Yoga at Home for Beginners #5: stress relief sequences

Yoga for stress

Stress is one of the biggest factors in today living as more people suffer from stress and is one of the many cause of heart disease, anxiety and depression. One important step is recognizing it and working on relieving the tension before it goes out of hand. Doing yoga pose is one way to relief tension in the muscles and makes them more relax. In addition it helps to center your body and mind when it out of balances.

In this part of yoga at home sequences I will provide some useful poses in addition to references that focus on relieving stress or anxiety. Make sure to check out Ru post on Happy Hips !!

Lets Get that Tension Out !



Step One Preparing the body & mind:

With staring the stress & anxiety sequences one must prepared the body and one way to do so is start out with the Sun Salutation sequences.  Its a great way to warm up the whole body.


You can find step by steps in my last post : Yoga sequences for Boost of Energy.  Right after doing this sequences you are step up to continue to your  stress sequences.  

Step two doing the stress sequences:


The following diagram by Shannon Orcutt in Restorative Yoga Poses to relieve stress is a great sequences for just that!  I love and have used this often in moments that I feel over  loaded with work .

All you need is a Pillow as a support tool and a yoga block. Hold each pose for about 2-3 minutes each  and remember to breath in and out slowly  while doing each pose and changing into the different poses . 

!Also when doing the leg -wall pose remember to use the wall as support and not your back !


Adding a Relax touch :

When doing the stress & anxiety sequences  I like to light up my lavender candle  just to help me set up the mood and a relax space. I find that it really helps when doing this sequences.





A great Book for yoga pose to help with stress:



A great book and read that I found to be very useful in this topic is a book by Elaine Gavales  called The yoga mini book for stress Relief. Its a book that provides a step by step of different sequences in focus on stress poses. In addition it mixes mediation which is a great way to re- center you mind .  I highly recommended this book as its very easy to follow and very informative  . It also comes in different languages too ! Find it all your local book store  ( online store) or at .

I hope you enjoy this yoga sequences and find it helpful to relax and be more stress free !


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