The Best of 2014: Green Brands & Products

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/8ac/56964271/files/2014/12/img_0782.jpg♦The Best Of the Best In 2014♦

This year a lot of Green Products got used and went for a long test run ! Many want in my Favorite Bin & many want in the No Favorite Bin! In where-every they landed I am glad I got to try them out .In this post I show you & discuss my Top favorites for 2014 and why . Kind in mind that these are products that work for me and that my skin & body say YES as Approval. One thing for sure I can say they are worth a Shot  !

So Here are My Top 2014 Products



♦The Best In Makeup 2014♦


EcoToolsIs one brand that’s been in my life for a long time . Although I’ve tried other makeup tool brands I always go back to EcoTools. My top favorite is their makeup brushe set Fresh & Flawless. I have  had this for a Year now & not one has broken or fail apart ! Considering that I wash my brushes every week !They look just as good & functions the same just like the first time I got them. For sure these brushes prove to be Top quality ! Which is why I love them & earn a good stop in the Best of 2014!!!

Brija Cosmetic Jelly lip balm

I am a lip balm girl all the way but sometimes I do like to wear some color . Yet lipstick don’t happen to work well in my very dry lips even if I scrub & put the best lip balm my lips still look dry . The jelly lip balm is exactly what I been wanting a color + a balm in one . It layers in my lips just like a lip balm with a add of color that does not show my dry lips.

For this is the best lip product that I’ve found in 2014.


Integrity Botanicals

A lot of amazing Green stores launch this year in 2014 . In which all have something to offer for every taste & like & need. But Intergrity Botanicals is hands down my one stop beauty shop. The customer services & package process is top notch ! But what won me over is the owners passion heart and mission to spread the awareness to people new & old to the green community . She shows these often in her blog, Twitter and even in person . In which I have yet the pleasure to meet her & her team but hope so in a near feature.

In addition to the great people behind it, their is also a amazing selection of brands that are both high end & low end meaning their is a price point for every budget !

“A one stop shop that give green love in always “


♦Best of Body Care 2014♦

Osmia Organics Soap

As a soap lover that I am I have to include soap in my best of 2014. Osmia Organics makes the most beautiful earth soaps ever. These soaps really bring in the outdoors inside your shower . Proving a experiences of out doors in a luxury way best part in your own Tube, It can’t get better then that.

In addition to mention the Owners passion for soap making including her Team that can be seen in ever bar. In fact I don’t have to say much the soap SPEAKS for its self 🙂

Meow Meow Tweet

My cat friends made the list this year ! Of course they did it’s hard not to include them . I love Meow Meow Tweets deodorant and this year they came out with a Baking Soda  Free deodorant for sensitive skin in the scent Grapefruit . This little new guy works just as good as the rest of its friends Lavender & Tea Tree.

What makes it the BEST is that its the only deodorant that I know that works in more then one way . Its Keeps you Smelling Free & gives your arm pity LOve by leaving your skin soft! Now that earns a Star !


I hope you enjoy this post of Best of 2014 Products !

Let me know in the comment bar below some of your top products for 2014 ? would love to hear about them or Link your post below if you made a list of top 2014 products ?.


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