Yoga at Home for beginners : Yoga with your Pet (Doga)

Yoga with your furry friend


 Are paw friends are  always on are side and know when we feel bad . They are always reminding us to take a moment to feel love and connect with are self and are nature side . Having a pet is a great thing in a humans life and one that shows to have great benefits in helping us deal with stress better as they bring us calmness .

For this edition of home yoga I will show you how I do Doga ( dog Yoga )  with my little furry friend NalaDoga is great to build a wonderful connect with your pet but its also great for both sides as it brings  both you and the pet calmness & bonding .

Is Doga for you & your pet???

  • Doga is not for every dog !! It take time  for your dog and you to find a way to work together which is the idea behind Doga is finding a way to bond.
  • At first your pet will thing its play time ! Nala  ( My dog) sure though the same but as we kept doing the poses she learn & came to understand  .
  • Keep POINT is to be calm & don’t get upset if you dog doesn’t want to do it !! Remember this is something new for both of you .

My & Nala Doga Sequences


Step One : Making Room to do Doga

◊ Make sure you & your pet have room to do your Doga Sequences . You both don’t want to be bumming into things around you. So safe is always important !


Step Two Start the sequences or poses :

◊ I first start off in Mountain pose or prayer pose as Nala sit right in front of me in the mat  !



Standing Forward bend Post

◊ I then move  into expand my arms down as I bend my knees to get into  Standing Forward bend pose ( UTTANASNA)

◊As you move your arms down pet your furry friend as they sit in front of you . As you can see Nala likes ! Hold the position for  1-2 minutes before going to the next pose.


◊ your pet can also lay down as you pet them during thee ( standing Forward bend pose) , which is another way to position your pet when doing this pose as you can see Nala is doing too !


Child Pose

◊ As you are bending  in Standing Forward bend pose  you can slowly position into child pose . As you can see Nala & my paws .


◊  Then place  you dog or pet in your lap  .


◊ Then position you dog or pet  as if you where going to give them a stomach rub  make sure to give the pet support by placing you hands behind their head or back as I am doing here with Nala .

◊ I then slowly bend forward my upper body as I  hold  Nala as if i where going to give her a hug  and hold the position for 2 minutes . You can also just hold your pet  supporting its back as you sit in a straight line back  position as I am doing here with Nala Zones off.


Next pose is Sukhasana ( Seating Meditation pose )

◊ As you are in Child Pose  let your pet go slowly  and   you  then slowly get on a India sitting position . As your pet is sits in  front of you. You can pet your pet while changing position to keep the dog in the mood .


◊Then pet your pet in your lap again and hold your dog or pet in front of your chest where your pet can feel you breath as you can feel theirs .

◊Slowly pet your dog or pet as you have your eyes closes . In this moment focus on your dogs or pets breathing as they will do the same .  Do this for about 3 or 5 minutes and then slowly open your eyes and give your dog  or pet a good hug 🙂

Here are some more Pose :

Here are some great poses to try with your furry friends .



This is a great Diagram  above by Jennifer D’Angelis  doing pose with her dog  and showing how to do the positions. Doga is recommended by many yoga teachers for dogs or pets that have a lot of energy or have behavioral problems as it helps with focus .

My experiences & results with Nala :


I can personally say by experiences in doing yoga with Nala ( my dog) that it has help her control her super energy as before she would go crazy hoping around . Doing yoga with her for 2 years now I have seen a big change as she has energy but it not wild like before.  We also have a much specially relation & bond that goes be on just been my best furry friend .

Now Nala actually  pulls out the mat to tell me that its time for are Yoga 🙂 !! We do it  two -times during the week .

  My best advises is to slowly add positions as your pet feels more conformable doing them with you and do Doga as one pose at a time .  And let it be something that you both enjoy . And remember the sequences are not to be long but short for at least 5 to 8 minutes .

If you have questions or would like to know more Please feel free to leave a comment below .

I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to check out Ru recent post on her yoga sequences !!!


3 thoughts on “Yoga at Home for beginners : Yoga with your Pet (Doga)

  1. Never heard of Doga before! What a brilliant idea and Nala seems to enjoy the experience to no end! I don’t think I could get Saskia to be so cooperative….especially not having her lie facing upwards, she’s always found it uncomfortable much to my dismay! Wonderful post :))

    • Caprinic, thank you for stopping by & for your lovely comment . Yes Nala loves it ! I would just try one pose at a time and build from their with your dog . My dog is very wild and at first it was hard to get her to do any pose with me but i just slowly would work with her and find the poses that she like the most such as head petting or belly rubs , ect . I would try it 🙂

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