Pumpkin Love Madness 2# Edition : Meow Meow Tweet Face Mask

makeup3 348

                      In Photo : Meow Meow Tweet Trail size ! I have the full size but it got pumpkin messes 🙂

Pumpkin Love Season :

Every where we look Now We see Pumpkins as the season of pumpkin is in high gear as Fall season arises !!! One of my favorite season as you just want to get almost everything Pumpkin , well almost everything 🙂 . Happy to bring you this second edition of Pumpkin Madness that got started last year !!! This time around I bring you a great selection of pure Pumpkin products that YOU JUST MAY WANT TO EAT UP 🙂

Pumpkin Madness : Meow Meow Tweet  Face Mask

Meow Meow Tweet is a vegan & organic Hand crafted right in New York. They are know for their famous cat designs that are just to cute to open up ! Just recently the brand launch a new Cat member in their skincare line  : Face Mask!!

makeup3 350

A Mask Full Of Pumpkin Goodies for All SKIN TYPES !!!

That right Everyone this Face Mask is made to be used by all skin type to give the skin nourishment of full antioxidant !!! With  organic Ingredient list of  pure kaolin- illite (french pink clay), *cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) powder, *cicer arietinum (chickpea) flour, *aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) powder !!!!

A simple list of  Yet power house ingredients that provide pore detox , moisture &  brighten to the skin ! Resulting too a completely gentle mask  that brings out your best pumpkin face !

makeup3 354

Pumpkin  Mask Fun !!

I been using this mask for a little bit and enjoy the Mixing as it turns to a orange Fall color ! I mix it with 4-5 drops of my Favorite facial oil for extra moisture or a few drops of warm water until it from into a paste as show above on the photo. 

I message my face going  in circles motion until my Face looks Like a Pumpkin Face :)!! so much fun too !! I think it makes for a great Halloween face 🙂

makeup3 355

Pumpkin Happy Face Indeed !!

The mask feels gentle but yet you know its functioning on your skin as you feel it !! I leave it on as I finish up this Post for 10 to 15 minutes . Then I rise it off with a wash cloth to remove it with warm water. Given me a result of a healthy looking skin and LOVE how it nourish my dry spots on my skin  !!! which is a big issue for me during this time as the temperature Here in PA can’t decide if it was to be 60 or 25 degrees !!

This mask is a full on trick or  treat  treatment for my skin as it LOVES PUMPKIN and has results to having less breaks and a more brighten complexion skin !!! THIS PUMPKIN FACE MASK IS MY NEW STABLE IN MY SKINCARE ROUTINE shelf  !!!

     Thanks Cats for another amazing product !!

You can give this mask as TEST as Meow Meow tweet sales a Trial size for $6 that gives you 3  Pumpkin face ! Or GET The full size of 1.5 for $30 supper Pumpkin face off  !!!  Meowmeowtweet.com

I hope you enjoy this Pumpkin and many more to come !!♥


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