The mother of all Rosemary herbs : Osmia Organics SPA Series Rosemary body Mousse !!

Osmia Organics SPA Series

Just a few months back Osmia Organics expand its line to the Luxury world of SPA . Creating a SPA line focus on luxury ingredients  used through out history . Yet as we know in Green Beauty  community  everything that  this brand makes is just DIVINE!!!!

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The Rosemary Mousse

This body whip lotion made out of Rosemary heaven  is one of the three product launches for Osmia Organic SPA Series !  Its a light weight mousse lotion that is  light yet very refreshing scent that is not over taken neither does it make you think or smell like  pizza or pasta !

Its a pure & awaking scent  of a fresh Rosemary herb garden  fields in Italy !!

makep 194 A Luxury Body Lotion with Rosemary benefits !!

This luxury whip lotion is just filled with goodness !

Rosemary In herbal Medicine

As Rosemary is consider a herbal medicine multitasker as it has  antioxidant and  antibacterial properties. In addition  it is used  to treat muscle pain  & to help to improve circulation.  

Its is no questions that Osmia Organic  pick this beautiful herb for its wellness giving !!!

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Skin & body Goodness !

 The whip lotion is light weight  yet holds a cream texture that rubs into the skin smoothly as it sink into the sink like a light oil ! Its not sticky neither does it leave the skin feeling heavy ! Works beautiful after getting out the  shower as the whip lotion rubs on great while  your skin is still damp .

Rubbing its in the skin is like a therapy session of self love & calmness !!!  I complete feel of luxury & wellness in a  jar !

I been special enjoy this at night as a night treatment  after a long day of work  to help my  whole body & mind relax! But also  makes a great  pamper massage lotion to relax  tried legs and hands ! Lets just say I have Happy hands & legs now 🙂

For sure OSMIA ORGANIC does it again making a WINNER product !! Thanks OSMIA !!! Can’t wait to try the rest of the SPA Series line!

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