Winter Battle Edition : Lip balm

Winter is here and full forces !

Since my last post on Winter Battle Edition , My area has had Two -Freezing Ice & Rain weather days ! in one week . Yupe I was pretty much  Ice skating around on my yard !!!  Kid you not ! 🙂

So since the weather has not been the best I   make sure that my Lip’s don’t get the beat of the weather.

For this second week of this edition I present to you my Best TOP Winter Lip products that have pass the TEST of all bad weathers Including Ice !


The Best Lip products to Battle winter:

1.Kari Gran Lip Tint Radiant

I got to try Kari Gran lip Tint through my Good box subscription and a second one pass down by a Green friend . ( we love to exchange things a lot).  This lip tint has a light rose  tint  that just makes your lips look butter. Its texture is light and cream light lip whip cream. It feels soft and silk on the lips . Oh & it has a nice peppermint scent that is heaven.

I call it my Lip SPA !

When winter came a round this product didn’t let me down it actually became a even better product for my lips. As 9 degree weather hit a few times this month it kept my lips soft and dry free. I barely had to reapply !!!  I in love with is product and for $20 every cent is worth it !!! In addition all the lip whips work the same  just like Radiant. Same luxury effect.

Check it out at

2. S.W  Basic Lip Balm in Peppermint ( vegan collection)

Another favorite and one that I rave a lot about  as I can’t get enough of is S.W Basic Lip balm . Both their organic   & Vegan lip balm collection are amazing in addition that they are made out of only 5 ingredients  that are organic .

Its a bag favorite & one I can’t live without!

It is long lasting and does a perfect job at keeping your lips form drying out and getting winter crack. it goes on easy and leaves a lovely peppermint fresh scent to your lips as if your just brush them clean :). No sticky feeling just a fresh feel.  Its a must have and for $4 each this is a completely steal that way I have like five running about my house 🙂  . Also these come in different scents too. So got pick one up !

check out at



3. Meow Meow Tweet Lip Balm in Cinnamon Mint

A much love brand and lip balm that is a must to sheer up the winter blues .

This lip balm by Meow meow Tweet is the most happy lip balm  as its cinnamon scent just brings a smile to my face .

ITS NO-STICKY  and  keeps your lips dry free for a long time . And believe me this is one lip balm you don’t mind reapplying a few times to get that cinnamon of sheer. In addition is made with very few ingredients and all organic plus its vegan 🙂 . At Range of $5-6 this is a steal too . I actually have a back up of  this as I don’t want to run out .  These also come in different fun scents too.

I hope you enjoy this post and remember to give your Lips Love too !


3 thoughts on “Winter Battle Edition : Lip balm

  1. I like the SW Basics lip balm but the problem is it melts easily when when it re-solidifies the texture becomes gritty. But I’m willing to overlook that since it works well for my chapped lips. At first I did like the Kari Gran lip whip, but after a while I realize it leaves some sort of film on my lips? It’s not bad but just… weird I guess.

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