The Best of 2014: Green Brands & Products

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/8ac/56964271/files/2014/12/img_0782.jpg♦The Best Of the Best In 2014♦

This year a lot of Green Products got used and went for a long test run ! Many want in my Favorite Bin & many want in the No Favorite Bin! In where-every they landed I am glad I got to try them out .In this post I show you & discuss my Top favorites for 2014 and why . Kind in mind that these are products that work for me and that my skin & body say YES as Approval. One thing for sure I can say they are worth a Shot  !

So Here are My Top 2014 Products



♦The Best In Makeup 2014♦


EcoToolsIs one brand that’s been in my life for a long time . Although I’ve tried other makeup tool brands I always go back to EcoTools. My top favorite is their makeup brushe set Fresh & Flawless. I have  had this for a Year now & not one has broken or fail apart ! Considering that I wash my brushes every week !They look just as good & functions the same just like the first time I got them. For sure these brushes prove to be Top quality ! Which is why I love them & earn a good stop in the Best of 2014!!!

Brija Cosmetic Jelly lip balm

I am a lip balm girl all the way but sometimes I do like to wear some color . Yet lipstick don’t happen to work well in my very dry lips even if I scrub & put the best lip balm my lips still look dry . The jelly lip balm is exactly what I been wanting a color + a balm in one . It layers in my lips just like a lip balm with a add of color that does not show my dry lips.

For this is the best lip product that I’ve found in 2014.


Integrity Botanicals

A lot of amazing Green stores launch this year in 2014 . In which all have something to offer for every taste & like & need. But Intergrity Botanicals is hands down my one stop beauty shop. The customer services & package process is top notch ! But what won me over is the owners passion heart and mission to spread the awareness to people new & old to the green community . She shows these often in her blog, Twitter and even in person . In which I have yet the pleasure to meet her & her team but hope so in a near feature.

In addition to the great people behind it, their is also a amazing selection of brands that are both high end & low end meaning their is a price point for every budget !

“A one stop shop that give green love in always “


♦Best of Body Care 2014♦

Osmia Organics Soap

As a soap lover that I am I have to include soap in my best of 2014. Osmia Organics makes the most beautiful earth soaps ever. These soaps really bring in the outdoors inside your shower . Proving a experiences of out doors in a luxury way best part in your own Tube, It can’t get better then that.

In addition to mention the Owners passion for soap making including her Team that can be seen in ever bar. In fact I don’t have to say much the soap SPEAKS for its self 🙂

Meow Meow Tweet

My cat friends made the list this year ! Of course they did it’s hard not to include them . I love Meow Meow Tweets deodorant and this year they came out with a Baking Soda  Free deodorant for sensitive skin in the scent Grapefruit . This little new guy works just as good as the rest of its friends Lavender & Tea Tree.

What makes it the BEST is that its the only deodorant that I know that works in more then one way . Its Keeps you Smelling Free & gives your arm pity LOve by leaving your skin soft! Now that earns a Star !


I hope you enjoy this post of Best of 2014 Products !

Let me know in the comment bar below some of your top products for 2014 ? would love to hear about them or Link your post below if you made a list of top 2014 products ?.


SPONGE TALK ! :Meet EcoTools Sponge


The Sponge Crazies took  US by storm this year, with sponge popping every where . It literally Rain Sponge !

EcoTools in spring of  this Year (2014)  jump in the train of Sponges by  bring out their  very own  : The EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge .

EcoTools Launch Two Sponges a  : Bamboo Charcoal for Combination skin/ Deeper cleansing  &   Regular One for sensitive skin ( white Sponge). Both sponge are made out of 100% Natural ingredients and Made with vegetable Fibers.

The Sponge in (photo) below and will be discussing in this post is the Bamboo Charcoal for Combination Skin.


EcoTools Sponge TALK :

Green Note : The sponge Package comes in a  recycled paper that can be recyclable.

Cost Note: This sponge is the cheapest in price compared to many out their as this one ranges to $6 or $7.  You could even get it cheaper with coupon codes or specials  form  or you can also find it at


EcoTools Sponge  Job  : Exfoliate & clarify

It’s duty is to  clean better the face by removing impurities and leaving the skin with a smooth & refresh face.

My thoughts :  I used this sponge for  3  whole months . When I first use it it left my face with a super clean and smooth face. My face felt clean but not over dry.  But I did notice that about the 2 1/2 month mark it felt like it was not clean my face as well as it did the first two months. Also the sponge felt like it was loose its texture as the sponge became more softer.


