Yoga at Home for Beginners #2 : clothing & tools (w/Short Small & sweet)


As part of are continue series of Yoga at Home this week we bring you Yoga at Home for Beginners #2 : clothing & tools. This week me & Ru (Short Small & Sweet Blog ) will be discussing the tools & clothing that we use in doing yoga at home . Make sure to check out Ru post : Yoga at Home for Beginners #2. As I am sure she also has great selection including a DIY to clean your yoga mat !

Below I will be sharing some of my tools & clothing  and  give you tips in which ones you should splurge on .Lets get start !


The Yoga Mat:

One of the main tools & most important one is a yoga mat. Its the tool that is going to protect your hands & feet form getting hurt but also will give you the support & grip that you need while doing your  yoga sequence . Yoga mat’s come in many different colors & style  & even textures .  Their is so many   variations that some times shopping for a yoga mat can be over whelming !

Here are some tip’s for Shopping for the right Yoga Mat :

  • Length :  when buying a yoga mat consider your height !!!  If your a Tall person or have long legs like me 🙂 . Consider buying a mat that is a longer length !! As you don’t want half of your body to be on the floor & the other part to be in the mat…Get the 72 to 74 inch mat. If your not tall a standard size mat that is 68 inches  should work just find.
  • Texture of Mat:  Many mats come in different texture depending in what they are made out of. Make sure you get a mat that is not a slipper texture . Check for WORDS like Non-Slipper Surface in your mat. If it does not state this then that means you will most likely slip away on your mat. Also when picking a mat think about how you want it to feel in your feet do you want it to be rough or soft.
  • Style & color of mat:  When picking a style of color for a mat make sure you pick a color that won’t hurt your eyes after looking down at it for a while . Neither pick a color that you think will cause you to get distracted . Your best bet is to be light colors  or the color Blue for example that makes you think of water !
  • Easy cleaning Mat:  This is one of the tools that your be sweating on and placing in the floor. So when buying a mat make sure that it is functional in that its easy to clean & wipe down material. you don’t want a mat that takes long to dry or does not dry at all after cleaning it . Mats that are easy to clean have Key words like ‘Easy surface cleaning’ . If a mat does not state that it is easy cleaning or is made out of cotton materials it most likely is not a easy mat to clean.
  •  Mats weight:  Some mat styles or texture can make the mat weight really heavy. If you plan to use your mat to travel around with from yoga class or from one house to another then you need to consider its weight.  If you plan to leave it at home then a heavy weight mat should not be a big issue since it going to be in one place.

After you narrow down your picks form the above tips , I am sure your find the right mat for you.

Where to get a Mat that’s good & Good price :

The price for a mat can range any where from $10 to 100 . It all depends on the above mention of style, texture & length . You can find great mats for a great price at your local Target, Marshalls, TJ-Max .

I find that the mat it one of the two items that you should spend a little more .  At least the most $30-$35 for a good quality mat.

My Mat:

My yoga mat is 72inches in length , I need the extra length for my legs :). Its a silver color that is not is soft yet gives a little pop of style . Its actually a double side mat that has no-slip surface . Love it too for been light weight and easy to carry  during my travels. I got my mat at a local Marshalls store for $8 by the brand Zone Training -Lifestyle products .


The yoga Clothing to wear:

Since your doing yoga at your own home you don’t have to worries about dress up to much like if your going to a yoga class or gym . You can actually just do yoga on your own Pj’s if you wanted too !

Clothing Tips :

  • PANTS: My tips for clothing is that you pick PANTS that you feel good in but most important that you feel good moving your legs around . If you feel too tight in your pants or like you can’t really move your legs then your not wearing the right pants for yoga. Wear pants or tights that move with your body !!!
  • Pants Material:  since your be working out in your pants & sweating you want to pick a material that allows your skin to breath through like for example cotton or recycled material . You don’t want your pants to stay with a smell neither even after wash :(. I  for sure would say that the second item that you should spend extra on is some good quality yoga pants !!

My Yoga Pants:

In my cause since I am pretty much a girl on the road , I sometime don’t have time to change . So my yoga pants sometimes are my dress wear. For this I pick pants that are function-able with my life style . The ones in the photo( which I love ) are made out of recycled polyester and have a black & white floral print that adds style. I wear this with a long sweater or sweater dress & some boots and  I am off to work. ( Pants are by Athleta).

The Yoga Top

  •  For a yoga top:  You can use a yoga bra for example or a tank top of your prefer length. Make sure you pick a top that you feel good & one that you can move around with while doing yoga. The same with the pants also pick a top that is breathable material and one that does not stick to your body while you sweat. Also pick a top that is not going to roll up on you while your doing yoga as this can cause you a distraction as you could constantly find your self pulling down your top.

    My  Yoga Top Picks:

My top pick is a basic organic tank top in long length . I like the organic material because its more breathable and just feels good in the skin while I do my yoga sequences.


The yoga shoes :

This last item is more of a extra item I would say. I love to wear yoga shoes to just have a better grip on my feet on the mat since your feet become your strength to your body. If you want a better grip on your feet on a mat I highly recommend yoga socks or slip on (yoga shoes) . They make a great differences in your feet . I find it just gives a good grip support specially when doing tough yoga moves .

Where to find yoga socks or shoes:

You can find them where they sale yoga clothing or tools for work out . I know Target has them and I’ve seen them at Marshalls or TJ Max too.

My Yoga shoes :

I got my yoga shoes at my local Marshalls  by the brand Versa Toes. They are a lot of fun and have a good grip on the mat while I do yoga. I enjoy using them during winter to keep my feet warm but to have that extra  grip on the yoga mat on my feet.

I hope you enjoy this part of the yoga at home series & that the tips where helpfully for when your shopping for your yoga gear or clothing.  Make sure to check out Ru blog posts on some of her clothing & tool picks !


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