Meeting the chick behind The Choosy Chick & Tour of my first order !


Meet the Chick !!

In this special post I bring you the  Choosy Chick Online (Green) store .  You may ask your self Another-online Green Store , YES ! This one is different  though as it brings focus to baby & family living  but most important in keeping a safe & happy family . Margot the founder of  The Choosy Chick is a mother too that is like all moms concern about what product are used in their kids  sensitive skin and what is brought to her home .

A Chick that Take Care of its Farm !!!

The Choosy Chick is a online store that provides detail information & resources that help to make your home greener and safe for your little ducklings but for everyone in the home.  In addition to  carrier products & brands that the whole family can use . Such as  kid body care, dental care, hair care products that are just for them. The store also has a great selection of   brands for the adults  that range from body care,skincare , and hair care products .

Its a One stop shop for the whole Family !!


Now lets get more personally with the CHICK behind this amazing Online  store created by Margot & Joe . A  green shop created by a couple to bring a healthy lifestyle to their family  and of course to US. I got the honor chance to chick chat with Margot about all things green !

And for this special chat I bring you a FUN Interview with Margot   ! Oh… get ready to laugh tooo !


Question : As a go-mom that you are, what products are found in your hand bag right now as we speak?

Margot : As we speak – here we go:  Au Naturale Lip Gloss:  Nothing like a sweep of shiny, natural gloss to brighten your lips and your day.  MUN No. 1 Aknari Youth Brightening Serum.  I apply this as needed throughout the day to moisturize and brighten my skin and the aroma makes me feel so good!  Splurge Skincare’s Melted Buttah – for those emergency dry spots and lip treatment in cold weather –  DN-UNIK’s Eye Contour Serum – for when my tired eyes need a pick-me-up and to bash dark circles!  This is just my bag.  My bathroom is another story!

 Question: If you could be a cartoon character for a day who would you be & why?

Margot:  Definitely Merida from the movie Brave!   I admire her spunky spirit, her fearless nature and her ability to be comfortable with who she is.

Question : Kids & family members LOVE to take over are product cabinet, what is one product you hide away from them? And why?

Margot : Oh my gosh.  Funny you should ask! I found my Kari Gran Lip Whip in my 11 year old son’s backpack and my hubby takes the Josh Rosebrook Cacao Mask and my Solavedi Organics ZAP! Blemish Spot Treatment – so I have to keep those concealed!  We also fight over the Griffin Remedy and Ahnesti shampoo – my kids ALWAYS use way too much.  And please don’t dare mess with my Graham Gardens Avocado Oatmeal soap!

 Question: The one “quote” that you read &  keeps you going :

Margot: This quote from Herbert Needleman is so inspiring to me and literally fuels me to help make a difference.  “Since 1950, at least 70,000 new chemical compounds have been invented and dispersed into our environment. Only a fraction of these have been tested for human toxicity. We are, by default, conducting a massive clinical toxicology trial, and our children and their children are the experimental animals.”

 Question: Green beauty had a big year in 2014, what 2014 products where you’re favorite & what new brand discoveries you found?

Margot: I honestly have favorites from all of our lines!  In terms of brand new discoveries, I  am very pleased that DN-UNIK found The Choosy Chick.  I am very impressed with this age-defying line from France and can’t wait to see what they will come up with next!

 Question: What flower or plant best describe you as a person & that you feel a nature connection with?

Margot:  I absolutely adore Hydrangeas.  Their big, bold flowers just always make me feel so good.   I love all the shades: blue, the pink, the lacey ones.  All of them!   I am not a happy camper when mine won’t bloom! I love them outside,  inside in a vase and even dried.

 Question: The green community love to meet up and get everyone together, if you could have the chance to have Tea Time with some of them (brand owner, store owner, etc ) who would be sitting in the table ?

Margot: Oh my gosh what a great question.  Their are so many people that I would love to meet, including you, Yeiza  with your amazing childhood story.   I would also love to meet some of the first people that helped get me off the ground – so here we go:  Katie –  The Green Product Junkie, Cori at Well Beauty Blog, Little Ru at Short Small and Sweet (I wonder if I am actually taller than she is – I’m 4’11), Danielle  – The Glamorganic Goddess,  Kasey at Plein Vanity.  Then at each end of the table I’d pick a king and queen.  HollyBeth from HollyBeth Organics and Josh Rosebrook!

