Part 2: A Night of Green Beauty ( ANFGB) Greeting the Brands

makep 2774A Night of Green Beauty Part 2: Greeting the Brands

In this second part of ANFGB I take you to the greeting brand session of the event . Which is one of the best parts of this event is meeting the founders of brands that you love and finding new discoveries ! Its where you get top chat one on one with brand owners and ask questions about their products, which is  amazing !

Warning Note:

This post has many photos !! Also the lighting at the event was not the best so some photos are a little dark or have a wired purple lighting to it . but i still hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

First Stop: Laurel Organics


Of course my first stop had to be Laurel Organics ! This brand products are just amazing and its hard not to love them not to mention the founder & team are so kind & sweet. Of course I had to dig into these products ! Of course I had to pull myself out of this table as you can easy find your self here all Day 🙂 !


imageThis is actually a new brand for me and got to play with so of their products in which have many amazing ingredients . It was a nice New Discover find .

Osmia Organics

imageOOOOOHHH …. Osmia Organics it hard not to smell this table across the room !!! Another brand that I LOVE &  I am Obsessed with ! Its always so great to see the Osmia Organic Team as they are so funny & kind ! A lovely display of just goodness and heaven smells of lavender, rosemary ..

In addition the brand presented a NEW addition to the SPA family the : Emerald Body Essence ( you can see in the top shelf a black bottle .. this is it ) . Its a body oil that is very earth & green scent like in the most divine  way.

Alima Pure


Alima Pure was also here which is one of the most favorite cosmetic brands in the Green Community. Their table as you can see was full of products to play with . I of course dig into the new  lip sticks & lip tints just recent launch. The colors are beautiful & feel smooth on lips . I was ready to take a few but Alima was not sale the products at this event , which was a bumper 😦  . But took home with me some notes of colors that I will be buying for sure .

In addition the brand was presenting their NEW PACKAGING !!! That’s right the new packing is amazing as it avoids loose power spilling off the product and the new refill tubes  for their lipsticks . ALL I CAN SAY is that the Brand is looking SUPER SHARP. MORE NEWS …… Alima  Pure is making part of their  collection PRESS MAKEUP !!!!!!  ( now scream of excitement !)


imageIt was so a honor to meet the founder behind this amazing brand Cocovit !! know for their amazing coconut oil that is know to be the best in the market. It was a  super fun table to play with and in addition got to meet TWO NEW products that are launching Coconut Charcoal Face  Mask & Orange + Basil Lip Balm  as seen in the table on the photo , which smells so good !! It needs to be in my life 🙂

Stark Skincare


Stark Skincare table was super creative as they had the raw ingredients in display , which I know was cool and a great way to educate the customer in whats in their products . So many cool products in this table & a brand that has so much to ofter .

A NEW LAUNCH PEEK  is their new  Waterless Serum . Yupe you heard that right. It was a pleasure to test this product  and it feels like water into your skin. I have to say this was ONE OF THE MUST IMPRESS products & creation in skincare. STAY IN A LOOK OUT FOR THIS LAUNCH !

Strange Invisible Perfumes

IMG_0875A little heaven smell table ! Strange Invisible perfumes table was a rose heaven display !!

Mahalo Skin Care

IMG_0877Hawaii is in the House !

I was also honor to meet the brand founder of this amazing & handcrafted brands that comes from Hawaii ! That mask and the bowl are just so beautiful just like the products themselves .

One Love Organics

IMG_0882A table full of JUST LOVE !

One Love Organics table was just love it was a lot of fun  playing with this brand as they just recent renew their whole packaging !! which is looking more lovely . This brand was also presenting a NEW FEATURE LAUNCH product the Shea & Aloe lotion  which I got to Play with and its super cooling & very moisturizing on the skin as it sink in quickly making it a great product for shaving I MUST SAy !!

Josh RoseBrook

makep 2824

This table got a lot of love !!! It was always super pack as Josh him self & lovely staff was their to helps us with are hair issues ! It was amazing to be able to MEET JOSH  & here him speak about his products and how to use them !  In addition a NEW LAUNCH was been introduce the NEW Balance hair care products for oily  / combination hair . Which by the way it smells amazing just like all his products !

Meow Meow Tweet

makep 2827 So happy to be able to see my cats here in Chicago ! One of my beloved brands that I just can’t get enough off . The cat crew was their with their cats too as you can see in the photo !  The table was by far the BEST CREATIVE ONE !!! Meow Meow was presenting their NEW  FACE CARE PRODUCT ADDITION : A PUMPKIN face mask !!! YUpe Its Pumpkin time people !!!!

Axiology Lipstick

makep 2815makep 2814makep 2816

It was great to be able to meet the person behind these famous lipsticks that have taken the green community by storm . The owner was so kind and read to help you find that perfect lip color for you. Although it was sad that she was put in a  bad stop that had the worst lighting . As you can see in the photos it was dark with purple lighting. Even then the owner was very positive and gave hand handle mirror so you could go and find a perfect light stop.


makep 2809

Gressa was hoping & popping when I got their doing  touch ups  & full makeup was been giving on the spot ! Every one that she did looks so amazing and  glow skin, as she the owner of   Gressa work her magic . Of course I pick up some treats from here like Jolie that a beautiful peach color for lips & cheeks . Love how Gressa  is run by a  power couple that is full of passion for their costumers & the work of creating no-toxic cosmetics .

R.L Linden

makep 2817This is a brand that is love by many in the East coast side as the power group of these ladies is feel of spirit & joy just like their products.

Kari Gran

                                   makep 2807makep 2805

Kari Gran was also their with the famous Lip whips , which they are a must in my list . The lovely owner was their  ready to take questions and help you test out products that would be perfect for your skin type . By the way her table was very beautiful filled with roses  I couldn’t tell if what smell good was the rose or the products 🙂 jeje .

Captain Blankenship

makep 2818This lovely East coast brand was ready to give us the ocean . A beautiful handcrafted brand base in New York . Who are  know for their famous Ocean hair spray & hair products for giving that a quick easy beach hair day without gong to the beach . Its always so great to see local brands & see them rise  into the market .


Hana Organic Skincare

makep 2829Love the lovely Hana Organic Skincare team who are always so kind & helpful . This is a brand that is really a gem of its own. The products and ingredients are very beautiful yet simple . Of course I had to stop and chat up with the ladies of Hana Skincare to get the latest on their two new SPF product launch’s . One is a lip balm and a facial cream both with SPF . Super excited to try out these products .  So much fun chatting up with them.

Aster & Bay

makep 2813This brand is super cut  & one that is hand crafted in small batch’s by a lovely young couple . Who where super helpful in providing details about their products  and which one to use for your skin type . Everything in this table smell so good !

Best for Last : Kahina Giving

                          makep 2811makep 2812

 Kahina Giving is such a impress brand all around and the owner is a inspiring women with a passion be on words . I got a chance to listing to her while she chat with us as a group . Of course all her products are beautiful and effective as the ingredients  come from the most pure from . It was exciting so see a peek into a feature launch of a perfume FEZ . Which smells so good with a spicy note  that will be release some time in the fall months . So stay in the look out for this one !

A wrap Up …

This is it for the brand greeting as you see so many people & brands alike where their . I did miss a few tables due that many where packed and busy plus getting to everyone was not a easy task as I wanted to say high to the other bloggers that where presents . For sure time ran out quickly as one keeps on chatting away about all things Green Beauty !! It was great fun specially getting to share the moment with fiends made it even better !

Thank You & hope you enjoy this post !!! ♥


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