Winter Battle Edition : Face Oils

Its Looking Like Winter Wonderland !!

As the East coast is cover with snow & some of us are still trying to dig are self out !  For this winter Battle Edition I bring you my Favorite facial oils that are true winter battle fighters in protecting are skin.  As I may have mention in the  last post  are skin is the one part of are body that suffers the most & gets the most exposed during winter .

Lets Take a look at the Gold Liquids to help protect your  winter skin  !



A simple Basic oil That’s even found in your Kitchen

Jojoba oil is one of the oils that is closes to are skin , which is why is found in many oil base facial products as its the only oil that actually acts like are own skin. Which means that it sinks in quickly  with out leaving a layer on top of your skin.  This  oil also has many uses for b0dy, hair & face.

Caru Skincare CO.

The best part is that its easy to find  and has a great price ! One of my favorite & BEST  jojoba oils is by the brand Caru Skincare Co. called  Jojoba facial moisturize. This is made out of high quality as it is  first press  , unrefined and certified organic jojoba oil. So you get the pure deal here!

It works great on acne pore skin as it does not clog pores. It also work great for me  for dry spots  and love it as a travel oil due to its many uses.I always have one in my Bag !

For $10 1 0z , Its worth every drop.

Find it at


 A mix that works !

Meow Meow Tweet

 Just this past summer some time , Meow Meow Tweet  launch its first facial oil . A organic  mix & blend  that is plant herbal yet so effective in dry patch areas and clearing out Acne .  This oil blend of gold & green tone  has Hemp-seed, Jojoba,  and Sesame oils . In addition to essential oils of carrot seed , juniper, patchouli and vetiver.

It has a light texture that sinks into you skin in which I love to use as a makeup primer and a night oil to help the skin repair it self and gain the benefits of the ingredients that it contains.

Meow Meow Tweet  Face oil $ 25 , 0.5 Oz

Find it at:

Love its function but best of all its healing aspect to acne skin in helping to keep those pimples at bay. It addition to protecting the skin during winter !


The Golden Oil !

Argan Oil is one of the oils most know and even called by many big time magazines as the GOLD Face oil. Its used in many facial products  due to it high benefits in helping with skin aging. But also helps the skin repair it self .  One of the best parts of this only is that its also has many used for both hair , skin and body . Although this one  does have a high price point compared Jojoba oil.

Acure Organics Argan oil

One of my favorites and cost effective is Acure Organic Argan oil. It is is light weight and sink right into your skin . Best part this oil is 100% organic and its certified   meaning that your getting  a great quality . Just recent the brand launch its Argan oil in  different scents  including coconut and rose .

I love this oil and have been using it for a few years now and have notice a differences in how my skin healing specially when I have Acne . I find it helps the skin not get marked so easy .

I love to combine the Argan oil with Meow meow Tweets facial oil . It just makes that perfect blend when I need that extra healing power in my skin.

Acure Organics Argan Oil $ 15 -16 , 1 oz

Find at :

Plant + Oils = Balances

Osmia Organics

Plants  are so amazing and have so many benefits . Osmia Organics sure got it right when making this  facial  serum  called Facial Calibration Serum. Its filled with black seed oil , rosemary, rose seed-hip oil ,Kukui oil and so mach more goodies .


This facial oil is light and sinks into the skin very well. I love to use it at night to get all those great plants  sink into my skin while its care for it self .

I love how it brings balance to my oil T-zone areas, which is why I really love this as my summer & spring facial oil to keep it balances . A great oil for Acne skin or oily type skin.

Facial calibration Serum $ 50 0.5 Oz

Find it at

I hope you enjoy this edition of winter battle !!! Hope you find a new oil to LOVE !


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