off it . This is by far the BEST LIP TREATMENT I’ve have used and that I’ve got results  . I love it as it enhances my natural pink-red lip color and at the same time taste great and keeps my lips form drying out in cold bitter days. LOve this product so much!!


Best of Goodebox Nail Polish 2014:

 ♥ Aila Cosmetic Nail Polish #LikeABoss

This is another brand that has been getting a lot of buzz & LOVe by the green community. And Now I know why, it is 5-free and it has the perfect nail polish finish that you would get if Nails Done in a SPA . Not to mention the beautiful colors  and the company’s great mission to give back one one nail polish at a time .

♥ Nail Polish

This is another great 5-free nail Polish that has many many colors that you may want to collect them all. is also a nail polish subscription that you get 3 to 4 nail polish collected only found through the subscription each month for  $19.99 . So if you love nail polish and a better healthy yet green nail polish this is a good one.  Really love all the colors that this brand offers in addition to how great power stay they have too.



 Goodebox Best In Health & wellness 2014:

One thing that really really stands out in Goodebox is that it includes many fun wellness & healthy items in the box through out the year .

♥ Zoe Organics Refesh Oil ( Aromatherapy)

I am a big believer in aromatherapy and use it a lot in my living . So when I got this Refresh oil  to add to my aromatherapy I was super excited.  This one works great for motion sickness or just to pick you up on those rough start days . It works great and the smell it just very up lifting with lime peel, ginger & mint you can’t go wrong  in awaking up your own spirits up or mood.

♥ PlantLife Natural Body Care Arnica Relief Gel ( muscle & joint Pain)

This item is a must have as part of a First-Aid kit . It works great to heal your Muscle pain after a long run or hiking trip. It also works great in reducing pain & swelling  or sore muscle when you have a bad flu. I love how natural & yet effective it is . For sure a item that I will always have in my first aid kit always .

♥ Work out Challenge (workout)

I am all about staying active and keeping my body healthy and strong . I also really enjoy just having ability to do my workouts at home or just taking them with me wherever I happen to travel too. This year i was introduce to Barre3  a workout that focus on balances, strength & transform your body. I will be doing this challenge this Jan 2015 and will be posting a dairy here in the blog to talk more in detail let you  my experiences . So stay tune !!!


 Goodebox Best of  Life Style 2014 :

♥ Wear Pact Socks in Orange

Like to wear socks for sleep and these work great just for that as they are so so soft as its made out of Organic Cotton. They are super cute and work great to wear everyday . A great item to have in these cold days for sure these will get use very well.

♥.People Towels in Blue

This lovely hand towel is great to use from cleaning your face to drying your hands . Its a  organic cotton towel made out of Eco-friendly dyes . Its soft and has a great function for many things . Also love how this product brings awareness regarding about climate changes & helping to keep are earth safe & healthy.


♥ EcoJot Mini Notebook

One can Never have to many not pads  specially when been a writer or a Blogger. I love this note pad for its size as it fits in any bag and can be taken anywhere . In addition its 100% recycled paper and made with veggie ink.  The best part part of the portion cost of each product goes to provide writing tools for children in need around the world. A great product that gives back , love that !!! In addition to keeping all my ideas together  🙂 .

2014 a great Year of Goodebox Goodies !!!

I really enjoy Goodebox for the whole year of 2014!! And yes their where a few products that didn’t work out but Overall I loved all the products & enjoy the ones that I got to give a test run. AS mention before I love Goodebox for  providing a mix beauty & lifestyle & wellness box that covers many areas that I love . Thanks to Goodebox I found many great brands & products that I may have miss out .So thanks GOODEBOX for the amazing 2014 & so Looking forward to what you bring  in 2015!

Here to many Goodebox in 2015!!

I hope you enjoy this round up of the best of Gooodebox Subscription Year of 2014.

2 thoughts on “Goodebox Best Finds in 2014 Year Subscription

  1. What a great way to review items from your Goodeboxes from 2014!! I was lucky enough to receive some of the same items as you and I think Goodebox has improved a lot this year. The brands and sample sizes have been awesome. I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings. I also hope they do the #ANFGB collab full-size boxes for special purchase again. Those boxes were just amazing…I was lucky enough to snag one and the products fantastic.

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