Spring  Up Series 2015 : Spring Up My Bag !


Spring is officially HERE ! …. as This Bear comes out of her Cave !The birds are singing  & the flower trees are in full bloom .

Its that time again to hide away the winter hats & gloves to SPRING -UP . One of the first things that get SPRING FEVER is my everyday Bag .The first post of my Spring Edition series for this year. Lets take a look at some of my picks & treats .


   For my spring picks this year I choose to explore and Spring up with PHILTRE USA .

A new up coming green Beauty online  store . What caught my eye is that this store only focus on brands that are made right here at home in the USA. A feature that I love as I always like to support brands & business owner that are right here !!

This great store has everything from makeup, body care, hair care, nail polish and so much more !!!!.

 I love PHILTER  for bringing awareness of products  & brands that Are made right here in the USA But also for its Very Personal Customer services .The owner Heidi is very kind & funny yet very helpfully in detailing the scents of the products and answering any questions of products picks & ingredients .


Spring -Up my Bag  with the following picks :

When springing my bag I like to pick items  that smell or make me feel like spring !!! So I look for scents that are very flower like smell or a citrus like scent like oranges . That are fresh like the spring air in May !  Also must not forget to get that SPF protection  !!

  Spring -Up picks for the Body & soul :

Body Pick : . In may bag I always have to have a lotion as my hand tend to get dry . Form Philter USA I picked ZUM BODY in Lavender- Lemon scent . Zum- Body is actually a new brand for me and right now I am loving this product pick . It smells so refreshing yet so relaxing ! I love to rub it in my hands and then place my hands over my nose  and take a deep breaths . It leaves the hands soft with no oily feel . The scent is just divine!!!

Soul & Multitasking pick : I am a girl on the go all the time and I like to keep a soul booster product to lift me up in my long days . And PHILTRE USA had Cloud of protection by  NIEVES. A brand that I had my eye for a while as they create products with mulit -purpose  function. Cloud of protection is a very special product as its functions as a room spray & Hand Sanitizer  & mood lifter . It has a beautiful fresh scent of orange that is very up lifting  and works great to brightening up ones mood..

Spring -Up Picks for Face & Smelling good :

Smelling Good :  With hotter days as the weather warms up equal to more sweat days too. Lets just say I am more self aware of my smells , don’t know why!  which brings up the next pick  and one that is always in my bag as a must is a under arm cream or lotion by FIG + Yarrow . A brand that has also been in my list to try and have been enjoying a lot of their products.  This Underarm lotion is just that a Lotion that is soft and fights odor plus it nourish your under arm skin !!! A super cool product that I been looking to refresh up during the mid day. It has  herbal scent that is lovely yet refreshing. It works well and BEST part it won’t stain your clothes  like many underarm products DO,  So NO White LINES in my SHIRT !! WIN WIN 🙂

Facial & lip spring care :  No that the sun shines more it calls form some serious sun protection. I use a SPF all year round  but in hotter days I really power it up to protection my skin.  One of my favorite is COOLA Mineral sunscreen  and this travel size unscented SPF is great for mid day face touch ups . Love  how it goes in easy and sinks right into the skin without leaving any white layer in the skin . Its more of a matte finish which works great if you have a more oily skin like me during hot days.

SPF Lips is also  a must to protect your lips and keep them form burning or over drying . If you know me I am a lip balm lover  A must item that you find in my bag as many as Two . I wanted to try something new and went for the beloved HURRAW! brand  Sun Balm in Tangerine Chamomile! It taste so good and  leaves my lips dry free!! and love that it protects my lips form dryness & the  sun :).


This is my Spring -Up item Picks !!! All can be found at the lovely Green Beauty store PHILTRE !! Go visit and check out the great selection of products & brands that are all made in the USA !!!

 Visit : http://philtreusa.com


what products your picked to spring – Up your bag ??? Would love to hear !!


6 thoughts on “Spring  Up Series 2015 : Spring Up My Bag !

  1. I’ve not heard of this website before so thank you for the introduction! I have the Hurraw moon balm but would love the sun balm for warmer weather! Also love the sound of the Underarm lotion – not heard of a deodorant described as a lotion before!

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