Spring -Up Series 2015  : Spring Skin care Routine

 Spring is passing by as in 2 More weeks or so Summer will be saying Hello !!!!

Which means the season change as the weather gets warmer and my skin needs start to change ! It becomes more oily in the T-Zone area and my dry patch areas are no longer to be seen. As winter my dry patches are the issue in Spring the issues changes to T-zone control as my skin adopted & reacts to weather !!

Below  I present to you my Spring Skin care routine ! 

Fist Step : Cleansing

Although my skin is a little sensitive as its healing from the tough winter . I try to use a face cleanser that is gentle yet help me skin feel clean & radiant !!!Osmia Organic’s Facial Soap In LUZ  is my spring SUN !!  Its been a staple with me for a 1 Year now  & must say its one of my favorite face cleanser as this soap is filled with tomato  paste , pumpkin  , Honey ,Mango , coconut, coconut milk are just a few of the nourish ingredients found in this Golden Bar ! You may seen this product before as it was also feature in my winter skin care routine its a all season facial soap that why I love it so much !

Its leaves the face clean, smelling great & over time of us my skin has been more glow & healthy !

Second Step :  Toner

As mention above my T-zones area be come  more oily due to warm weather , YUPE here comes Combination skin in full Swing ! To control  my oil T-zones I love to use Cucumber products as they work effectively in my skin for this season then any other ingredient ! One of my stables in which I also been using for   a year now is Caru Skincare Cucumber + Lime toner !

what i love about this product its how refreshing it feels in the skin but also how it helps to balance out my skin through the day. I usual have one in my gym bag to refresh up my face after yoga .

Love its simple ingredients of lime & cucumber hydrosol that make it effective & refreshing !


Step Three Facial Oil

You may ask your self WHY us oil when you are having oily T-zone  !! The true & trick is   that oil Balances oil  !!! Yupe you hear that Right ! And it works tooo……. Using  facial oil has help me balance my skin but ALSO HAVE LESS ISSUES WITH OILY t-ZONE .  One oil I been using is True Moringa oil !! Its a new oil that I discover and has great nourish to the skin . The one I have is peppermint which is great as it is uplifting to my spirit. This oil is Cold-Press & helps to support farmers & create jobs in Ghana ! A oil that is beautiful in every way !

Thanks Emily  & Team For so much love & such beautify work that you share in your products!!!♥

Love its light feel of sinking into the skin without leaving skin oily but instead healthy & nourish !

Step Four Pamper Skin

Are skin always earn that extra care & love ! Something that I do once a week or twice depending how my skin feels & whats been explode too . One that I discover  in the fall is Hana Organic’s Lavender Grains , first I am a lavender lover & second this product doubles as a mask & cleanser . Its a double love for the skin ! Its gentle & smells amazing I use it as a mask to pamper my skin & at the same time relax with lavender. Its simple ingredients of white clay, oats, lavender are just some of the nourish that the skin enjoys every time .

As a mask it leaves the skin relax, deep clean & refresh . As a cleanser it gently  cleans leaving  the skin relax . The lavender smell is light yet giving a relax sense .

These have been my spring Routine & one that I been enjoying ! I hope you enjoy this post & get to learn of new products  to add to your feature routine .

Happy Spring ! & Soon to say hello to Summer !

Note: True Moringa was kind enough to send me one of their oils to try as I was very intersected in this exotic oil . Thanks again to Emily 🙂 .   All other products where bought by me & as always review & thoughts are my own & always honest !!!  

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