 Question: What can your customers expect form Choosy Chick in 2015?  We look forward to an exciting 2015!

Margot: We will be adding some new products from existing lines and taking on a few more.  We also will be hosting more interviews with “people in the know” via our blog and would like to offer our repeat customers a rewards program.

Thank you Margot for the chick chat and the many good laughs !!! in doing this fun interview !! Looking forward to that TEA TIME in A NEAR FUTURE. ♥

Now that we had some fun with Margot likes get to some of the great goodies & brands that  The Choosy Chick has for us .

Inside The Choosy Chick online store  :

I place a order with The Choosy Chick to get some much needed goodies . The  online site has everything organize and easy to search through . With categories  of make-up, hair, Bath & body, Babies & kids , Sensitive , Skin   and Guys sections . With-in those categories its broken down to more  divide selections . Making easy to look for specific needs and products . 

The selection of brands for all family :

The brand list is pretty big and includes brands for the whole family need that include: Buttercup & Jake  ( Babies), Acure Organics ( for the whole family) , Kari Gran ( Skincare) ,TSI-La ( perfumes ) , Raw Elements ( SPF protection for the whole family  ) ,HollyBeth Organics ( Bath & body care) , Au Naturale ( makeup ) and many more  amazing brands  .

Check out the list of brands in The Choosy Chick !!!

A family Blog for healthy living :

In addition to a easy store to pick up green goodies , its also a very informative site as The Choosy Chick has a Blog  filled with product information and a Behind the brand Meet interview to get to know more about the owners & tips in using their brand line. Its a stop too where you find information about family products and creating a safe home space for your family.

The Choosy Chick Blog !! & Make sure to sign up to get the latest blog post ! You don’t want to miss it !


I was super excite to get my goodies and Margot was a big help in helping me pick the right products for my loin hair !



When I open my box this is what its look like !!! HOW CUTE IS THIS PACKAGING !!!! It was so cute that I also didn’t open it !!  The card is also super cute and gives its a special gift touch as if someone made you this gift for you.


Digging INSIDE :

After taking the beautiful wrap paper  ( phot0 above ) , it open up to this goodies of green products ! Every thing was pack up so nicely!!!  And of course find more lovely Packaging prints inside the box !!



Digging out the green goodies :

I fist open up the dot-dot bag as it capture my nose first and been a soap lover that I am . I just had to open this one first. Inside the bag was my soap picks indeed. I am always trying out new soaps and when I found the brand  Graham Gardens  in the site I just had to order. So to try them out I order the Soap sample packet that includes four  travel size  soaps of the brands  most love picks .

It includes Travel size : 

1.Peppermint Cream – smells so amazing and very up lifting .

2. Avocado & oatmeal – look this as it has help to relief cold winter skin with this hard winter.

3. Adirondack trail– A wood yet a sweet scent a lovely scent.

4. Lemongrass– Very up lifting & great for this winter blues that I am having .

If I had to pick a favorite I would say Peppermint & Avocado & Oatmeal are the ones. Love the  scents and how they care for my dry skin . Theses make great gifts and travel soaps .


 More Goodies : Buttercup & Jake Travel size  Cocoa Calendula Balm

I love balms and love how one can use them  in many ways .  I was looking for a travel one  and found Buttercup & Jake  balms in a travel size  and I am so glad I pick it up. It smells so good and works so well for dry hands & dry patches in my skin as the winter winds have been tough on my cheeks . This has help my cheeks to beat this winter . LOVE HOW It sleeps like chocolate !!


Makeup  goodies : Splurge Tinted Buttah

I am a lip balm girl and if you dig in my bag your find  at least 3 or 4 of them in their!!!  I love lip balms but was in the market for one that gives me some color to my pale winter lips . AND I decide to pick this one up and Now I need more ! Since I got it I can’t stop wearing it and love it so much that I think my other lip balms are starting to feel lonely! Love the peppermint feel of it and how smooth it goes plus the add of just a pink to my lips  .




Hair care Goodies: Fundamental Earth

Thanks to Margot for helping my pick out this hair product. This is by the brand Fundamental Earth, which is a local brand in CT !!  If you know or don’t know yet I am a Lavender lover and when I send that that these hair care products had lavender I was all in but also because contain great oils like Argan & Kukui oil which are great for dry hair .

