March Favorites



It’s March Favorites Time … Where did March GO ? !!!

This March Favorites Includes a Mix of Items from food, beauty, tools , and Much More. A very different favorites compared to my last few posts.

Lets get to it !

1. Food  for this month where APPLES ( top right photo)

I love apples and they are one of my Favorite day snacks .It gives me good fiber to stay full longer for those long work days . In addition it helps my body in so many ways from having a healthy digestive  system to healthy teeth . I usually get my Apples from my local Farm or at whole foods.

2. Tea’s this month is Organic Peppermint Tea  by Traditional Medicinal (center photo)

I always love  drinking a peppermint or mint Tea right after my meal. As peppermint Tea  soothes the stomach and digestive system .  It’s also very calming and uplifting specialty when you eat a heavy meal. I really have been enjoy this tea brand as its organic and Non-GMO . But love it as it is a tea created by Herbalist with the thought of wellness from within and out . You can find this tea a Wholefoods  for $4-5 16 tea bags .

3. Fresh Teeth with Kiss My Face  Whitening toothpaste with aloe Vera gel ( right photos)

I am always looking for a better toothpaste that gives me long lasting fresh feeling in my teeth and of course clean teeth 🙂 . And I think I found it. What I been loving about this toothpaste is that it give you a long lasting fresh mint for 4 hour after brushing your teeth. which is pretty impress for me . In addition it makes your  teeth  feel fresh and clean. The fun part about this toothpaste its it green mint color . Its a gel type but its not a mess one it has a good texture and good hold  meaning that the toothpaste is not sliding off your brush 🙂 . which happens to me a lot with other natural tooth paste , then again it could just be me . I also notice that it does whiting my teeth pretty well compared to other toothpaste, so that’s a bonus for me. 🙂   The price is $4.50 to $5 for 3.4 oz. which I find it to be pretty average price . Its free from SLS, Colors, Flavors, Sweeteners, animal ingredients and animal testing.

4. Tools for eye shadow by ECOTOOLS  Eye Enhancing Duo Set ( left bottom Photo)

I am not going to give to much detail on this set because I am going to do a full review on it very soon. ALL I can Say that these brush are amazing for this price. Not only do they do the job to make great eye looks and blend very well but are also so so SOFT. If you have sensitive eyes You need to try these. I love that they are short handle as I have long fingers and makes it easy to hold and handle the brush. In addition , here is the best Part you get FOUR Different eye Brush’s  to  get any look that you want . You get a Shade brush to apple in eyelids, A Define  angled  brush for  lines or define eye , A Blend brush to blend shadows and A Smudge brush . All this for $6-7 . I got mys at Ultra with they had them for buy one get the 2nd 50 % off plus I used the $3.50 coupon.  EcoTools brush are cruelty -free.

These are my favorites for March 🙂

I hope everyone had a lovely March, see you next time on my April Favorites !

As always Thank you for Pass By !!!


October Favorites

20131023-181702.jpgMy OCTOBER LOVE

Its hard to believe that October is almost over but may the Pumpkin keep on coming ! 🙂

Here is what I been loving this month

1.  APPLE (left side)–  apples are in the season .  Apples are seen at my local farms market by the bunch’s with lines full of different type and shade of color of  apples . It’s like a Apple Rainbow .  I love apples and its benefits to my body are even better as apple are a great sources of  fiber and keeping the munchies under control.

2. Pumpkin Candle(right side) –  I just love the smell of pumpkin it puts me in the moody for fall and love to bring that inside my home . This candle is form Rite Aid for $2 ( right now there is a sale on fall products for 50% off, so you can get it for $1 !!!!!!) . It has a light scent that is not over powering but yet warming.   I like it because its small enough to carry it during traveling . In less words I been carrying  fall with me every where.

3.Argan Oil by Josie Maran  (bottom)-  Argan oil is such a amazing oil . I love it for its light and quick absorbing into skin but has help to heal my dry sensitive acne pore skin. Since using argan oil my skin breaks out less and has even out my skin tone and clear away dark stop. I use Josie Maran 100% argan oil during winter as a moisture for day and night. It is not to light or to heavy, just right for the winter.

4. Cream face wash by PHYT’S (top)  This cream  cleanse is for all skin type and  can be used both as a makeup remover or cleanse your face. Its organic and has ingredients of sweet orange, chamomile, passion flower and ginseng. In less words its smells like heaven. I love to use it now as it moisture my dry skin as I wash it leaving it super soft, smooth and not drying. ( I call it My little France treasure).

5. Lip Balm by Ganache for Lips (center left )This lip balm buts two things together that I just love –chocolate & lip balm.  Best part it is  made with natural ingredients and its taste good.  The one that i have is chocolate hazelnut and taste just like that. It smooths out your lips but the bad thing is that you would be able to stop licking your lips.  🙂

6. Nail Polish  Giovanna By ZOYA (center Right) – I love the color trend of green going on for 2013 . And this color called Giovanna is a beautiful Christmas green  with some shimmer that is highlight/reflected by light. I can’t stop staring at my nails.  Plus ZOYA is free of – FORMALDEHTDE,FORMALDEHYDE RESIN, TOLUENE, DIBUTYL PHTHALATE OR CAMPHOR

I had to take a photo so you can see what I mean just beautiful( photo below) .

And yes this green really stand out in my some what pale hands LOL 🙂 .



Keep enjoying the Fall and it’s great Treasures. I hope you enjoy this post .

Have a great weekend everyone 😉

( all items where bought with my own money and all thoughts are me own)

FAll Fruits : Apple & it’s Benefits


A  Apple

Apples are common fruits that we find at are local food store year round but what makes Apples so good in the fall is the  many variation of Apples .From green to many shades of red. In less words it’s Apple high season.

What’s in a Apple: 

Apple  not  only taste good  but also have important nutrition elements to keep are body’s healthy. In which, in many time are over seen.

For example, One medium Apple contains and gives us  4 grams of FIBER ,know as Pectin.

Pectin (fiber) is a important food supplement to human diets to help with digestive system.  It’s other function is to help reduce the absorption of cholesterol in foods that we consume. In less words it helps to balance are cholesterol levels .

Foods with high levels of Pectin are : Apples, Oranges, Plums, and other citrus fruits .

  In addition Apples are full of  good Antioxidants  .

Benefits of an APPLE!

1. Healthy Teeth – A apple will not replace your toothbrush , but helps to produce saliva  in your mouth which helps to lower the levels of bacteria .

2. Reduce Cholesterol- The fiber found in Apples binds with the fat ( that we consume), which keeps fat  in are body at bay .  That also helps to keep are heart healthy.

3. Immune system – Apples contain a Antioxidant  called quercetin , which helps to boost the immune system specially when the body is under stress.

4. Control weight–  Having a healthy weight is important to are health and  to avoid many illness.  To do so its recommend to have a diet rich in fiber . This is because fiber helps to make you feel full without over consume calories.  In less word it helps to control your hunger !

5.Detoxify – The Liver is a organ that helps to clean out are body’s from all the detox that we consume in food and drinks. It’s are body’s washing machine!!  One of the best and easy ways to keep it healthy and do its jobs is by eating fruits _like Apples.

6. Bathroom helper-  we all have  those days where we are having a hard time going to the bathroom due to diarrhea or constipation. The fiber found in Apples can help by pulling water out of your colon to keep things moving (if need addition help)  or by adsorbing water from your stool to slow down your bowel movements.


These are just some of the basic benefits of eating a Apple a Day and adding to your diet.  But also information in how it can help you stay Health inside and out.

I hope you enjoy this post , and go head and grab some APPLES!!!