Ecotools Sponge  Job : Its function with  Favorite Facial Cleanser

You can add your favorite facial cleanser and add water.

My thoughts :  During the 3 months I use three facial cleanser  liquid gel , bar soap & cream  cleaner to test which one would work best with this sponge .

(1) Acure Organic facial cleanser  in super-fruit + chlorella growth factor  ( Liquid Gel)

With this gel cleanser  + sponge  both combine worked great to clean out my face and leave me with a smooth touch. Using  both of these was  great as it   created a nice foam base as I circle the sponge around my face. It did the job to clean my face well enough to not use a toner after washing since it left it refresh. ( Combination use for One month)

(2) Pomega5 Green Tea Facial bar soap ( Bar soap)

The sponge + this Bar soap was my most favorite way to use the sponge. I find  that this  combination of both go  hand & hand together, its like the perfect pair. I would just wet both sponge & soap and start rubbing the soap to the sponge to get a nice foam. I feel that the soap created more of a foam then  any of the other products that I use. It gave my face a clean and refresh face  with out been dry . ( Combination use for One month)

(3) Meow Meow Tweet Cream  Face Cleanser ( Cream Cleanser)

The sponge + this cream Cleanser work great together to give your face a smooth clean finish. I find that when using the cream cleanser it help more to relief any dry patch areas that I have . My face looked less dry and more smooth . I find this two Together make a great pair  for the up coming FAll & Winter weather.( Combination use for One month)


Over all thought on its Texture

The texture of this sponge  soft when its wet ( Photo above wet sponge) . It does not have a hard texture and its gentle enough to use it daily or to use it twice a day. It will not over dry your face or leave it with tight  feeling. It just feels smooth into the face while rubbing it in circle motion.

I would Recommend this sponge for some one with combination skin or  a person that falls between dry& regular skin type.

How My Acne Pore Skin Benefit during Use :

Now this is where I get Real, I have very prone ANCE skin + very sensitive. Not a good combo to have belive me ! The only thing that I hope for is that it didn’t make my issue or skin worst :(, crossing fingers the whole time.

But to my conclusion it was the one  tool that help to improve my skin dry patches and  keep my Acne at bay. I did notice that I got less Acne during my time of months while using this . And when I stop using the sponge My Acne flare up a little more. So I notice that the Sponge was actually helping my Acne to keep in control along with my Cleanser .



Final Sponge TALK OVERALL :

NOte: This is the first sponge that I used and I have not used any other to compare it in regards to price, texture & function.

To be my first sponge and use of one , I think its a great investment to get a deep gentle clean face. Also I feel this does a great job to deep clean pores and to help with acne showing up. AS I did notice that I got less Ance during the time of the month while using this sponge. Over all, I felt in love with it and the price point is great specially if you have to change it every 2 to 3 months.

Thank You and hope you enjoy this sponge talk. Stay tune for the next Sponge Talk with One LOve Organic heart Sponge!!!

(Product was bought  with my own money & review as honest )

May Empties/ Favorite


Here are My  May Favorites & Empties

This time I decide to combine  both my Favorites & Empties  since I did not try much new or used up much neither this month.

so lets get to it .


1. Soapbox Soap in Lemongrass

This is one company and product that I have mention a few times in my blog post and just recent did a whole post about this brands mission and soaps.  For May I used up their lemon grass soap. Love the smell of this as it is refreshing and uplifting. Great for a lift me up bath. For this reason it was one of my favorite soaps to use for May to get into the Spring spirit.

2.EcoTools Facial Sponge in Charcoal

This is EcoTools New Launch product this year . They have the regular one that’s white for sensitive skin and this one the charcoal for problem or combination skin.

I have been using it for over a month now and really like it. It has help to remove my dead winter skin and has help me to break out less in those months. I am not sure how this compares to other sponges in the market . But it does a great job and can’t beat the price of $6.

Note : Full-review is coming soon !- Stay tune

3. Kiss My Face whitening Gel  tooth paste with Aloe Vera.

This tooth paste last me a good amount of 2 months of use. This is more of a gel texture that has a nice refreshing scent . I love how long lasting the scent is and how we’ll it cleans and whitening my teeth as drying some green teeth .I am current testing Tom’s brand tooth paste , which I am not to crazy for but for sure will be turning back to this green gel .

