Winter Travel Dairy Edition : A Visit to Lurk pop-up-shop NYC

Hello, Everyone,

Welcome back to my Winter Travel Dairy Edition and in this first post of 2015 & travel trips I had the chance to visit and bring you a  Peek into   LURK   Pop-Up-Shop at NYC .

A quick Introduction to LURK  :

Lurk Beauty is a Natural perfume brand that makes the most beautiful oil perfumes . Its a company that is base  in New York and is organic & Natural. A perfume brand that is love by many of us in the Green Beauty Community and a favorite in general.

For more information:

 Inside Look at The pop-Up Shop:



Pop Up Shop @ Michele Varian (upstairs)
27 Howard St
NY NY 10013
(Soho Area)

Hours: Mon Thur Fri- 11am to 7pm & Sat + Sun to 11am to 6pm

The pop up shop is a feature of two brand owners that got together to bring  awareness of green beauty and fashion in one stop shop.


Walking in a cozy Space of Treasures:

Walking you find your self walking to a hiding treasures chest of all great Green goods! ( as seen in the above photo). And of course right when you walk in you find the lovely Anne  founder  of Lurk. In which I got the pleasure to meet & chat with as she give me the tour of this beautiful space. To be Honest I  kind off wanted every thing ! 🙂

 well, Hello !!! Oh, and their is ME peeking into the Mirror on the wall !

Anne Pretty much brought her store   LURKshoP  ( located  at  28 West Water Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963) to New York City. Of course this is just a peek in what we can find at the actually location and let me just say  it makes you want to spend your Vacation up at Sag Harbor,NY.


Lets walk Through & show you the Treasures inside :

As you walk in  the Right side of the Pop-Up is where your find LURKshop Green beauty items that includes a line up of green heaven & hard to find brands .

In the first section you find the beautiful display of LURk Perfumes  including the new perfumes  just launched  Eau De Toilette RS005 & BS003. I got to test them out and let me just say they are just as beautiful as the little guys . The NEW RS005 has more of a Rose touch and really stand out  the rose scent. Love it !In addition your find many goodies by local artist such as the beautiful handbags to put your green beauty items ( as seen in the above Photo) . And of course your also find Green magazines like A Green Beauty .


More…. More … Treasures :

In addition to this the products mention your also find more beloved brands  like Meow Meow Tweet with their creative cat soaps that I love & live by. To Hana Organics Skin care line that is filled with the beauty of oils 7 plants . A brand that is a must try !! In addition the products are surround by beautiful hand made bags and hand made & painted bowls with beautiful designs . Great to put in your cat soap or mix up a face mask by Hana organics. Also you can find the lovely Brand KYPRIS that focus in serums and oils for the face made out of roses and plant base oils. A brand that is very new to the scene of green beauty but one that has called a lot of attention.



A different View of this lovely Treasures  that you can Find:

Here is another view of the table display of all the more beautiful items & brands that you can find including the ones that I mention already!

AS you can see their is a lot to see for  your eyes to enjoy . Although your wallet may be trying to walk out  & run down the steps !!

Other great brands that you can find is lotus Wei and Ursar Major .And may great hand made design bags and home wear by local artist .



More More Treasures …..!

YES their  even more stuff to enjoy !! AS you can even pick up a copy of the new and exciting magazine THOUGHTFULLY !!  Which is a must have as it has everything a green lifestyle reader would want . In addition you also can find great bath products by Pursoma ! Right above it is another be lovely line Laurel Whole plants organic , which is a line of skin care base on plants & flowers. A very very beautiful line and  a must try I must say !


A closer View of some Treasures …….

AS you can see you can find every thing that you need in this one stop pop-up-shop. In addition to find many many other brands and local hand made items too!


This stop is a true Green Treasure !!!

I love how this space was created and yet how everything was place and set that every piece & brand & even product show case it self individual with other products. In addition  it has hand made jewelry to organic material clothing and so so much more  as everything was made to bring  its consumers awareness to are mother earth and to use the people  in how to care for are self  with no chemicals !!

If you happen to be at New York City Soho area make sure to stop and visit this green treasure pop-up-shop. Its so worth it  !! Ans while your their shop for your self and for a love one to get those valentine Gifts as the shop is open until Feb-15th-2015.

PS: Thank you Anne and the team behind this pop-up-shop for creating such a beautiful green Treasure !

Secret Green Santa Swap Gifts 2014


Happy Warm Holidays Everyone !

In this post I presents to you my Secret Green Santa Gift .


Back in Late summer in August I started the Secret Green Santa 2014 for the green community. Pretty much its a gift swap among green bloggers & You-tubers. This was actually my first time organizing it but glad to say that it was full of fun ! Me &  Five other green beauties team up to swap gifts. The gifts where to be a up to $35 value  .

If you want to see & read what other got or Photos follow the #secertgreensanta  Via Twitter! To see what are Santa got us 🙂

Note: Come back as I will update this page to links to the other Secret Green Santa box”s as soon as they get posted !!!

To My Santa Box

My Secret  Green Santa  was Linda Aka @lindaouk.


Note: Just to mention those that join the gift swap got to give a Five brand list to their Santa that they wanted to get .

In it was a lovely cute Leave note card (seen in Top Right) .

The first thing I notice when opening the box: Soaps!!

In my list I mention SOAPS & Linda got me just that 🙂 , a mix of soap scents form my favorite brands . The soaps where Osmia Organics : Lavender Pine & Ylang Springs. Meow meow tweet Fennel orange . I love the scents of each one , which makes sense now why the box smell so good! Even the the mail man was like ” what a lovely smell box you got” LOL.

More Goodies …..

In it I also found a Acure Organic face sample of Sensitive Facial Cream , In which I am excited to try as I have yet to try any of this brands skin care  :). ( Seen in top Left)

Next up is a Blush Sample of Alima Pure in Melon. Another brand that I have yet to try so I super excited since I been stocking this brand for a while :). (Seen in Top Left)


More Goodies …..these are Big !

Next up, I found in this green box where Two products by Caru Skincare Co.  I got the Jojoba Facial oil , which I love due to its many form of use . This couldn’t come in better time as I just finish my travel sample size :).  It came pair up with Cucumber + Lime Facial Toner . Another products that I need as I just finish my current Toner. So excited to have these in my life as both where needed !

Next and Last Item is another Acure Organic product  . This time its the Lip Lush in DAAANG! Super excited to get this color  as its a great fall & winter lip color .

Santa LINDA Thank you  So Much!!

Thank you so much Linda for the beautiful and exciting gifts . I love every think so much that I don’t know what I will use first ,LOL . I also want to thank you for supporting a local business at my home Town in PA  ; online green store . That made  this  gift even more special to me to know that a Green & local business was supported !!!

Thanks to PJ for helping out Linda picking out the goodies , a PA love to another PA girl  !!


Thank you everyone that took part in Secert Green Santa 2014 & for making it a special One   !!