Winter Battle Edition : body care part #1 “stop itchy skin ” (oils & butters)

IMG_2186.JPGWinter itchy Skin is official Here !

After a very warm December here in East Coast , January came Blasting with arctic Cold . So that means winter is really Official Here to stay !  A time of the year  & season that are skin greats the most beat down as the winter cause dry crack lips, hands & itchy skin all over .

For this winter season I bring you my WINTER BATTLE EDITION that includes product picks form hair care, body care, skin care  & make up picks that work on dry winter skin. The product selection is basic on products that really have works in 9 degree weather & truly Do battle winter  cold !

For this Part #1 of this Winter Battle Edition I present to you my Body Care buuters & oil Picks !


Osmia Organics Body Oil  : Night

Its important to hydrated your skin at night so it can repair it self again & regain its lost oils .

For night routine after much expose of cold weather during the day , I like to drench myself  in oil at night so my skin can regain its oils again . I find this is a very important step as are skin repair it self while we sleep. I think adding a extra helping can to are skin can be a big help so avoid itchy skin in the day.

One of my favorite body oils to use at night is Osmia Organics ‘Night’ body oil . Not only does this body oil helps you to calm & relax before sleep time it also helps your skin to regain its loss moisture . With ingredient list of coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, rosehips seed oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil & many more goodness to just name a few . Its rose-merry scent its sure helps & benefit ones soul & body at night.

Beridan Naturals chamomile & grapefruit Butter

The richer the ingredients the more your itchy skin will thank you !

Keep it simple & short list of  rich ingredients  is exactly what the dry skin needs ! And this body butter by Beridan Naturals is just that. With ingredient list of only sunflower oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E oil  coconut oil,Shea butter,Essential oils of chamomile & grapefruit. This body butter is  rich yet it melts right into your skin as it leaves a uplifting soft scent of grapefruit. Love to carry this travel size with me to use for my hands ! It works great and no stickiness feel at all.


Meow Meow Tweet Frankincense + Flower Body oil

Uplift the Dark winter Blues with Flowers !

Winter can be dry but also can be very dark that can influences ones mood to not be so uplifting . Using products with flower oils cane be a big benefits to uplift are mood in winter dark days !

One of my NEW Favorites & New product by the lovely cat’s Meow Meow Tweet is their new Frankincense +Flower body oil . Its uplifting yet soft flower scent is great to get ones mood up in this cold winter. In addition to leaving you smelling like a beautiful flower shop of fresh cut flowers is sure to bring out lady flower in you !

A great morning product to start of your day specially in a SNOW DAY , as its short list  of ingredients are sunflower, hemp seed, virgin coconut & jojoba oil, geranium,palm arose & frankincense essential oils. A great flower oil the keep skin itchy away yet bloom your mood  up at the same time!

Organic Bath CO. Body Butter in Drench

Body butter  truly fight the battle  of winter &  keep dry skin at bay !!

Don’t use lotions to keep your dry sink at bay as lotions  can’t  give the skin a are  deep enough moisture that the skin needs during winter. Using body butter & oils are the true fighter of winter dry skin.

If you don’t like oils  then use Body Butter !! Body butter are rich and have high hydrating ingredients that your skin will love & help to regain its moisture & oils back. Another body butter that I love is by Organic Bath CO.  called Drench. A No scent body butter that drench your skin back back & fights away dry skin. Its smooth & wipe texture skins right into the skin. Leaving it soft with no stickiness or oily feel . With a list of simple ingredients of  Shea butter, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, Argan oil & sweet almond oil ( all organic Ingredients) . A product that your skin sure will not mind to be drench in a few times during the day !! Really love this product as a carry on in my bag too.

Keep Points to remember in keeping Itchy skin at bay in Winter:

  •  Use body butter & oils , Not Lotions
  •  Use products that contain more then 50% of its ingredients that are oils
  • Use products that Have a short list of ingredients & avoid fragrances Too !!! Your skin is already going through a tough time beating winter !! Treat it with KINDNESS & LOVE!


I hope you enjoy this post & Tips to Beat the Winter Itchy !!

Stay warm out their !


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