4. Pangea Organic  Eye Cream

This was a complete fail! I got a sample of this brand in my GoodeBox. And was so looking forward to it as I am in a hunt for a Eye Cream. It has a light cream texture that sink well to the skin. It does have a light fragrances , which I was not happy for as have sensitive eye area.

This is where this product Fail, I put the cream on and in 3 seconds my eyes swell up so bad that it look as I was on a boxing match and got a beat down 😦 . It cause my skin a degree of burn as we’ll. yes, pretty scary 😦 but no worry’s I survived the Match 🙂

It seem the combination of some ingredients cause me a serve reaction to MY Skin . Remember Everyone skin is different & reacts different. By all means I still think this brands has some great products but some are not for me. And happy that I got to try some of the brands products.

5.Pomega5 Green Tee Balancing Cleansing Bar

This was a square  sample  size bar that I got on a Goodebox a few months bar. I love Green Tea and its benefits as well as how effective it works in my skin. I use this in combination with  Eco Tools sponge . Both work great together in cleaning  my face without over drying.

The Green Tea soap has a nice earth smell that makes your face feel fresh & clean .  This product is great for Acne prone skin that is also sensitive . A little piece goes a long way as  not much is needed to make a nice light   foam  . For sure a Favorite facial Soap to Add to my list 🙂


So these where my favorites _ Fails _ & Empties in Beauty for the month of May.

I hope you enjoy this  post and that you had a Happy May 🙂

Note : All products  or subscription services mention where bought with my own money  & my thoughts are my own & always honest.

March Favorites



It’s March Favorites Time … Where did March GO ? !!!

This March Favorites Includes a Mix of Items from food, beauty, tools , and Much More. A very different favorites compared to my last few posts.

Lets get to it !

1. Food  for this month where APPLES ( top right photo)

I love apples and they are one of my Favorite day snacks .It gives me good fiber to stay full longer for those long work days . In addition it helps my body in so many ways from having a healthy digestive  system to healthy teeth . I usually get my Apples from my local Farm or at whole foods.

2. Tea’s this month is Organic Peppermint Tea  by Traditional Medicinal (center photo)

I always love  drinking a peppermint or mint Tea right after my meal. As peppermint Tea  soothes the stomach and digestive system .  It’s also very calming and uplifting specialty when you eat a heavy meal. I really have been enjoy this tea brand as its organic and Non-GMO . But love it as it is a tea created by Herbalist with the thought of wellness from within and out . You can find this tea a Wholefoods  for $4-5 16 tea bags .

3. Fresh Teeth with Kiss My Face  Whitening toothpaste with aloe Vera gel ( right photos)

I am always looking for a better toothpaste that gives me long lasting fresh feeling in my teeth and of course clean teeth 🙂 . And I think I found it. What I been loving about this toothpaste is that it give you a long lasting fresh mint for 4 hour after brushing your teeth. which is pretty impress for me . In addition it makes your  teeth  feel fresh and clean. The fun part about this toothpaste its it green mint color . Its a gel type but its not a mess one it has a good texture and good hold  meaning that the toothpaste is not sliding off your brush 🙂 . which happens to me a lot with other natural tooth paste , then again it could just be me . I also notice that it does whiting my teeth pretty well compared to other toothpaste, so that’s a bonus for me. 🙂   The price is $4.50 to $5 for 3.4 oz. which I find it to be pretty average price . Its free from SLS, Colors, Flavors, Sweeteners, animal ingredients and animal testing.

4. Tools for eye shadow by ECOTOOLS  Eye Enhancing Duo Set ( left bottom Photo)

I am not going to give to much detail on this set because I am going to do a full review on it very soon. ALL I can Say that these brush are amazing for this price. Not only do they do the job to make great eye looks and blend very well but are also so so SOFT. If you have sensitive eyes You need to try these. I love that they are short handle as I have long fingers and makes it easy to hold and handle the brush. In addition , here is the best Part you get FOUR Different eye Brush’s  to  get any look that you want . You get a Shade brush to apple in eyelids, A Define  angled  brush for  lines or define eye , A Blend brush to blend shadows and A Smudge brush . All this for $6-7 . I got mys at Ultra with they had them for buy one get the 2nd 50 % off plus I used the $3.50 coupon.  EcoTools brush are cruelty -free.

These are my favorites for March 🙂

I hope everyone had a lovely March, see you next time on my April Favorites !

As always Thank you for Pass By !!!