Yoga at Home for beginners 4 # : Yoga sequences to Increase Metabolism

For are continue series on Yoga at Home  for beginners Me & Ru will be sharing more of are favorite yoga Sequences.So Make sure to go over Ru blog (Short Small&Sweet)  to check out her  Yoga Detox Sequences. As I will be sharing my Increase metabolism sequence to avoid been a Winter Bear !  

Art Photo by : Kuro-Risu

How Not to be a Winter Bear ?!

During Winter Season are body become slow as we are less activate due to the cold weather . Which influences highly in having low  energy and having a hard time in keeping are weight where we want it to be .  Helping  are body keep its flow going and helping are digestive system convert food to energy and of course burn that fat !

 7 Tips is keeping a healthy Metabolism :

1. Drink lot of WATER ! Yes its important to take in that * glass of water everyday. Water help’s your system clean it .

2. Eat your GREENS & veggies too  : Including more greens & fruits  to your diet help your body get clean out and get a nature detox in less words get that Bad Fat Out and keep the good nutrition IN.

3. Drink Cups of Green Tea : Green tea has many benefits including helping speed up your metabolism . 5. Slow down on those sugars :  We all love sugar but during winter a cut back is needed as we burn it off less faster .

6. Get your Beauty Sleep:  Getting  8 hours of sleep helps your body recover & regain its energy to keep the metabolism going. Getting little to no sleep actually slow down your metabolism much faster.

7. Stay activate:  Staying active in some way or form is important and hard in winter season as all we want to do is curb in a blanket, I know Me TOO.  Do a fun dance video or run up your stairs a few times  are just some fun ideas. No matter what you do just keep your body going !

A At Home Yoga sequences to avoid being a Bear & keep Burning that Fat :


The above diagram by Brittany Costa   . Shows step by step yoga sequence that  focus in giving are Metabolism going  and to avoid it from slowing down ! I personally love this sequences as its a simply yet effective one for your body & mind to keep it activate during winter blues .In addition for a more challenge I some time use small weights of 5-pounds to make it more like a strength sequences.

Tips for Sequences:

  • Remember to do the poses  slowly and never rush your self while moving to one pose to the next.
  • Remember to breath naturally by inhaling and exhaling during the poses.Avoid holding your breath at any point in time.

I add this sequences to my routine at least twice a week  to keep my metabolism on check .  Specially during the winter season as I don’t want to be a sleepy BEAR 🙂  .

I hope you enjoy this post, and don’t forget to check out Ru Post on Yoga Detox sequences  .


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