Yoga at Home for Beginners #3 : Energy Boost Squence

Energy To Keep Us going :


 This week me and Ru  share are home sequences  that we use in at home yoga practices .  Morning, noon or evening, no matter the time of day at some point in time we just want more energy!

The following sequences that I’ll be sharing is one of the Top know sequences that is great for stretching or in this case I use it to wake up my body  and get my energy going  . The Sun salutation can be done anytime to get a instant shot of energy boost to keep you going . I personally  use these to keep me going on my long days or to just boost me up again.


The Sun Salutation

The sun salutation is is a great morning started yoga sequences to get you ready for your tasking day.  Its a sequences that only takes  8-10 minutes of your morning and can be done anytime of the day as well.  I do find that starting my morning with this sequences helps me keep my energy going the rest of the day and like ” Nutrition professionals say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to keep your body going” & morning yoga is just like that the fuel that keeps the engine going.   The following diagram above  by Maknwaves.

Steps In doing the Sun Salutation sequences :

  •   Step #1 :Stand at the front of your mat with hands in  prayer position ( Mountain Pose).
  •  Step #2 :Inhale & stretch your arms out and raise them over your head. Arch your back slowly a bit .
  • Step #3 :Exhaling, bend your upper body forward trying to place the palms of your hands on your feet. Keep your legs straight .
  • Step #4 :Inhaling, bend legs, place hands on the floor, and bring your left leg back, while your right leg remains between your hands.
  • Step #5 :Exhaling, bring your right leg back next to your left leg. Make sure that your legs are spread a bit. rise your hips and bring your trunk and head down. keep your legs and arms stretched out, and your back very straight.
  • Step #6 :Hold your breath, bend your arms until your whole body is 4 inches away from and parallel to the floor .
  •  Step # 7: Inhaling, straighten your arms, arch your back and bring your trunk and head back ( Cobra Pose).
  •  Step #8 : Exhaling, raise your hips and bring your trunk and head down. Keep your legs and arms stretched out and your back very straight  ( Down Dog Pose).
  • Step #9 : Inhaling, bring your left leg forward and place your foot between your hands. Keep your right leg extended and your gaze straight head.
  • Step #10 : Exhaling, bring your right leg forward and bring your feet together. Keeping your legs extended, bend your trunk forward trying to place your hands on the floor.
  • Step #11 :Inhaling gently raise your body until you are straight ( back to Mountain Pose)  .

Step #12: Repeat this sequence one more time !

So here I share with you some fun diagrams of Sun salutation that I love to follow :

I am very visual person so  I like to use and follow fun diagrams of yoga sequences . I find that it really helps me stay motivated but also have fun doing the sequences .  The following diagrams are some of my favorites  to follow and take with me in my  Ipad or on my phone.

A cute Sun Salutation to sweet a day:

This super cute diagram is actually a poster that you can get by a Esty shop called Artractions. Although it looks like its no longer been sold. But I still find is super cute to follow and have in your phone or Ipad .


The Bear’s Keep you going :

Another great & fun diagram  of the Sun Salutation sequence  by . How cute is this bear !! If a bear can get motivated to do it so can you.  This diagram makes the sequences fun to follow !


It’s important when doing any work out or activate activity that you make it fun & looks fun for you to follow.This will provide you to stay motivated !!!

Mix it UP :

Jennifer Jarrett’s sequences on Mind Body Green , is a great morning or any time of day sequences to do to get a good boost of energy again . This 10-15 minute is created to wake up your body ! I really enjoy this sequences and use it to mix it up by doing this one, one day and the Sun salutation the next day. I do this routine twice as I do both right & left side of my body.  You can read up on how to do each step by following the link. Its super easy and great for beginners as its a very flow sequence.


Video on another great  Energy Sequences:

Another great sequences is by Kathryn Budig  called 3 Moves for Right-This -Second Energy at Women’s Health .  This is a fun sequence to follow , although my require a little more to practice and learn it for a beginner but is worth a try.


I find that its important to have two routines so you can mix it up and keep you motivated. That way you avoid the whole  constant repeat pattern issue that happens  when  you work out  that can cause your to get bored . As always make it fun and enjoyable for you !!!

Now that we are All BOOST-UP!!!!! we can take on  are task with better energy  !

I hope your enjoy this Yoga post and let me know if you try any of these sequence to BOOST up your energy ?. Make sure to check out Ru post on her blog as she shares Her  Good Morning Sequence !


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