Favorite Winter Facial Cleanser 2015



As I write this Winter Favorite Facial Cleanser post their still sits 12 inch of snow right outside my drive way !!! Its been a rough winter here in the East side and one spot that has felt its is my Facial SKIN !!!In this post I share with you the facial cleanser that help me  beat winter & Heal my skin from dry spots to windy burns … along with a short review .


The Sponge of facial LOVE♥

This heart shape sponge by One  Love  Organics  in ROSE HEART  is specific for dry  or sensitive skin. I been using it during the winter months with the following facial cleansers mention in this post. It worked great with all of them in scrubbing away dry  skin spots ! I have to say it really did help to keep my dry spots at bay without causing any more dryness to my skin. It help to heal rough patches in my skin and prevent them from getting worst. I did notice a different in days that  I didn’t use  the sponge as my dry areas felt dry  & rough.

ONE LOVE ORGANIC SPONGE $ 10  ( comes in 4 different types )



Healing Cream Cleanser

Meow Meow Tweet expanded line of facial care has me saying MEOW ! This one  specially as it is a cream facial cleanser that is smooth, calming ,  & refreshing. Its simple yet plant base ingredients provide the perfect healing factor for dry skin. It has a herbal scent that is pleasant yet  calming to the skin. For days that my skin been exposed to Zero to 1- degree weather  this cleanser became the token of healing my cold skin burns & a relief of smooth out my dry skin. It works great to remove makeup with a hand towel . In addition works well too to wash off your face after expose to the outside elements . I used this as a double products : First would layer some in my face and massage it . Then took a warm wet had  towel to remove makeup. After this I would layer again and massage it with wet hands to make it into a facial wash .  I   Looking forward to testing it out for spring !

Meow Meow Tweet ( travel size 1 oz ) $8  

2015/01/img_1030.jpgThe Facial Soap that Brought the SUN

The sun didn’t shine much this winter as days where dark and  cold. This little bar of Facial soap by OSMIA ORGANICS  called LUZ kept the SUN Shining  ! The bar has a pretty yellow gold tone to it that makes you feel like your holding the SUN in your hands . I used this bar in between my other facial cleanser to keep my face from looking dull ! It kept my face with a  natural glow . This bar works well to remove makeup and as a gentle facial wash .

Osmia Organics  2 oz $ 24


A smooth cleanser  !

I got this sample in my order from one of my favorite Green beauty stores . I been wanting to try the Kahina Giving Beauty line for a long time . I decide to test drive their facial cleanser and turn  out to be a very smooth cream  cleanser that help to add moisturizer back to the skin and leaving the skin very soft . One of my favorite ingredients of this products is that it has ARGAN OIL, which my skin really LOVES.  I got two uses out of my sample and enjoy its cream texture specially on my dry skin.


Can SPRING come PLEASE ! I have to say that I am so thankful to have all these products in hand for this tough winter as they sure all pass the test to keep my skin safe & happy from cold days . For sure these will come back into my WINTER ROUTINE for the next winter !!

LOOKING forward to changing my WINTER products for a NEW Spring collection !! And also testing these out to see if they make great selection for spring & summer facial cleansers .

May spring come soon to all ♥


One thought on “Favorite Winter Facial Cleanser 2015

  1. Definitely hope Spring springs up soon for you! We are having a few days of sun here and there but I can’t wait for some proper summer days 🙂 I like the concept of the konjac sponges, but although I know they’re anti bacterial naturally, I get a bit weird about not being able to see what’s going on in the middle, so I stick with (less soft) cotton cloths. Osmia are still on my list of to-try, but I can’t quite work up to paying ££ for shipping and customs! Luz sounds lovely xxx

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