I been using these for about two weeks now and Really love it for its scent but for also giving my hair  a clean feel without making my hair dry but instead provide it with care and oils . Really been enjoy these products and a full ON Review will be posted once I use it up !!



All the goodies Picks and Shopping at The Choosy Chick

Above this a complete photo of all the goodies that I pick up and in addition your see a few samples that I was sent by Margot base on my skin type & hair type . Which looking forward to trying out too ! Margot did a great job is picking out the sample for me !!

Thought on my picks :

I love everything that I got and have been enjoying many of these new brand products . Already some have been put on my every day list of must have :).  They all smell amazing and work great.

Thoughts on The Choosy chick store & shopping experiences :

I shop a lot online for almost everything  !!! And this was my first order with The Choosy Chick and I must say That my experiences in using the site to shop was easy and smooth. Love how simple it is to find products for ones special skin or hair  needs . The services is amazing as the customer care that is provided is very helpful and informative in guide one to find the right products . The package was like getting a personal gift and the presentation was sweet  and very personal as if some one wrap it just for you .

In less words Its a ONE STOP SHOP for EVERY ONE , I highly recommend it for people new to Green products &  Kid/ babies product shopping as it has the big collection of brands that are hard to find specially for the little ones .

Thank you to Margot for all her hard work & bring us a green store for the whole family !!Now go shop : and who knows maybe you get a special Chick egg in your order !!!

Note: all products where paid by me and review are always honesty !


Winter Travel Dairy Edition : A Visit to Lurk pop-up-shop NYC

Hello, Everyone,

Welcome back to my Winter Travel Dairy Edition and in this first post of 2015 & travel trips I had the chance to visit and bring you a  Peek into   LURK   Pop-Up-Shop at NYC .

A quick Introduction to LURK  :

Lurk Beauty is a Natural perfume brand that makes the most beautiful oil perfumes . Its a company that is base  in New York and is organic & Natural. A perfume brand that is love by many of us in the Green Beauty Community and a favorite in general.

For more information:

 Inside Look at The pop-Up Shop:



Pop Up Shop @ Michele Varian (upstairs)
27 Howard St
NY NY 10013
(Soho Area)

Hours: Mon Thur Fri- 11am to 7pm & Sat + Sun to 11am to 6pm

The pop up shop is a feature of two brand owners that got together to bring  awareness of green beauty and fashion in one stop shop.


Walking in a cozy Space of Treasures:

Walking you find your self walking to a hiding treasures chest of all great Green goods! ( as seen in the above photo). And of course right when you walk in you find the lovely Anne  founder  of Lurk. In which I got the pleasure to meet & chat with as she give me the tour of this beautiful space. To be Honest I  kind off wanted every thing ! 🙂

 well, Hello !!! Oh, and their is ME peeking into the Mirror on the wall !

Anne Pretty much brought her store   LURKshoP  ( located  at  28 West Water Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963) to New York City. Of course this is just a peek in what we can find at the actually location and let me just say  it makes you want to spend your Vacation up at Sag Harbor,NY.


Lets walk Through & show you the Treasures inside :

As you walk in  the Right side of the Pop-Up is where your find LURKshop Green beauty items that includes a line up of green heaven & hard to find brands .

In the first section you find the beautiful display of LURk Perfumes  including the new perfumes  just launched  Eau De Toilette RS005 & BS003. I got to test them out and let me just say they are just as beautiful as the little guys . The NEW RS005 has more of a Rose touch and really stand out  the rose scent. Love it !In addition your find many goodies by local artist such as the beautiful handbags to put your green beauty items ( as seen in the above Photo) . And of course your also find Green magazines like A Green Beauty .


More…. More … Treasures :

In addition to this the products mention your also find more beloved brands  like Meow Meow Tweet with their creative cat soaps that I love & live by. To Hana Organics Skin care line that is filled with the beauty of oils 7 plants . A brand that is a must try !! In addition the products are surround by beautiful hand made bags and hand made & painted bowls with beautiful designs . Great to put in your cat soap or mix up a face mask by Hana organics. Also you can find the lovely Brand KYPRIS that focus in serums and oils for the face made out of roses and plant base oils. A brand that is very new to the scene of green beauty but one that has called a lot of attention.



A different View of this lovely Treasures  that you can Find:

Here is another view of the table display of all the more beautiful items & brands that you can find including the ones that I mention already!

AS you can see their is a lot to see for  your eyes to enjoy . Although your wallet may be trying to walk out  & run down the steps !!

Other great brands that you can find is lotus Wei and Ursar Major .And may great hand made design bags and home wear by local artist .



More More Treasures …..!

YES their  even more stuff to enjoy !! AS you can even pick up a copy of the new and exciting magazine THOUGHTFULLY !!  Which is a must have as it has everything a green lifestyle reader would want . In addition you also can find great bath products by Pursoma ! Right above it is another be lovely line Laurel Whole plants organic , which is a line of skin care base on plants & flowers. A very very beautiful line and  a must try I must say !


A closer View of some Treasures …….

AS you can see you can find every thing that you need in this one stop pop-up-shop. In addition to find many many other brands and local hand made items too!


This stop is a true Green Treasure !!!

I love how this space was created and yet how everything was place and set that every piece & brand & even product show case it self individual with other products. In addition  it has hand made jewelry to organic material clothing and so so much more  as everything was made to bring  its consumers awareness to are mother earth and to use the people  in how to care for are self  with no chemicals !!

If you happen to be at New York City Soho area make sure to stop and visit this green treasure pop-up-shop. Its so worth it  !! Ans while your their shop for your self and for a love one to get those valentine Gifts as the shop is open until Feb-15th-2015.

PS: Thank you Anne and the team behind this pop-up-shop for creating such a beautiful green Treasure !

Winter Battle Edition : body care part #1 “stop itchy skin ” (oils & butters)

IMG_2186.JPGWinter itchy Skin is official Here !

After a very warm December here in East Coast , January came Blasting with arctic Cold . So that means winter is really Official Here to stay !  A time of the year  & season that are skin greats the most beat down as the winter cause dry crack lips, hands & itchy skin all over .

For this winter season I bring you my WINTER BATTLE EDITION that includes product picks form hair care, body care, skin care  & make up picks that work on dry winter skin. The product selection is basic on products that really have works in 9 degree weather & truly Do battle winter  cold !

For this Part #1 of this Winter Battle Edition I present to you my Body Care buuters & oil Picks !


Osmia Organics Body Oil  : Night

Its important to hydrated your skin at night so it can repair it self again & regain its lost oils .

For night routine after much expose of cold weather during the day , I like to drench myself  in oil at night so my skin can regain its oils again . I find this is a very important step as are skin repair it self while we sleep. I think adding a extra helping can to are skin can be a big help so avoid itchy skin in the day.

One of my favorite body oils to use at night is Osmia Organics ‘Night’ body oil . Not only does this body oil helps you to calm & relax before sleep time it also helps your skin to regain its loss moisture . With ingredient list of coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, rosehips seed oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil & many more goodness to just name a few . Its rose-merry scent its sure helps & benefit ones soul & body at night.

Beridan Naturals chamomile & grapefruit Butter

The richer the ingredients the more your itchy skin will thank you !

Keep it simple & short list of  rich ingredients  is exactly what the dry skin needs ! And this body butter by Beridan Naturals is just that. With ingredient list of only sunflower oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E oil  coconut oil,Shea butter,Essential oils of chamomile & grapefruit. This body butter is  rich yet it melts right into your skin as it leaves a uplifting soft scent of grapefruit. Love to carry this travel size with me to use for my hands ! It works great and no stickiness feel at all.


Meow Meow Tweet Frankincense + Flower Body oil

Uplift the Dark winter Blues with Flowers !

Winter can be dry but also can be very dark that can influences ones mood to not be so uplifting . Using products with flower oils cane be a big benefits to uplift are mood in winter dark days !

One of my NEW Favorites & New product by the lovely cat’s Meow Meow Tweet is their new Frankincense +Flower body oil . Its uplifting yet soft flower scent is great to get ones mood up in this cold winter. In addition to leaving you smelling like a beautiful flower shop of fresh cut flowers is sure to bring out lady flower in you !

A great morning product to start of your day specially in a SNOW DAY , as its short list  of ingredients are sunflower, hemp seed, virgin coconut & jojoba oil, geranium,palm arose & frankincense essential oils. A great flower oil the keep skin itchy away yet bloom your mood  up at the same time!

Organic Bath CO. Body Butter in Drench

Body butter  truly fight the battle  of winter &  keep dry skin at bay !!

Don’t use lotions to keep your dry sink at bay as lotions  can’t  give the skin a are  deep enough moisture that the skin needs during winter. Using body butter & oils are the true fighter of winter dry skin.

If you don’t like oils  then use Body Butter !! Body butter are rich and have high hydrating ingredients that your skin will love & help to regain its moisture & oils back. Another body butter that I love is by Organic Bath CO.  called Drench. A No scent body butter that drench your skin back back & fights away dry skin. Its smooth & wipe texture skins right into the skin. Leaving it soft with no stickiness or oily feel . With a list of simple ingredients of  Shea butter, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, Argan oil & sweet almond oil ( all organic Ingredients) . A product that your skin sure will not mind to be drench in a few times during the day !! Really love this product as a carry on in my bag too.

Keep Points to remember in keeping Itchy skin at bay in Winter:

  •  Use body butter & oils , Not Lotions
  •  Use products that contain more then 50% of its ingredients that are oils
  • Use products that Have a short list of ingredients & avoid fragrances Too !!! Your skin is already going through a tough time beating winter !! Treat it with KINDNESS & LOVE!


I hope you enjoy this post & Tips to Beat the Winter Itchy !!

Stay warm out their !

1st Birthday Blog Giveaway Party Continues !! 1 of 2


Boho Chic Meet Organic’s 1st Birthday

The party continues with a second giveaway form another amazing place !

But first lets Recap the 1st giveaway in which was to WIN a  $25 E-Gift Card to Integrity Botanicals . Thank you for the awesome support with a total of 70+ entries! You all where Rocking the party . Ready to ROCK some MORE !!!

The WINNER for that giveaway was :  Kassey from


For those that didn’t win it’s ok, you still have 2 More give away to Enter. YOU can be Next !!!


Boho Chic Meet Organic’s 1st Birthday

It’s crazy to think and see that One Year ago today this lovely website was created. With  the mission to bring awareness about a green living lifestyle all around. Form beauty to food to shopping.

Thank YOU to YOU!!!

Thanks to all the amazing people that follow me & for the inspiration that you have brought to me via my blog or other social media. One which I have met many talent people with the passion of Green!


As a thank you and as part of a birthday Day Party I will be giving away gift cards to some of my all time shopping green shops online. Places that have made a big impact in green living but also to are world through their passion of creating a world a better healthy place all round.



This store was my life saver when I move to the U.S  and even more so when I am constantly traveling and don’t have time to food shop or get my daily use items. I could just order about everything that I need form  beauty products, food, snacks, house products to my doggie items too. Its a one stop little Green Market !!!  The online store has  TOP brands like One Love Organics,  Baggu bags, Caru Skin care, Level Naturals  , Enjoylife , S.W Basic , Meow Meow Tweet , Deep Steep, Lotus Wei  and so so so MUch MOre the list is endless . Who would not want to get a box with a Bear on it wheeling a shopping cart!!! super cute 🙂

To visit or learn more go :

My wish List On Abes’s Market

  At this online store you can create a WISHLIST , mys is constantly getting bigger 🙂 , but here are my  Recent Want Items On My  wishlist:

1. Baggu Duck Bag in Indigo Color :

love this bag to just take to the farms market and fill it with fresh goodies .

2. Caru Skin Care Oliy Skin Facial Kit :
Would love to try out the whole face line of this line, specially their new face serums . To my this brand speaks Garden for your face !!! I have a soap by them and love it .

3. Dr. Sponge Facial sponge in Tea Tree :

I am in a sponge adventure right now and this one is the next one on my list to try . My face just love Tea Tree and the Sponge these two combine would be awesome  🙂

Its a small list but Abe’s Market is always adding new items and Goodies .

 Just like the 1st Giveaway  make your wish list and let me know in the comment below whats in your list !!!



Photo by :

Just Click in the Link to Enter :

Just click on the link to take you to enter the giveaway & best of luck to everyone .

Giveaway runs to September 2  to September 9 , 2014


Note:  Giveaway runs to September 2 to September 9, 2014 Winner will win One  $15 E-Gift Card to shop online. The winner will be selected in random through This giveaway is not to be exchange for money or other means.